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4 Stars
ARC Review for My Favorite Pet: Hamsters

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

Nothing new or special, a very simplistic, but oh so adorable non-fiction book about hamsters. I wasn't planning on reviewing it immediately, but since the person I made an appointment with online hasn't showed (been over an hour), I will write one. 

I knew not to have too high of expectations. This may sound rude, but I don't mean it like that. I just could see by the cover that this would be a simple, easy book. Nothing too deep on hamsters, just some very basic stuff. And I was right. But still I couldn't resist trying this one out, I adore hamsters, have one of myself (a very cute little bundle of love), and I just love books about them (especially when these have giant pictures of cute hamsters doing cute stuff). 

I had a bit of a laugh at the first sentence, sorry, but it just sounds a bit funny: "Hamsters live in cages in their owner's house." Gee, where else would such a tiny critter live as a pet? In the garden? On the roof? Outside of a cage? :P 

There are also questions, do you remember?. I did like them, but I was kind of wondering who picked the photographs for that one. Why put a hamster eating at the question of where they live, or a hamster in a (bad) wheel for the question what hamsters eat. 

So yeah, this book is very very simple. But still I think it is a fun book for those first time readers who are curious about hamsters. And of course it is a good book for us hamster lovers who just need more cute hamsters in our life, this book features some super adorable pictures that made me want to reach out and hug those cuties. 

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Her Outback Playboy

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. 

So I was definitely in love when I got the message on Twitter about this book. And then I checked the blurb and fell further in love. And after reading I can tell you that this was a very lovely book, though I didn't like Jenni (well, not until near the end). 

The book is written in dual POV, at the beginning it got a bit confusing as the POVs switched in the chapters (instead of every chapter being another character), but I quickly got into the flow and after that I had no trouble with reading. 

I fell in love with Jake, he was just the best character and I loved how he worked so hard, but still wanted to make up with the demons from his past (thankfully one of the demons was dead). I loved that he wanted to try to make things better for his friends from the past, 3 brothers. He could have competed against them, he could have totally run them over with his way better company, but instead he is offering them some assistance and tactics and even offers to share stuff. 
As the book continues we find out what happened 10-ish years ago, why did Jake leave, what happened to him afterwards, and what is the reason that he went back at this point (Jenni, of course, he still loves her). 
He was also a fabulous captain, kind but still strict. Making sure that his crew and guests are happy and satisfied. 
I felt so sad for him for what has happened in the past, why he had to leave, how he couldn't be there for his mother, how he had to leave the girl of his dreams. At times I just wanted to hug him. 

Jenni. Sorry, I never liked the girl. Or I should say, I liked her near the ending when she finally pulled her head out of her ass (even if it took someone else to let her know). She was just so mean and rude and I was incredibly surprised at that she would just believe her father. Come on, she wasn't 12, she was 19 when he lied to her, and even before that he was a terrible father. Yet she believes him over the love of her life? What the actual hell girl? You know the things your dad did and is still doing. But oh yes, he is doing all that shit but lying? No he would never lie. *rolls her eyes* Throughout the book she is being the absolute worst towards Jake, a jerk, an ass. She can't seem to get that maybe just maybe he had no choice but to leave the town, that he is innocent. But oh no, this girl she keeps finding faults in him at every point. Like how he has all these expensive ships she immediately assumes that he has done something bad instead of thinking that maybe he worked hard for it, or that he may have struck gold somewhere. At times I see another Jenni, one that would like to trust Jake, and is even friendly and kind towards him, but there was still an underlying distrust and dislike that I just didn't like. It wasn't until the end, the last pages, when she realises the truth (thanks to a certain someone). My Gosh, girl, please. 
I do have to give her credit, she is hardworking and tries her best to make things work. With her teacher job, but also the hostess thing that she is looking to pursue.

And sure, a lot of this stuff could have been prevented if only Jake had told her the truth, but I can understand why he didn't. He doesn't want to taint her already weird rose-coloured image of her dad. Plus he is still very much hurt by what happened and what was said that day (and the days before that). 

Matt was my favourite brother out of the 3. The other 2 were quite nice, but it seems, like Jenni, they quite believed what Dad has told them 10 years ago. Thankfully they later start to open up more, and also see the truth. 

Jenni/Matt/the other two brothers Mom was just so awesome. I loved how she cared about Jake as if he was her own, how she tried to help him out. Awww, best mom award goes to this amazing lady!

I loved reading about the charters and what kind of stuff they did while on board. Fishing, going on trips, showing the wildlife, eating good food (I wouldn't mind eating some stuff made by Tony). OK, I would never be able to, hell 20k (guessing this is Australian dollers, so it would be around 12k for me in euros) that is something I would love to have though I wouldn't spend it on a charter then, but rather something for the future. 

I had to get used to the Australian slang and also that this took place in Australia. I have read other books taking place in Australia, but none were so Australian as this one is. :P Hope I have written that correctly. At times I had to look up words to figure out what they meant. 

Then there was the ending and I was definitely sniffling and feeling oh so happy. 

All in all, this was a very wonderful, sweet book and I would highly recommend it to everyone. 

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DNF ARC review for The Trouble with Unicorns

I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours.

I dropped this book at 55%. Good, since I had a bit of a stressful/sad/not happy day, I just wanted to write the review now instead of tomorrow. So here goes. I got a ton of disappointment to throw out. 

This book. When I first saw the opportunity on Xpresso Book Tours I was in love with the book. It had all the ingredients to become a favourite of mine. That cover for instance, but also a fun MC, maybe some banter between her and her new guardian, some romance and more by the sound of it, and did I mention the supernatural beings? Including our MC who is a unicorn! Yes, a freaking unicorn. I was so delighted when I got the mail that I was accepted and that I could read the book. But dang, I kind of wish I hadn't and just had kept my dreams whole.

The first pages were good. Then Bryn popped up and instead of shipping these two or enjoying their banter, I was unhappy. These two are supposed to work together to form an awesome team of demonhunters? Hah, PHAH. No way. Throughout everything they keep being asshats towards the other (yes, Talia, you are an asshat as well). Talia tries to magic him happy (fails), she drives so fast that Byrn feels sick and even worse, Talia just doesn't seem to get that the poor fella is just not that happy to be her permanent guardian (because hey, maybe a destined life isn't so fun as you may think). But Byrn, oh God, I hated Byrn. That was definitely the biggest asshat in existence, he kept being mean, rude, pissy, and made Talia feel absolutely shitty. And that was even before the shit he did later on in the book that made me drop this book because I couldn't stand that creepy shit (not to mention that I couldn't stand all the other things, but it was definitely the last drop). 

Oh and did I mention instant lust? As that is what I would call it. Not love, oh no. I would never see these two love each other. They just don't have a healthy relationship. 
Especially later when, after 2 times sex (and not with any time between, just immediately after the first time), Byrn marks Talia with an Anam Cara tattoo, meaning that she is his. Forever. Or well, probably until he dies, which I could definitely arrange. :| Yep. This dude. He is being an asshat throughout, cares not about Talia (even gives her a nickname that she hates and come on RU???), but after putting his dick in twice decides it is totally the coolest idea to mark her for life as his mate. The hell mate, no you don't. That is just a big fat NOPE and a big fat red flag in my book.
Maddie, one of the characters I actually liked, is of course totally pissed and totally upset about this. How could Bryn do that? However, and this is what turned me away as well is that Talia doesn't seem to have a problem with it. She acts like so many girls who have been abused or other stuff, she thinks she instigated it (oh, no honey, oh no), and that it isn't that big of a problem. Sure, she is pissed, but apparently not enough as she quickly rips off Bryn's clothes and just continues blissfully having sex. And then talk that maybe they can work out things. No. Just no. This is not OK. What the actual fuck. So the message here is that a dude can just mark you for life without any reprimand or shit? And that it isn't even his fault? What the actual fuck. No, just no. This just gave me such a bad case of shivers and disgusted feeling. Yuck. Just yuck. 

The demons? I was expecting lots of kick-ass demon stuff, but instead the 55% is Talia running away from clowns, kids, and not doing a lot. Then again, even if she was near a demon, her precious dragon would need to do the stuff as our girl is afraid of blood and gore. Um. Hello. What? Plus her plans to get a demon out of a kid is kidnapping said kid and bring that kid to her van (and yes, the van is white and you can't easily look inside). Yep. Um. No.

I did like Maddie. I would definitely not mind a book with this girl in it as MC. She was sweet, interesting, and reacts just as I would when my best friend would show up with a mate-for-life tattoo in her neck after just some casual sex. 

The idea that this world features more supernatural stuff was interesting, and while I could understand that Talia doesn't want anyone to know about her being a unicorn, it still felt a bit eh. Especially given how she keeps all things hushhush but then makes a shirt with her name and what kind of supernatural being she is. :P And even mentions the team name at least once. Sure, it wasn't meant to go outside (and you probably didn't mean to shout it), but it happened, and sorry, why?

Talia was hit and miss. At times I quite liked her, but at other times I just wanted to lock her in a room and throw away the keys. Plus she was so whiny. Everything had to turn around her or else.

And Bryn was just terrible. He has got some sob story that magically had to be inserted, but instead of going aww, I was just rolling my eyes. 

So would I recommend this book? Nope, nopeity, no. I am glad that I was able to read this book as a review opportunity, now I know to avoid these characters should they pop up in other books.

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Seto Utsumi Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this was quite boring. Yep, I finished it all as, for some reason or another, I just couldn't stop reading. This book contains 7 (plus one, so 8) chapters, and most of the story is this. Two guys, Seto and Utsumi, meet up after school (or during vacation) and talk. Maybe play some badminton once (who plays badminton near a waterway?), but generally talk, talk, talk, talk, and more talking. 

And they talk about all sorts of things. From the scary spider that Seto hates, to the girl, Ichigo, Seto loves, to Utsumi's face and how he always looks like he knows everything (which he probably does), to school stuff and bullies, to how to tie a tie (which was by far the most boring chapter). 

It was quite fun to see these two get closer with every talk they had, discovering more things about each other, helping Seto with his romance.

The last chapter (with unreleased material) tells us how these two met. It was quite bland as well. :P Utsumi was just spending some time, sat on some steps. Watched Seto (still in football team) run by, and then later sit next to him. And thus began with their talking and talking and talking.

The art was what kept me reading this manga. It was just too good. So many details, the lines were sharp, facial expressions were fun(ny), backgrounds where gorgeous and detailed. I loved it. 

But all in all, wouldn't recommend. Unless you really like to read about people just talk. :P

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2.5 Stars
ARC Review for Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Hiking: All you need to know about having fun while hiking

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Oh and a note, I am sure people will complain that I am talking about it being US-centred and that I probably should have known or something. How? I can't see anything about that on the book/description (well with the exception of Ranger Rick, but I just thought that was a cute mascot for this series or just so that children would pick it up as it looked cute, it wasn't until I got curious after reading that I decided to look up that thing)+ I have read enough US published books that talk about stuff in a general way/making it more international. 

Wanna go hiking? Ranger Rick (whoever that may be) is here to help you. If you are in the US. :P 
It was quite US-centred. For instance, I would, if I go hiking, not bring a backpack full of stuff with me that I would never use. Emergency blanket? Mountains of food/water? Clothes? Bear spray (what bears?)? Why? I mean even if you get lost my country is so tiny you will be out of the "wild' pretty soon. :P I think it would be pretty hard to get lost in a small area for days, and also not even see people or houses. :P Sure, I will bring some water with me, and some sandwiches, candy, and some cucumbers (if walking in the summer). 
Or the cellphone in the wilderness? What wilderness? I dare to bet that in my country I will pretty much have dang good internet/reception no matter where I go, as long as it is my own provider, and not wifi. 

Also how the hell do people not know how to use a map or compass? Really? People don't know that? How? Whut? How? 

Lol, I guess if I ever want to truly hike I must go to America, as apparently I have never done proper hiking. :P Gear? My all star boots never failed the job. First Aid? What more could I want other than a few bandages or antiseptic (and my medicines)? Compass? Whut? Map? Why? Trails are clearly marked here by cute little signposts (mushrooms and other stuff). 
Then again, I will stick to what I said, really it is hard to get lost here or see no people for kilometres. Even if you are in a nature part there will be houses or a road, or something nearby at least. Again, this is a very US-centred book.

Poison Ivy? I keep hearing about that plant (on tv/books/internet), but I am not even sure if we have it here. I would also rather see some other plants in a book for once, as Poison Ivy is really not the only one that stings/hurts. Like Nettles or Heracleum (also called berenklauw). What to do if you get stung by those? Get a rash by those? (I already know, but for kids it would be handy to know.)

First aid class, I am guessing in the US these are for free? Here they cost money, quite a bit at times, also the reason why I haven't done one even if I want to do one. Plus the fact you have to do an exam + keep up with stuff (yearly I believe from what I read last time I tried seeing if the costs were lower) are what are keeping me from actually doing one. 

Never hike by yourself? Sorry, but why on earth not? Sorry, I am more of a person who prefers to do stuff her own, especially in the years before my boyfriend. I guess if one lives in the US it would be handy, with all the different stuff going on there, but in my country, I don't see the problem. 

So all in all, a bit of a mixed bag, at least for me, a non-US person. Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are in the US. No-ish if you live outside of that. Again, it is quite US-centred, but there are some good basic tips in there. Just make sure to also check your own situation in your country to see if things apply. 

Rating: If in the US: 4.5 stars. If outside of that: 2.5 stars. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for National Parks of the USA
I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

See my blog for some examples of the art in this book. :)

OMG, you guys! This book is just so stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, and lovely that you won't be able to stop reading. You need to soak up all the beauty that this book offers. 

This book features a ton of national parks all over the US. From Yosemite to Denali to Death Valley. Most I already heard about, but mostly by name, and thanks to this book I discovered a few new national parks that I definitely need to see more of, so I will be finding maps and photographs real soon through google. But the parks that I already knew were still fun and interesting to read about. To see when it was founded, or to read about phenomenons happening or weather stuff. 

The book is separated in several parts, East, Rocky Mountains, Central, Southwest, Alaska, West, Tropics, and then that is again split up in National Parks in those specific parts. Each part gives us a map and points us to several parks or notable events or notable people. And then we get a gorgeous illustration introducing us to a certain park from that area/part, and then another 2 page spread with all that you can find there. Animals, weather, history titbits, about humans living there, grasses/plants, and much more. There are illustrations all over the place and a small bit of text to go with the illustrations. I loved the illustrations, but I have to say that the text was also well written. Not in a boring matter-of-fact way, but in a fun way that really makes you want to know more (and so I have browsed google a few times when I wanted to know more). And I learned quite a few new things from reading this book. Like that sand around coral is generally poop as there is one kind of animal that eats coral and poops it out as sand (ewwww). 

It is, as expected from the subject, US-centred, but I had a bit of a laugh at the last note in the book. Yeah, sure, let me just go outside to a national park in the US. Or go out to the mountains (what mountains?), tundra (we don't have that I believe), deserts (um...). Oh, I can visit the beach, though I am sure that is no way as spectacular as those in the US. :P And until someone makes teleportation a thing, I am not going to be able to go to the US/national parks there. A trip to the US isn't cheap. Oh well, there is always google, and we have some national parks here (though not as varied as the US ones are). 

The illustrations, oh boy, guys those are just too gorgeous. I just love their style, and I just can't stop looking at them. Even now, after I finished the book, I still am looking back at some pages with big heart-eyes. 

All in all, READ THIS ONE! You won't be disappointed. This is one book you need to have in your collection, I know that when I get the chance I will be buying it on Amazon as well. This book needs to be on my shelves. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Michigan: On the Trail of a War Bride

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

WOW. Just WOW. This was even better than I had hoped. 

This book tells two stories, one is in the now featuring Julien who, along with his wife and child, goes to visit his wife's family in America to celebrate her great aunt's birthday. The then featuring that great aunt, Odette who fell in love with an American soldier during WWII and moved with him to the US. Starting a new life there. 

I loved both parts, but I have to say I loved the then parts even more. As Odette is a wonderful girl with spunk, and I have an interest in stories taking place around WWII. I haven't read many war brides stories, so I was definitely more invested in reading Odette's story as it was more interesting.
But that didn't mean I didn't enjoy the Now parts. Oh no, I just loved seeing Julien try to adjust to the weird American ways of doing things. Toys that are shaped like chainsaws, violent stuff on the tv that kids just watch, sex toys in the bathroom, weapons (point to Julien for that discussion btw), and more. In a way it parallels Odette's experience, for her as a French girl she had no idea what was going on in that big country of the US. 

The ending was perfect, I was already wondering if the story of Odette would tie up with something in the now. And it did. I loved how the author wove that all together into one thing. 

Odette's story, how she fell in love (and I just adored that she wasn't like a lot of those girls who immediately went for it with a soldier, instead he has to win her heart by kind gestures, sweet letters, and family meetings), and how she decided (though she wasn't all too happy at first) to go with him to America. Which is a big step for her as she has to leave everything behind, her dearest brother, her family, everything. Of course one can't just go to America, she had to go to a camp near the harbour to be checked, to have everything sorted, health checks, to learn the national anthem, to learn to make cookies (really, cookies?). After that a trip with a big boat, which also picked up other war brides from other countries. The boat was really grand, with a cinema, hair saloon, dancing studio, and much more. These girls will definitely not have been bored. 
I wasn't too happy with her hubby in America. I get that going to France is going to be expensive, but to hold your wife away from it so long? You know she wants to go, you know she desperately needs her family. It took her way too long before she was able to finally meet her family, her brother, again. 

Plus I also loved Odette in the now. She was still a kick-ass lady, even being 86 years old. :P 

The art is just stunning and fabulous, I love the style. And I adore the cover even more now that I read it, as you can know understand what is going on in the cover. I know now that Odette is the girl in the front, and that those on the right of her are her family from the now. 

All in all, a graphic novel I would highly recommend to everyone. Read this one, you won't be disappointed.

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Hoorade Day!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my, this was just too much fun! I am not in the US, so 4th of July is just a normal day for me, but I do love to read about the celebrations, and read picture books about it. And this one is all about a special parade during that day. How lovely!

Our little MC is going to a parade with her parents. And boy, what a sights we see. She spots her bigger brother playing in the band, spots Coralee dancing around in pretty dresses, all sorts of weird cars (including one that sprays water, eekkk cold), and such more more. Of course everything is in Blue, White, and Red. The colours of the US. The parade goes on and I just loved seeing all that came by. 

And that ending just brought a bigger smile to my face. That kid sure had the best day of her life (well, for now). I do wonder why she didn't dress up like this at the parade? 

I would have loved some fireworks. Yep, I heard all about that fireworks they apparently do on that day. I guess it may not have fitted with the parade, but it would make a bang of an ending. 

The art is pretty gorgeous. Especially the parade, everything is so detailed it is as if one is standing alongside with the family and also viewing the parade. 

All in all, this is one book I would recommend, especially with 4th of July coming up in just under a month. I am sure little kids will love this one. 

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3.5 Stars
ARC Review for Sword Princess Amaltea Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was quite interested in this manga-style comic, especially because of the blurb. Welcome to the world where the roles are flipped. Princesses save princes and then marry them. Princesses kill the dragons. You can imagine that this sounds really fun, but what if you are the kind of princess like Amaltea, and just don’t want all this.

Yes, Amaltea is spoiled, at times annoying, at times frustrating, and way too trusting, but I did like her at the end. In the end she really showed some progress, though she has a long long way to go for me to fully like her.

She is on a quest to find a prince, and she does find one. But it is kind of like finding herself. The prince is not a happy camper that she kissed him awake and is now taking him with her (and letting him walk while she is on her horse). But as the story continues we see them connect, we see them get closer, though again, like with Amaltea’s kindness, they have a long road ahead of them. Hopefully the journey to Ossian’s home country isn’t going to be a short one.

Though given the trouble they get into, mostly thanks to Amaltea and her being an out and proud princess, I think the journey will take a while. Especially when we see that twist near the end, plus the flashbacks on why Ossian isn’t so happy with woman all going hot and bothered because of him.

The art, well, where to begin. At times I quite liked it, but at other times not so much. The style was a bit rough on the edges, and I really had trouble with seeing if a person was he or she. For instance our prince is super feminine so I thought for quite a bit that there would be a twist that he was a she. Then there are other characters, like Tibius, who is apparently a dude but I thought he was a girl until it was mentioned. :P
Also sometimes the body proportions were out of whack. People would shrink or grow or stretch at random times.

Will I be reading the next book? I am not sure yet. On the one hand yes, because I want to know who that person is that is dedicated to our prince, I want to see Amaltea get a bit nicer and kinder, and of course I want to see our prince home country. And then there is Amaltea’s family who is kind of looking for her as she ditched her guards.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Konohana Kitan Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welcome to Konohanatei, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!

I watched this anime back when it first aired last year. While the anime was a bit hit and miss, I was still excited that the manga would get a translation/was licensed, though I wasn’t going to be buying it. Sorry, very bad experiences with Tokyopop. Never again will I buy anything buy them. At least their American branch. shivers And then I spotted this manga up on Netgalley and realised that this was my chance to read this book without supporting Tokyopop too much.

I love the idea of an inn run by fox girls. I wouldn’t mind visiting one day, but I guess, given the kind of people that visit the inn, it would be impossible. sighs 

The stories are all wonderful to read, though nothing new for anyone who watched the anime. Still I had lots of fun reading them and seeing the stories unfold not animated but still on paper, and at times (like with the first story) I was wiping away tears as the stories were just too wonderful.

The egg story however was my least favourite, it was kind of funny when animated, but seeing it in its original form as manga… eh, it just didn’t work out and it just was so weird and awkward. But I had a laugh that none of the girls (well except for Yuzu who had some idea) got what kind of creature was hatched from the egg.

The Kaito story was no surprise to me due to the anime, so I was a bit sad.

I cannot remember the last story, it may have been in the anime, but I can’t be sure. I did think it was a sweet story. Plus that ending, ship ship ship!

And of course there was lots of shipping potential, just like in the anime. Natsume x Ren is my favourite ship. They make such a cute couple, the more prince-like Natsume and the cute prinsess-like Ren. Ah, adorable!

The art is definitely my favourite part of this entire manga. It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. I just love the amount of detail on the characters, especially close-ups (like eyes) are just WOW. I could definitely stare at this art for hours.

All in all, a pretty great first volume. I am not too sure if I will continue reading it as it is pretty much the same as the anime, or better said, the anime did a good job following the manga. I would recommend this volume to everyone.

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2.5 Stars
ARC Review for Mason Jar Science

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was really interested in this one, I wanted to see what cool things they were going to do with mason jars, and the first part (with slimes and all that) was great, but after that?

I just lost my interest. Not only because the experiments were kind of boring, but because I have already read about experiments like this. Tornado in a jar? Check. Ecosystem? Check. Caterpillars? Check. Making a Stalactite? Check. Making candy? Check. And I could go on. I just wished they would pick some new experiments, I am sure there are tons of them out there and it is just a shame that they picked those that are featured heavily already in so many books. I am sure there are tons of new (and more interesting) experiments they could have featured, especially with so many Youtube videos doing a lot of awesome stuff.

But the slimes were fun, though I still think it is funny that it is coming back again, slimes were also popular when I was a kid, though we generally didn’t use the ingredients the kids use these days. :P

Plus I did think it was a bit of a shame that some ingredients, but also one or so experiments are just impossible if you live in the EU. Hummingbirds? Sorry, I have only seen them in documentaries or in books, and maybe in the zoo (not sure about that though). Several ingredients are probably found here, but it is hard and would require a lot of asking around, and I have no clue what alternatives would fit. Same goes for measurements or temperatures, I would have to calculate those as well as I am living in a country that uses Metric and Celsius (oh wait, almost everyone uses Celsius :P). There is a chart at the end of the book, but I do think it is easier to just grab my phone or computer instead of flipping back and forth between that page. But it is nice that they at least added a chart, so props to that.

I did like that the information was clear, the steps (along with photos) were nice and easy to follow along, I also liked that we got some extra information that explains the experiments some more. Plus there were also some fun facts that fit with the experiments.

And kudos to the fact that almost all these experiments can be done without adult supervision. I know that, as a kid, I also much more preferred to do my own thing, and not have an adult hang around to help/do stuff. Kids can just try these on their own.

But yeah, I had higher expectations. I am not too sure if I would recommend it. It was fun, but again, I would like to see some newer experiments instead of so many of the same ones.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Luna The Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid
I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I was delighted that I had the chance to read this book, because it was oh so adorable! It is about a little pig named Luna (named because she was born under the moon) and how she is about to go to a brand-new family. 

The book shows us two sides, mostly it is about Luna, about how she feels when she is taken away from her mother, how she tries to adapt to her new situation with her new family, and how eventually she escapes and goes on a wonderful, but confusing journey to find her mom again. But we also see Maria's side, the little girl who got Luna as her new pet. She just adores pigs, and I loved that. Most kids just love cats and dogs, the standard kind of pet, but Maria? Maria loves pigs and she won't have anyone tell her that having a pig as a pet is weird (go girl!). I loved how she selected Luna, and how much she loved and cared for her. 

Luna's journey was pretty heartbreaking. She gets lost, she feels lonely, but on her journey she finds new friends, and they help her figure out things, guide her along the way, talk with her. And yes, I have to say at times I just was sniffling as it was quite sad. Especially later when Luna realises a few new things about her new family. 

I felt sorry for Maria, she was just so so worried when Luna disappeared. 

Of course, you can guess the ending, and I am sure that everyone, just like me, will love it. Happy for Luna, happy for Maria, and cheering for Maria when she unveiled her project about her little pig.

The art was actually the only thing that wasn't entirely my cup of tea. It just felt a bit too much like someone had cut up some photographs and traced lines over it. :( It just isn't my style. Sorry. Though there was one exception, and that was how Luna was done at times, she was just so cute with those big eyes of hers. 

All in all, this was one adorable, sweet, beautiful book, and I liked it oh so much. I would recommend it. 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Fed-Up Cow

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. 

Hilda is fed-up at being a cow, and what does one do then? Try something new! I just had to try out this book when I got the offer from the author. I could always use more cow books in my life, especially ones where the cows try something totally new and different. Like De Koe die in een boom klom, another cow who decided to just do something totally different. :)

Say hello to Hilda. A pretty cow, but she is not happy with anything about her body. Not her spots, not the fact she is only there for milking. So she spots a different animal, at first sheeps, and decides that life as a sheep must be fun. After all they have white curly hair, get a haircut, and more! You can imagine the chaos that happens as Hilda tries to be a sheep instead of a cow. 

But that isn't the only animal she tries out, oh no, she tries all sorts of animals, and with each one I was laughing harder, but also feeling sad that Hilda felt so bad about her body. That she couldn't accept it. 

I am very much happy with the ending and how everything ended for Hilda. And no, I won't spoil what happened, you will just have to read the book!

A beautiful, funny, with a bit of repetition book about acceptation and every body is good as it is. :)

The art? I definitely liked it, I especially loved seeing all the things that Hilda did to change into a certain animal. 

I would recommend this book to everyone. 

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Little Moments of Love

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

This just looked too adorable, too cute, and I just had to read it. Plus I always love reading about cute couples doing cute things.

I believe I may have read a few of these comics before, her artstyle seems familiar as are a few of the comics I read! No clue where I found them, maybe Twitter.

This comic tells us of the daily life of Catana and her boyfriend and how much they love each other. It was really way too adorable and cute, but at times I couldn't help but laugh at a few scenes. They really are so sweet together.

Not only that, there were also quite a few things that were relatable/recognisable to me. Like the buttsense (a very very important sense to have), but also stealing his clothes, having to ask him to bend down so I can kiss him (we have a 32/33cm difference). And also things like when we first started dating and how it is now after years are things I also do/wonder about/makes me happy. I just love it while reading books/comics that I can say: OMG we do the same thing! OMG that is the same for me!. :) It definitely makes me love something even more.

The art is the only thing I am not sure about. Not saying it is bad! Not at all, but, arghh, I am not sure how to say this the right way. I think it may have to do with the giant round eyes. :P

All in all this is one cute as heck comic book and I would definitely recommend it to everyone in need for some love, romance, and cuteness!

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Melowy Vol.1: The Test of Magic
I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

Well… sadly I can’t be very positive about this book. I am very disappointed. It seemed like such a fun book and I was happy that it was a Read Now on Netgalley. I was looking forward to reading it, but now I wish I hadn’t. :(

For one this is volume 1, but it felt more like a volume 5 or 6 in a series to me. We jump right in the story, get a very short introduction on the characters and that is it. We hear them talk like they are best friends forever, we hear about other adventures. I just couldn’t click with any character because of this. It felt like I was peeking a day in the adventures of a group of very close friends.

Next up is the weirdness/was it really meant to be drawn like this? These girls are unicorns/pegasus. They dance/walk on two legs, but also move on four legs, or on 3 of them. They sit in chairs like humans do, but then in other parts of the story they are being very much horsey. In the end I was just laughing when they suddenly got up on two legs from walking/flying on 4 legs. I guess I have to go for a serious case of it is all magic, and let’s not ask any questions as to why these girls are walking around on four legs mostly, but then dance and do other things on two legs…
I guess the same could be said about clothes. Why are some of them wearing tops and others are just wearing skirts… And some are just wearing everything. 

The test they had to do? It was frankly boring, and maybe I would have been more interested if I had a proper introduction to the characters. If I had the chance to actually get to know them more than just casual “these are their names and kingdoms”.

As for the art. I can see it has potential (well with the exception of how the unicorns/pegasus look they just look a bit like play-do creations), but sadly due to Netgalley stuff the art is also blurry/grainy.

And of course there is also a mean girl and a villain. No fantasy story or school story could be without one it seems. 

So yeah, not for me, sadly. I was definitely hoping I would find a new series to enjoy, but this just isn’t it.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Today I'll be a Unicorn

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I am normally not a big fan of the Unicorn/Heavenly Nostrils comics, but I just couldn't resist this one. It looked just too cute to ignore, plus I wanted to see the girl get to be a unicorn!

The book tells us all about the little girl, how she dons a tail and a magic horn (tail stuck to her middle, horn is a headband with some cute ears and flowers) and then goes to prance around the fields, just like a unicorn. There are rainbows, sparkles, and more! But is being a unicorn really that fun? Haha, I am not going to tell you, but I do know that I was totally agreeing with the girl at the end.

The book is quite short, just 12/14 pages, but it is packed with cuteness, glitter, colours and more! The art really shines in this one.

It was definitely a very fun and cute read that I would recommend to everyone. Unicorn lovers unite!

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