Kon'ya Mo Hitori De Nemurenai - Kiyoko Arai, Miyuki Obayashi, Ono Eriko, Satoru Takamiya, Kumazaki Shinko, Eiko Komuro, Junko Kagari, Sakura Yamada

3.5 stars. A pretty decent manga with short stories with the main theme of horror.

Though I have to say that some of the stories weren't that scary, or even that creepy. The one about the skirt cutter? Not scary and I was actually pretty bored throughout the story. Especially with that main character who can't seem to talk normally, always have to scream and order people around.
A few of the stories follow the Jigoku Shoujo/Zekkyou Gakkyuu trend, in the way of there is always a moral at the end. Be careful what you wish for, because it might actually take more than you might want. While I am getting a bit tired of those kind of stories, they were still pretty good and interesting.
My favourite story? In regards to ending I would say the I Want You Close story wins easily. That one was really sweet and gorgeous, though I guess it was also a bit, well, creepy.
For creepiest story? I would pick The S.O.S. Message. Especially since how it could actually happen to girls/people. I won't spoil anything else, but I have to say that I was pretty creeped out throughout the story.

The art varies, as each story has their own mangaka. But in general the mangaka's keep a shoujo style (big eyes, pretty girls and several other typical things), and I really liked it. While the main theme is horror, I feel that the shoujo style fitted with it perfectly, probably because it was always about girls, girls wanting something, girls finding out something.

Would I recommend this manga? Yes, I would. It is a fun manga and it has some good stories.

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