Confess: A Novel - Colleen Hoover

I just have to give this 5 stars. This was heartbreaking, beautiful and wow. I was really worried about this book, as I didn't particularly like her previous work Never Never. Thankfully, this one is perfect and is truly hers again. <3

I really loved this book, of course there were some things that I didn't like 100%, but they were mostly little things and I didn't mind them that much. Some even got resolved near the middle or the end. However, there is one particular thing that I would have loved to have sooner. And I will put this under a spoiler tag, as I don't want to ruin the book for anyone. The whole deal with the painting that is hanging in Auburns house. I had my suspicions and I thought it might not be something Adam painted, and I was right. However, this painting and the whys and whos and whats is only mentioned at the ending. Throughout the book I found Owen pretty darn creepy at times because he knew things about Auburn that he SHOULDN'T have known. Couldn't have known. I thought he was some stalker or something, but no, it turns out he was in the same hospital as Adam was. And that he was eavesdropping on people (Creeeeeepppppyyyyyy) and that he made that painting for Adam and after showing it to Adam had it sent (with a confession) to Auburn. But yeah, this confession near the end was fun and all, but now it missed to sparks and the fireworks. It felt more like an afterthought. Like the author thought too late to add it.

Auburn was a good character, and sure, she didn't have a good backbone, but I can also see in why. Often, I am annoyed with characters for having no backbone, especially if they have no reason to be backboneless. But Auburn has a reason. She has a big reason why she is so weak, why she follows everyone and does what everyone wants. HOWEVER, she also shows strength. Even while she tries to please some people, she is also determined to take them down and get what is hers back in her life. Even if that means spending money and having to find 3 jobs to pay a lawyer.
Also she had a light in her. A light and happiness that lit people up.
And sure, I was also shaking at her stupidity. [ Getting freaking pregnant while 15/16? Ever had the sex talk girl? Or did you just dismiss it and thought you wouldn't get pregnant, because it is your first time? I really hate it when stuff like this happens. I can imagine girls getting pregnant in the 1700s, but in 2015? I am sorry, with all the talk at schools, on various shows and a lot of books, I would think that kids now about the birds and the bees and protection. (hide spoiler)]
I loved her relationship with Owen. It was beautiful and I really feel like they are meant to be together.
I loved how she still thought about Adam, still felt like she loved him, and was afraid to start loving again. But, how with Owen, she started to let go of Adam and started loving and finding a new person to call her loved one.
I didn't like her relationship with Trey. I can understand why she was with Trey, but I don't think those are the right reasons. I know you want to see your son, but to be with such a bastard? No. Just fight for your son, there are enough ways to do that, you don't need to be with someone who will abuse you if you don't do what he wants.

I really liked Owen. Though, I also must say I was kind of disappointed. The blurb made it seem like he was DANGEROUS!@@@! (sorry had to do it), but throughout the whole book he never does anything bad. Not REALLY bad at least. I won't spoil anything, but I can say I was kind of disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I love Owen, but I expected a more bad boy guy. Not a guy pretending to do bad, while actually being totally awesome and good.
I loved his paintings, and I loved that he could create them from confessions. We also see the paintings (in tiny thumbnails) scattered throughout the book. They were pretty nice and cool. Not something I would buy and put in my house, but still nice to look at sometimes.
Owen and his dad, I was worried at times, so I was really happy with the ending and what happened between them there.

Then we got 2 of my hated characters. Adam's mom and his brother. Dear Lord, scum of the earth would be a nice term for both of them.
The mom for being a total bitch to Auburn. Seriously, you did that kind of stuff to a 15/16 year old? Knew she wouldn't know much about stuff and also knew she wouldn't have any choice but picking your option? That is just dirty and downright WTF. I know you didn't like her relationship with your son (OH BOOHOOOHOHOO your son is dying and cares at the moment more for his girlfriend than his parents. No shit, I can imagine he would do that), and thus you did this shit? And then when she gets older you slowly get rid of all the visiting stuff, even moving away? Um, what?
She deserved all she had coming at the end. I was just cheering and saying things like: Ding Dong the Bitch is Gone out loud. Disgusting old lady.
Controlling a girl, forcing her to move or else she can't see her kid, making it so that she could have picked College, but thanks to you she decided on a crap course so she could be with her son. ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. I am sure Adam is rolling around in his grave or shaking his head from the heavens above. He is probably really disappointed that his mom turned out like this.

And then we have Trey. Dear Lord, I hated Trey. I hated what he did to Owen, how he was just destroying Owen, and later destroying several other things that belonged to Owen (like his gallery). But not only Owen, he also destroyed Auburn. Hitting her, almost raping her to make a point. WTF is wrong with this dude. And this dude is fucking police? I am sorry, what? This is not how a police officer should be. He thought he was God, that he could do whatever he wanted with Auburn. Messing her up, messing up her life so she could be controlled.
Thank Lord, that Emory was in the building when the whole almost rape happened. Thank Lord, that she was awesome and kick-ass and defended her friend like that!
And I am severely disappointed that he NEVER got punishment. That he can just walk away. Probably harming many more women, probably ruining more people. I was hoping he would get sentenced or lose his job. But oh no, nothing like that. Let the rapist and life destroyer just walk. Because after all, Auburn has her baby boy back. *rolls eyes*

Phew, that felt wonderful writing all that. And yes, even with all the stuff like the 2 most hated characters of the book, I can't give this book less than 5 stars. It brought with a lot of emotion, a lot of fangirling, a lot of cheering and a lot of love. And I would also highly recommend this book to everyone.

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