Bitter Sweet Love - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I was on twitter when I found out about a Book Boyfriend quiz. Apparently my Book Boyfriend type is Roth, someone from this series. So I decided on reading this series, starting with the one that (sadly) didn't have any Roth in it, but is the first book in the series.

Wow, I am so glad I found out about this series. I haven't yet found a book like this one. We have gargoyles! Seriously, Gargoyles! You know those statues found on buildings? Well they are 100% real in this one and they can morph back to humans.
Add to that demon hunting (demons are free and run around causing mayhem and death) and a wonderful world that I love. There were so many details on the whole Gargoyle world and how demons got to be around the world.

I didn't like everything from the Gargoyle world. For instance the whole female have to mate and not get out much thing. I am not a feminist, but I like my girls to have equal chances and I don't see them getting that here. The males can go have fun with demon hunting and the women have to care for the children and make sure the Gargoyle race doesn't go extinct.

Jasmine or Jas, was a great character. At times she wasn't really the smartest, but I blame that on the whole Females are not allowed to go out and thus have no idea of how the world really works.
I can imagine why she was so hesitant about Dez. He left her (and her clan) for 3 years, just right after a certain decision. She has never heard from him in all those 3 years and suddenly he is back to claim her. I would also make demands, have a little fun with it and try to think about things. Of course, you soon notice that she still loves him and that while she is still angry at him leaving like this, she wants him and is happy he came back.

Dez was, what word would describe Dez. Hot? Dangerous? Delicious? Bad? Swoon? I think there is not one word for Dez. Dez was incredible. Sure, I disliked him for being such a dick and leaving Jas alone, but around the end we find out why he did it. In the mean time I saw how he was around Jas, how he protected her and how he loved her. He was a sweet and wonderful character and perfect for Jas.

We also got various other characters. Zayne, Layla and various others that are Gargoyles. They are all great characters and even though the book is short, everyone gets a bit of attention.

The story itself was great, I loved the road trip and all the romance. And I really, really want to read the rest of the series. Soon!

I would really recommend this short little book to everyone.

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