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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Greek's Long-Lost Son: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Two people, a bit like Romeo and Juliet, fell in love and then broke up. Now 6 years later our MC is the mother of a child and the love interest from then is back. He wants to see the kid. We quickly learn that Nicholas was the one who orchestrated it all, and boy, I wanted to kick him in the nuts. But that both of them never cared to check if it was true. Or even talked. But then again, as I have said in a few other reviews, Harlequin people don’t talk. Or they do, eventually with tons of drama.

“What’s wrong with me? My heart is beating so fast.” Um, girl, you are still in love with him. Especially now you saw that he still quite loves you + he did fill out very nicely. Though he was already quite swoony back when they first met.

I loved that Theo had an interest in his son (a bit late, sure, but eh at least he tries), but I can imagine that Stella is worried about things. She always cared for her boy and now there is the father of her boy. He does have the right for custody. Poor woman.

But in the end, I did love them together. It was really sweet, and I got so happy seeing them bond, talk, and figure things out.

I guess it was all expected that Nicolas, yes, dickymcdickyson popped up. Harlequin characters can never have a peaceful moment, that only happens when they have reached their happy endings.

Can I just insert tons of gratitude and love to Stasio. That dude is the real hero in this story. Always being there for Stella, supporting her, talking with her, helping her with her son (being almost like a father for him).

The court case? That did bring out some very interesting and horrific things? Wow. On the one hand, a bit too over the top for me, but on the other hand it did fit the story perfectly. Now we finally know what happened in the past and how everything went from perfect romance to destruction.

And once again, I not crying, I just got something in my eyes. Dear heavens, these past few Harlequin manga have magnificent endings. sniffles

The art was pretty decent. Not always my favourite, but still pretty nicely done.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Ruthless Greek's Return: Harlequin Manga
I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

Only 3 more Harlequin Manga to go (counting this one), and then I am all out of them again. *sighs* I will miss them, I tried pacing myself when I got to 10, but I just want to read them all, in one go. Help me! Send help! 

I was a bit worried about this one due to the revenge part. I mean, it is not like it was her fault that her dad didn't want them to have a relationship (+ later that we find out the dad also called our guy very mean names and did some more crappy poopy things). You should rage against the dad (though he isn't alive, but eh). Oh well, I hoped it wasn't too dramatic, and that maybe the revenge would be called off. 

Dang, that dad was terrible. Good grief, controlling your daughter's life to that point, and then also break off any relationships + spend all her money on stuff and leave her with an enormous debt. How could you. What kind of father does that to his child. Bah. 

The past parts were pretty hard to read, not only because it featured the terrible controlling dad but also seeing two people who were so in love being broken apart due to some horrible man. Of course, I also had fun reading them as the romance just flowed out of the pages. You could see that these two had a very amazing connection, an amazing love.

I was a bit uncomfortable at how Loukas thought he could just possess our MC. No, just no. That elevator scene made me uncomfortable. You can't just pounce on a girl like that. Have some respect. But he did show some sweet things when in Venice he saved her and also told her a certain thing about the watch she was wearing.

Venice! Ah, I still so hope to go one day, but I think it will remain a dream for a bit longer. I loved seeing Venice in this mangaka's style, she can draw humans so well, but her backgrounds are also drop dead beautiful. 

Yay, they had a chance to talk! Apparently dad did a bit more than be a potty mouth. I had a suspicion, come on this trope has been used to death. Dad doesn't approve of guys dating his daughter, does x and y, causes all sorts of misunderstandings and hate. 

Ha, and there is more drama. Good grief, can't we just have a happy time for our couple? Does it really need to be filled with so much drama? Urgh. And the drama is just so dumb and stupid and ridiculous. If they argued about something that actually made sense I wouldn't mind, but oh no. 

Um, why did it take her so long to see who Loukas was and not that other guy? He has a scar. A big one even. People, please. Check your eyes. Now. 

The ending was really sweet though, it did feel tad rushed, but I am still very happy and no, these aren't tears, it is just cold here and my eyes sting. Yes, that is it. *wipes at her eyes*

The art is just gorgeous. I had high hopes because of the cover, and all my hopes turned into reality. 

All in all, there was some stupid drama, but I was shipping these two together as soon as Loukas showed he could be a bit less bossy and less possessive. I was rooting for these two to connect again. 

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3 Stars
ARC Review for A Proper Wife: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Devon is a model, or well, was. She punched a dude (for very good reasons and I am generally very anti-violence) and got fired. Now she is without job, without much happiness, and then it is demanded she marries a son of a rich dude, and that son is, of course, the one she punched. Ah, this premise sounds so delightful. This sounds wrong, but given the fierceness of our girl, I wasn't worried she would just say yes. I expect tons of fire.

Ohhh, I love a girl who can punch. Go girl! I would have so done the same as her though if someone said those things to me. Yes, I am wearing a sexy dress, no that doesn't mean you can have sex with me or imply you want it. Go away. I was pissed off at the manager for just firing her. I get that action is needed, you can't just punch people willynilly (though this guy deserved it), but to fire her? Like that?

So my first impression of the girl was, wooohooo. The first impression of the guy (especially after comments he made as she walked away) wasn't good. I didn't like him. He has lots to proof.

So wait, hold on a second. Gordon, Ryan's brother married Bettina, who is the mother of Devon, who is our kick-ass girl, who needs to marry Ryan? Oh, my, I have an headache. Sure, Devon isn't really related to the family, but still, you are demanding the step-daughter of Ryan's brother to marry with Ryan. *shakes her head*

Also, was it really necessary to have so many close-ups of them kissing in 3 or 4 pages? Instead of going awww (though also eww because forced) I laughed. It looked so so silly.

What is up with these books and their arranged and fake marriages?

This whole story was just ridiculous. I was constantly rolling my eyes. But I did like that we saw the POV of both characters. This happens in other Harlequin manga as well, however not as much as in this one, it just a tiny bit, in here it is very important that we get to know Ryan's thoughts as well.

*snorts*Ah drama. Of course, why not. And like with all these manga, she believes that woman. Wow. Just wow. And then there is that revelation. *rolls here eyes*

The art? Eh, OK at points, but what was up with the hair, especially Bettina's. How much product does she have to use to have her hair like that? Or does she put her fingers in sockets in the morning for that extra zap? Also what was up with some of the scenes. Like the kissing scene, or when Ryan came to her (and you saw him 3 times) or when she was swimming. I just laughed.

And I was definitely not crying at the end. No way. *sniffles*

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4 Stars
ARC Review for This Is My School

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Meet Khushi, she wants to be a doctor, and also can I mention that I love that her birthday is just 2 days further from mine (I am a 5th February girl).

Our girl will tell us all about her school, a true American school. Yes, I would call it that, as my elementary school was quite a bit different. We didn’t have a library, just a few bookshelves on a wall. No cafetaria, you just bring your own sandwiches if you stay over for lunch and eat those in a selected classroom with a teacher who watches over the kids. Well, that is if you stay and eat at school, most kids choose to go home and eat lunch there (as it is often just a few minutes of walking or cycling). I would have loved a school mascot, I read a lot about them in books about England/US/Australia and they always sound so awesome. But even though it wasn’t that much relatable to me, I had fun reading about this girl’s school and what her favourite thing was.

This would definitely make a nice present for a kid who is about to go to school for the very first time. To show what is in a school, what kind of things you can expect, maybe easing the worries of the little one a bit more. Knowing that it is a fun place with tons of great activities.

At the end we also have a glossary, and I do like that it was added. Then on some pages there are also the Your Turn! bits asking kids about things that were mentioned on that specific page. Like with the gym the question was: “If you were a gym teacher, what sport would you teach to others and why?”

The art was really fun and cute, and I just loved the style of it.

All in all, a very fun book to read, and I hope that Khushi will return to show some other places as well, or maybe another character can tow us around other important buildings.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Ceo's Scandalous Affair: Harlequin Manga
I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh my at this cover! The faces are a bit off, but I do like the sparks that fly between these characters. A secretary and her boss relationship, mmm this could go many ways. Ending up in romance or ending in tragedy. Either way, this is Harlequin, there would be drama (and from the start there is a secret past, oh!). :P

Um, I understand that you are muddy and wet, but to use your boss his shower? Without him knowing? Um. Um. Um.... Why? 

And dude, Anna is still very pretty and a beauty. Just because she dresses somberly, has her hair up, and all that, doesn't mean she is not beautiful. :| Urgh. The same happens later when Anna shows up in a dress with her hair loose. Everyone is commenting on how beautiful she is and how she is totally different? Really? Am I the one who is blind? I don't see much of a change, and Anna is always gorgeous. No matter what she wears. 

The secret is not out yet, but we finally get a glimpse in what happened in her past and why she is hiding. I am not too sure how I feel about our girl now. I know, I know terrible for me to judge her, and maybe there is more to it, but I don't like people who cheat/deceive. Ah, we find out more about them, mm, from what I could gather now it is not that she deceived someone, but that someone was deceiving her. Weird. 

They finally had the talk. They are clearly attracted to each other, and I am happy to see that they are now talking about things. Anna wants to keep her job, she can't do that if she gets a relationship with Parker. Parker is readily suggesting that he would help her out with another job, but she is not budging. I am glad he respected her opinion. 

Oh good grief. I know Anna is suspicious, but really? You don't even think any further than that? You aren't even going to find more proof? You are just going to blame her? *sighs* And then it is all solved so easily that it made me groan. 

"Work is very important to me... but I may like your kisses more." OK, not the right moment, I am still not happy about the whole spy thing, but I was also swooning and delighted that they are finally taking it a step further. Also, no, I don't see this as a spoiler. Anyone who has read a harlequin (manga) knows that the characters will always end up together. 

*sighs*DRAAMMMMMAAAAAAAAA. Of course he immediately assumes, of course he immediately gets angry. Thankfully, she was able to put in her word, that is a change from several other Harlequin Manga I read. 

The ending was a bit rushed, especially the romance part, but I am still happy with it. Still happy that these two got their happy ending (again not a spoiler, these Harlequin Manga are pretty much cookie cut and all have the same Happily Ever After Ending). 

I did have fun reading this one, and I do love the art style (although Anna's hair could use some more work). 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Undead Messiah Vol.2

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, the second Undead Messiah, and I was ecstatic that it was out. I quite loved the first volume of this manga-styled comic. Though I had to wait a bit before I could actually read it. Why? Well, I am recovering from an infection in my stomach + a hint of the flu. No food stayed in, so reading a gore zombie comic just didn't seem like the best idea. :P

After scrolling down, because Tokyopop's manga in ADE always starts at the bottom. Yes, warning don't get spoiled by thinking it works as most of the manga that is on Netgalley. Man, that first image is so dang creepy. Zombie baby much? Three two one nom nom nom? 

Oh, and I love how this one shows the POV of Tim's mom and then cuts to the beginning of the Undead Messiah vol.1 with Tim's dad acting all suspicious. Of course, we all know why the dad was acting so fishy, but it was still fun to see it for real now + see that he was one of the first zombies. *shivers* Good, my stomach is still not happy, but I am going to continue reading, this seems like stupid idea, but oh well. :P 

Cue back to the now, and we see that Tim is in a bed with his brother next to him in a crib. Can I just say that I loved how he went in immediate fighting pose? Even ripping out that, and trying to stab that dude with that? Hot dang, it was both impressive and stupid. 

We find out about our mysterious dude, Ritch, and what he truly is. And what his plans for Tim are. Um, maybe you should have asked him before you did it? But, I guess there is a bigger plot to it all, and I can't wait to see this one get further explained. Then there is a big revelation about something that happened in Brazil, and boy, I didn't like Ritch any more. But something for me changes in a later chapter when we get more details on what truly happened in Brazil, and while I still want to kick Ritch, it wasn't all his fault. He tried to help. It failed, spectacularly even. :| But, after reading all of it. Dang, Ritch, your head is a mess. And so my attitude towards him swung from left to right and back again. 

The apostles don't seem too happy, then again, I can imagine given what Ritch is doing to them. Given how far he goes to make sure everyone can be that. Dude, they are still children. Zombies, yes, but also children. 

I just adore Tim and his little brother. Yes, his brother is a zombie, but they are cute together. I love how he protects and cares for the little one.

Oh dear, there we have it again, *snorts*, M-kay. *rolls around* Really, who names there kid M-kay? 
Glad to also see some other people from the previous volume + see that more people are rising up against Ritch. 

Ah, and we find out why Elian is so fast with growing and stuff. Zombie kids. Knew it. I loved that we got an explanation on the zombies, what kinds there are, and how the transfer from one zombie to another works. Interesting, I love the amount of details in it and the author really thought hard about this one to make it more original than your standard zombie stories (where you generally have two types of zombies, fast or slow/smart or dumb). 

Ohh, and then it gets more and more exciting, though I also have to be honest, it got a tad too much explanation. Too much talking. Too little action for me. Thankfully, the ending is packed full of action, and ARGGHHH, why the cliffhanger. I hate that. *grumbles* 

All in all, a pretty good volume, I had lots of fun reading it. It was a bit gore at times so my stomach hates me now. I can't wait for the next volume to come out, I need to know how things will end with M-kay, with Ritch, the apostles. 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Surrender to a Playboy: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

I just adore this cover, and then especially the guy on it. He looks quite swoony. Though I am a bit worried about the playboy part of the manga, and I am also kind of wondering how much drama will be in this one. Considering that guy didn't respond to our MC's letters, and she is furious with him, but also attracted to him, I can just imagine the drama.

Ah, and the drama already starts from the start, as our Bonner isn't the Bonner. Yep, this dude is posing as his best friend who did some criminal stuff and can't leave the city. Oh dear. Doing that to an older lady? How could you. That is such a dick move. Just tell your friend no. *sighs* 

I did like that we see both of our MCs, sometimes the guys get a small bit of text or a few pages, but it seems we get equal amounts from both in this one. I am happy as otherwise the story wouldn't have worked. 

Oh, ef no. No, just no. NOPE. You don't push a woman who just rejected you against the wall and forcibly kiss her and hold her. NOPE.

"Bonner.. who exactly are you?" Well, for one, he isn't Bonner. :| 

Wow, that lawyer lady needs to understand that she can't just barge into her ex's life like that. It is over, how many times does he need to tell her that? I really don't like woman who push like this. Plus she was just way too rude towards Mary. 

I knew instantly what had happened when Becca disappeared and "Bonner" got that look on his face. And yes, I cried. As soon there is just the sweetest scene that made me sigh in relief and cry in happiness. 

And finally, FINALLY, the truth comes out. And not in the best ways. But eh, at least it is finally out. I do wonder why grandma never noticed? I know she is old, but it seemed she could still see pretty OK, so how did she not notice her grandson looking like a totally different person? 

The ending was so sweet though, and I am happy with it, though I did think it was a bit rushed. For one while I did see the attraction between them, tons of things were based on a lie, and that is just not a very good foundation for a relationship. 

The art? I quite liked the style, it was cute. "Bonner" was very swoony, and I also liked the designs of the other characters. 

All in all, still a pretty decent manga/story, I did have fun reading it. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Seduced Into the Greek's World: Harlequin Manga
I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

The Harlequin manga madness continues. After this one I still have 5 left to read! I am so happy that a ton of them were added to Netgalley, and while the stories (and art) are hit and miss I still LOVE reading these. 

Another Harlequin manga about something something Greek. :P I was definitely looking forward to this one for the cover, but then when I read the blurb it got even better. It sounds so romantic, and I was hoping for as little drama as possible between the characters. 

Demitri, could you please shave yourself? The moustache is just not fitting for you. He looked 10 years older with it. 

I did think it was a bit weird that he would ask an employee out for dinner, but eh, there have romances that started in even less appropriate situations, so I could live with it. Though I was hoping for a bit more romance, and less of him flirting with her and then warning her to stay away from someone (and her reaction was very much on point, I would also have done the same). I am glad that both of them could talk though, now he knows a bit more about her. Her feelings and why she is so happy to be in Paris. Thankfully, very much thankfully, we get some more romance. Plus, I can imagine she went for this. She has been working so hard, caring for so many people, she is still young but has already experienced so much. I was happy that she decided to do this. 

Oh my! Oh my! I am loving this story so much. Though I am worried. When will it go wrong? I know, this sounds terrible. But I am reading a Harlequin Manga, and things do go magically wrong. By one word, one sentence, or just a movement. It is very amazing, and annoying. 

And yep, here we go. Dramarama when he finds out she has a daughter. As she also said, it is on her resume. But did you read that one? No. :| Urgh. *sighs* Can we just have one Harlequin without drama? Just sweet tender romance? 

But thankfully this time the drama is short. *breathes a sigh of relief* I am happy that the author managed to cram a bit of Demitri's backstory into it, which explains some of his actions/reactions. 

Ah, no, I am crying again. Dang you Harlequin, dang you! That ending. *cries* That was just so sweet, and I totally burst lose when he suggested that name. Awwwwwww. 

So I really loved this one. It was cute, sexy, sweet, flirty, and it had a minimal amount of drama which makes me very happy. I also liked the art in this one. At times it looked at bit weird, but generally it was very shiny and sparkly. 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for A Lost Love: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Yep, the Harlequin Manga party continues! I still got several more to read, so be prepared. This one features accidents, plastic surgery, and revenge on a bad husband (though I am sure it will all turn hunkydory in the end). The cover is also an improvement of the last Harlequin I read (big ass hands), though it does look a bit overly dramatic. 

I am sorry, but I did think it was a bit funny (oh this sounds so wrong) that she was all covered up, but that her mouth, her hair, her eyes (and her fingers) were all still glittery and shiny and beautiful. It just didn't fit with the rest of the picture. Also is it terrible to say that I much more prefer her as Jacqui than Brooke? But later it seems that her red hair isn't her natural colour, darn it. I had kind of hopes we had a cute redhead as MC. 

And the drama starts right from the start, we meet Brooke while she is visiting a dying relative (I would call her that given her relationship to her), of course her dear ex-husband is also there, and oh my. Ah yes, the classic, follow the girl who has zero interest in you move (which he keeps doing for a few more times). Classic. So classic. Though he should know that dissing your wife is not classy, even if Brooke wasn't your wife than it is still a bit eh to keep talking about your wife to another woman. Wow, I just got an headache from writing that sentence. :P At first I was confused as I am sure my hubby would recognise me by my voice even if I didn't look like me, but during a flashback it is explained that she went all the way for her change to Brooke. Wow, go girl. 

"I wonder how he would react if I told him the truth now. The woman in front of you actually is that wife of yours." Ohhh, I would love it if you did that. But there is still some time left for the story to unfold. Given that she is now in the cottage (and has to be there or else) it will get interesting soon. 

We also finally get a flashback, I was wondering how these two met up and how it all turned out very wrong. Sorry, I am not a fan of this guy. Controlling? Yep. He just threw out all her clothes because he wants her to wear stuff that fits their richness more without even asking if she wanted that. Then he wants a child, which she delivers, and then that dude got more and more controlling and I just was getting so angry at everything. He is keeping her away from her baby, her friends, her job, her life. And then when she tries to take back control poop really hits the fan. Dang, can someone kick this guy for me? What a terrible dickwad. 

Urgghhh, I am only halfway through these and I just can't imagine ever liking this guy. Their kid just walked into the cottage, on his own, and then the dude barges in and thinks that Brooke stole the kid? Lol whut? Dude. Attitude check please. 

Though I did like that, as Brooke, she was able to get closer to the family and to her ex. She learned some new things about everyone, and while I still don't like the dude, he does seem to have some problems. I wish he had just talked with his wife about it instead of going by rumours. Girls can still have guy friends you know. 

OMG, I am crying. I didn't think I would cry for this two, or at least not their romance, but OMG I am now crying. Yep, tons of crying. The story was a bit overly dramatic, I didn't think I would like the guy (thinking now, I still don't quite like him), but that ending, it is just too perfect. A bit cliche of course, but still. *cries* 

The art was pretty nicely done, though the kid looked weird, and what is up with their noses?

Still, I am happy I read this story, it wasn't even too bad, I loved our MC. And again, that ending!

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Never Go Back: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

So, the cover wasn't luring me in (what is up with those huge ass hands?), but the blurb did sound magnificent. A woman working for someone finds out he is the one who evicted her and her grandpa years ago. Will she go for love or for revenge? Of course I had to find out which one. 

*snorts*"There's no mistaking it! It's a message from the devil himself." When hell calls you to be their interior designer. :P 

"That'll give you more time to get a firm grasp on the atmosphere here at Ramilles." I am not too sure if he meant the house or something else entirely. Mm. *thinks* Given the situation I am leaning to a more 18+ idea. 

Wow, that flashback had me seriously pissed off at that guy. He just waltzes in the place (sure, it is his inheritance, but do you need to act like such a dipshit?), dumps Olivia's poor grandpa in a retirement home (without telling her or without his approval), tells her his plans, and then even throws her out while she has all the right to be there. :| 

BTW, I just love how much Olivia's changed. She went from cute to elegant. It is quite the transformation, then again years have passed, but still, wow. I can imagine our devil can't recognise the girl he threw out on the streets. 

Plus, I didn't entirely like how Ludwig was flirting around with Olivia. She is working for you, it just felt so wrong. And of course, there is the whole business of what happened in the past, I couldn't just let that one out of my mind. 

But oh my, there is a twist, and my heart broke for Olivia. :( Poor her realising that, I can imagine that has shook her world. Now I want to hug her. 

Though, while I understand how she came to this, and in a way it is natural, it still felt way too fast-paced for me. From one revelation to a confession in her mind, it just seemed fast. But I guess with just a few more pages to go they had to do something, still I wish it was more fleshed out. That is why I also couldn't enjoy the ending so much. Sure, I was happy with it, but it just felt like I missed something. Like BANG, suddenly everything is solved. BANG happiness. :( Oh well.

Still a good story, though yeah, the pacing sucks at times. But the art turned out quite nicely even if our devil still had way too big hands. This was also one of the tamest stories so far. 

Also, something that stands out, why are so many of the girls interior designers? 

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3.5 Stars
ARC Review for The Secrets She Carried: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

A new buyer arrives, and of course it her ex. Dum dum dum. Who is a pretty boy, and I can imagine she fell for him so many years ago. 

I loved that the author took us back to flashback heaven with showing us how these two met up. While our MC is swimming (apparently she is pretty good at it and even was scouted by people) she races with the one guy in the swimming pool, they hit off and that is the start of a romance. I was absolutely squealing with how cute these two were together. But of course, this is Harlequin, and thus the drama started quite soon. I was quite saddened to see their romance end like this, and I definitely wanted to shake them both (and mostly him for being such a jerk). Then again, this is Harlequin, and yeah he had a reason. Dang man, you didn't even try to find out if it was true or not. *snorts* Accusing people, classy. 

I wasn't all too happy about him forcing her to have "stimulating" weekend or else he would tell. So, she needs to do stuff to you to make sure you won't tell? That is just ewww. No. Bah. And I was disgusted that he forced her to kiss him. 

And the rest of the drama continues as she says to the weekend, but of course when mister doesn't get the sex he immediately goes back to dickwad mode. URRGGHGH, what is up with these people in these books. I was definitely applauding when she threw a whole bottle of fricking wine over him. Whooooohhoooo, go girl. 

I am glad the twins are now known to Cristo, even though he is a jerk, he does deserve to know that he has kids. One looks exactly like him, the other like her mother. I am glad to see that he can be kind, I loved how sweet he was when they met him and he went along with what they said. 

Be prepared for more drama, but also and thank you, also some romance. I am seeing a different side to Cristo, and while I still think he is a jerk for just blatantly believing anything, I am liking him more and I do think he will be a good father for his kids. 

We find out who set up our MC, and I can say I saw it coming. What a bitch move, am I supposed to feel sorry for the woman? Because really? I am not. 

The ending was very sweet though, I am so delighted with it. And yes, I did have some tears in my eyes. 

The art was just fabulous. I loved the character designs, the romance scenes, the flowers (because this kind of manga needs tons of flowers). 

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A more historical fiction romance story than most of the Harlequin Manga I have read so far, but I have to say that I was more than happy to try it out. Would it work out for me, or is my preference the more modern of romances. 

That poor thing, marrying a handsome man at such a young age (though I guess back in that time setting it was normal) and then having him leave her alone and stay in London doing heavens know what. Of course, people aren't too happy about this, and there is immediate drama. Oh dear heavens, the drama begins from the start. Oh, dear, that lie is going to bite her in the butt. Fake marriage is one thing, acting like you are pregnant, with the heir even, oh my. Oh my! 

And when we do find out the truth about the earl, I am sorry, but do I need to feel sorry for the dude? It sucks that he is having all that, but to just marry and dump your wife? At least be honest, I know this is historical stuff, so the values were different, but sorry this is just a dickmove. Especially since apparently he doesn't have problems with kissing woman (and goodness know what else). Bah. 

Her plan? Eh, sweet, and cute that she was willing to do so much for a man who just married her and left her all by herself without any hint of what was going on, but yeah, I just couldn't help but roll my eyes and wonder how I was ever going to get through 100 more pages of this nonsense.

And really? You don't want to see her (we are talking about Dicky Mcdickface) because you haven't been able to support or provide for her? You don't feel like you have a right to see her? What the hell is wrong with you dude? *sighs* 

I am just so pissed that he is going to meet another woman, OK she is actually his wife, but still, that doesn't make it better. What a dick this dude is. Can someone kick him into a river or something, please? And then after sex, he is still like, oh but I can't say I love you, because of my wife and I can't betray her more. Um, dude? Really? Oh my word, I am just arggggghhhh. 

Why can't she just be honest with the guy? *sighs* I am really frustrated with this book. Dear Lord in all heavens. 

Oh good grief, more drama when she is finally honest. Dang that dude is so frustrating. Thankfully his loyal servant/friend is also pissed, whoop whoop finally someone gives that dude a whopping. Go go go. Tell him how gigantic bastard and whiny booboo he is being. :| 

Ha, and the ending ends with cliche upon cliche. Whoop, thank the lord I am done with this manga. Historical manga just isn't for me, or maybe it is just this one that is terrible due to the insufferable idiots populating it. 

The art was the only saving grace of this book. It was absolutely gorgeous! 

But other than that, no thank you. Happy I am done and I can delete this book from my ADE. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Twilight Vows: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I have a whole batch of Harlequin Manga to read and review, so prepare yourselves! 

Normally Harlequin is already hard to believe, over the top romance, some dramarama, but this one tops it all with a vampire romance interest. Yup. Vampire. I was kind of hesitant, but on the other side I wanted to read this. Because dang, that vampire guy looked HOT. :P 

The story begins when our MC, Rachel, is being drowned by her aunt and uncle (Yes, really. For insurance money.), and Donovan rescues her. From that moment on they are connected. Yes, it sounds cliche, but I would think that that moment is when they became destined together. For her to find him again when she was older. 
After that the book heads to the now, Rachel is on her way back to her home village. She wants to discover more about the mysterious castle near the village + also find out more that traumatic event that happened when she was a kid. I really liked that the author did it this way, now we know that Donovan is a good guy (despite being a very hungry vampire). 

I had a laugh that Rachel was just not influenced by Donovan's powers and Donovan just didn't know what to do about it. She is just too stubborn, just let her stay with you! It is the best for both of you.

Then something happened and my heart just broke. For Donovan, but also for Rachel. But on the one hand... this event did lead them to talk about their feelings, and we also learn more about what happened to Donovan's maker, Dante. 

And then something else happened, and I am crying. Weeping for these two. Happy tears, but still tears. 

Oh, and we also find out more about creepy Manny. And dang, that bro is *shivers* beyond creepy. Dude, Rachel is not your property. Get that. And get out. Away. Shoo. 

OMG, I am crying even more now. Dang you author. Dang you mangaka. *cries* And these are tears of OMG and happiness and sadness and OMG OMG OMG. That was just the best (albeit a bit overdramatic) ending. *continues crying* 

All in all, a fantastic harlequin manga. At first I was a bit worried about the supernatural element, but oh boy, did it fit well, and did I love it! I would highly recommend this one. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Blissful Land Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A wonderful healing manga. 

Meet Khang Zhipa, he is a doctor, or should we say doctor's apprentice? He just LOVES herbs, like, he will get lost looking for herbs, get spaced out while thinking about herbs. But he is a good doctor, even though injuries make him back away (though apparently that has to do with that he can just feel the pain and wants to help people). He tries everything to make everyone happy, evidenced by the first patient we see in this book, a friend of his. He ends up staying up late just to make the medicine, and why? Because he wants to see his friend smile again. Aww! 
I just loved how eager he was to learn, and how he was open to also telling and explaining to others how things work. 
I do have to say that I was a bit confused, according to the blurb he is 13. At times, he indeed acts like this, but more often than not he acts 15/16-ish (not to mention he also looks like more that age in the serious scenes). 

I hadn't read the blurb, I just based my decision on the fact I saw this one on Twitter + the cover. So, I didn't know about the bride-to-be thing, but from the moment she entered I knew she was our MC's fiance. I had such a big laugh when she stayed and our MC just broke in a panic because the bride was left at his house, and then he found out she was his bride. Parents, maybe next time tell him he is getting a bride? Or did you tell him while he was in his dreamy herb space? :P 

I just adored our MC and his bride, they were just so cute together. I am sure their marriage will end up fine. She listens to him, is eager to learn, is cute, sweet, likes him for who he is, worries about him, makes him food, and he is eager to tell her things, explain things to her, worries about her, let's her do things that most man may not allow their woman to do (like the colour/dye thing), tries to find out when things are wrong (there was a moment she was unhappy and he was trying to figure out what was going on but he had no clue how to do it). I don't see love yet, but I can see that happen. For now friendship and getting to know each other is most important, they still have years to go before the marriage happens. 

I was a bit worried about the arrival of our MC's childhood friend. Please, please, let this not become a love triangle. I know, this is set in 18th Tibet, so there is a 0% chance at it, but I am just worried. I don't like the guy and I wonder how these two are friends.

The MC's family was such a delight. We got the little sister with the big attitude, a father who is a doctor and who is also quite funny, and then there is the mom. I just had such a laugh when the father and son had a moment and mom had heard everything, or when dad planned some things to get his son and bride-to-be together and mom was there again. I guess dad has a lot of time on the couch (or whatever goes for couch in Tibet) the coming nights. :P

There are tons of delicious mentions of Tibetan foods, and I kind of wish there were recipes at the end, as they do look yummy. In the end I just went for googling those dishes and drooling all over my computer (sorry). 

The art. A bit dicey. There are some absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, pretty scenes and plenty of details. A bit in the vein of Emma/Mushishi. But then there are the expressions on the characters and those really ruined it at times. Sometimes they fit, but quite often it just looked out of place, which is a shame. 

I can't wait to see where this story will go, will our MC and his bride get closer together? Will our MC get some challenges so he can truly show his awesome doctor skills? What kind of foods will we read about? 

And of course, I would highly recommend this one, and I am eagerly awaiting the second volume.

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3 Stars
ARC Review for Girls' Home Spa Lab: All-Natural Recipes, Healthy Habits, and Feel-Good Activities to Make You Glow

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

It took me several tries to get through this book, I have had it in my ADE for a few months now, each time I start I just get bored and leave the book for another time. I still have no clue why, as the book is quite fun and entertaining. But today (October 3rd) I just kept reading, I pushed myself to finish this, and I can tell you, I am happy I did, as in the end I quite liked the book!

This book is perfect for us girls who love to pamper ourselves, during normal days or during the days we feel crappy (or crampy). I definitely want to try out some recipes myself.

What does this book contain? Recipes, tips, yoga exercises, all separated in sections. We start off with Wake, Play, Sleep then go to Everyday Wellness dash off to About Face which leads us to Hair Care and then we go for Body-Care Concoctions and lastly Healthy Hands and Feet! Yep, you will have a whole relaxed body after reading this, plus you will probably smell delicious given all the recipes which call for natural and lovely smelling products.

I do have to say there were A LOT of recipes. I get that the book is about them, but sometimes it felt a bit too much. I wouldn’t have minded more activities to do. There are quite a few, but I would have liked to see more.

I liked the way the book was made, lots of bright colours, fun photographs, cute illustrations, a playful font, it makes you want to read the book.

I didn’t really like how there was a lot of boohoo against the normal make-up/cleaning products. I am sure these are bad, I am sure these aren’t ones you should use. But come on. I don’t even know if there was any good nailpolish when I was a teen, but either way I wouldn’t be able to afford it with my 20-ish euro pocket money each month. Because browsing around, it seems most average on around 9 euro per bottle. : Then again, even as an adult, 9 euro is quite a bit too much for a small bottle of pretty nail polish.

I do wonder how many teens can actually afford buying all the ingredients. I just looked online for some ingredients, and boy, it isn’t cheap. Some things are, but others… oh boy.

I was already wondering where to get these ingredients, should I want to try out some recipes, but thankfully at the end of the book we get a Get To Know Your Ingredients which details what the ingredients are and where to get them. Of course, these are mostly applying to the US, so for some things I may have to do a bit more effort. :P

But all in all, a decent book with lots of pretty fonts, photographs, illustrations.

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Sticky, Stinky, Science Book

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE books about science experiments, especially those aimed at kids. I have found some very fun experiments while reading books like this, so of course I couldn’t resist this one. Plus, just look at that cover! It is just so much fun. Two kids having the best of times with an exploding experiment (warning kids, don’t do this at home :P).

And the introduction immediately sets a fun tone for the book with: “In this book, scence gets down and dirty. You’re about to dive into a world where things are STICKY; where they’re STINKY; where they are just plain messy, yucky, and disgusting. IN other words, where science is much more fun that you’d think. But guess what? Here’s the really cool part: IT’S STILL SCIENCE.”

Of course, like many other books, this one starts with slime (two times even). I was rolling my eyes at that, but slime has been a trend for a year or so now. Just like it was a trend when I was a kid. You just can’t flee from slime. But I guess I still liked it as it was going further on how slime, and later oobleck, works.

And that is how it is with each experiment. We get told what to do, and what to do in case it doesn’t work, in simple steps, and then it explains the science behind it and gives us some examples (like the bendy bone one that gave us some sharks because of their bendy skeletons).

My favourite experiment? Let’s see: Lemon Volcano! I really have to try that one myself soon.

I only skipped one, the Mould Farm. My stomach just isn’t the happiest already, and mould is just a big no no for me now.

At the end there are links to websites and a science lingo page. Definitely like that these two are added.

The book is also wonderfully illustrated with illustrations that fit the hilarious (and icky, sticky, stinky) science experiments that this book contains.

All in all, tons of fun, and I am sure kids will love this book.

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