Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works - Capcom Co. LTD

Breath of Fire is one of my favourite games, so I was delighted when my sweet boyfriend bought me this artbook. <3 Thanks dear, you are amazing!

The artbook starts off with the first game and then goes up to the last game (V), it is a real shame that they never made more parts in this spectacular series. There are now new-gen consoles, and yet no new BoF. :(
I loved that they started with the first one in the book and then went up to the last one, it really showed how much they progressed (though I have to say that I am more a fan of the first 4 games art than I am a fan of the last one).
Each game has character profiles, monsters, sketches, story outline and much much more, often in glorious colours. I was just looking at the pages for some time because they were so pretty.

There is also a bit of information on the timeline of the game, and on which consoles the games came out (SNES, PS, PSP, GBA) and if they were original or a remake.

There is a lot of other information too, and I just loved reading it, though I already knew most of it because I really played the games to death, well all except the last game, which I bought but never got into that much.

This is the perfect book for the BoF fans, and I would highly recommend it.

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