No More Confessions - Louise Rozett

A fantastic ending to a fantastic series. I am sad it is now over. (Well... at least considering the ending I am guessing it is now truly over, but one can never know. I am always open to more books about Jamie and Rose, but I feel like it would be better as a new series, not a continuation of this one.) However, I am also happy that I had the chance to read this series, enjoy it and meet with Rose and Jamie and see how they got through life. And that this book came out after almost 2 years of wondering if there would ever be a third book!

Rose was wonderful in this book, but like with the other books, she still made some mistakes. She tried to hard with Jamie. And while I think it was wonderfully sweet what she tried to do with Jamie, it was just too much. I felt like she was poking her nose where it didn't belong. I also didn't totally get why she was so invested in Jamie. I can understand the appeal, and I can understand why she wants him so badly, but she also has to see things are going right, that while he loves her, it isn't the same as her love for him.
But she is also great. I loved how she stood her ground with Rachel (maybe not always in a good way though), and I loved how she helped Robert and Holly. She is a great friend, and she truly does her best to get through life.

I am not sure what I thought of Jamie. On the one hand, he is a great and diverse character. On the other hand, I was just so frustrated with him. With how he acted, how he spiralled further and further in doom, but never once sought help, never once reached out his hand to have someone help him. Instead, he unleashed his fury on Rose and other stuff. Instead, he hurt the one who he apparently loves. I felt like Jamie was something like Jekyll and Hyde. On the one side he is a sweet boy with great talents, but on the other hand he has so many problems in his life. Problems that are slowly taking over. But I am proud of him in the last few pages, I was really applauding, so happy to see this happening. I won't spoil anything, I just wanted to say that I am so happy to see this happening.

We also have the whole mourning her dad stuff. This time something happens that rips open the wounds of several people. Something that should never have come out, something that should never have been shown. And while (when we got to the part) knew why that person did all that, I am sorry, I still felt disgusted. That he never once thought that it will hurt people... And yes, I know that something happened to him, but sorry. No.

Like the other books, this one is split up in seasons. Which is something I really loved and still love. It makes the book seem more real.

It took me 3 days to get through this book, which isn't something that often happens, especially when a book is so short. But for some reason I just couldn't get through this book at my normal tempo. The book was great, the characters interesting, the story wow, and I really loved it, but I really had to put myself in a chair and concentrate on reading it. It sometimes happens with a book, and while I know this could be omitted from a review, I feel like I should put it in here, as it is also about the book and how I felt about the book.

Would I recommend this book/series to people? Oh, yes, definitely! This is a must read to everyone!

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