Love Live! Idol School Festival Official Illustration Book [Japanese Edition 2014] - 電撃G'sマガジン編集部

Wow, this was amazing. I am a big fan of the Love Live franchise, and I love the game (I play it daily), so when I saw this artbook I knew I just had to check it out!

And wow, I am so glad I found this book and read it. The illustrations are just gorgeous, most of them are outfits I recognize from the game or from stuff on the internet. It is truly amazing how much detail goes into some of these outfits, it must be tough wearing them, but still, I would love to have such an outfit.

We have several sections in the book, with a few months and their outfits first, then some stuff per character, photos and so much more. The book is stuffed to the brim with cuteness, beautiful outfits and girls who really want to become top idols. The only thing that missed in this book? The music to accompany it all. Yes, I know, not something that will even happen, but it would be fun. :D

All in all, this is on gorgeous artbook, and I am sure that people who love Love Live will enjoy this book a lot. Will just squeal when they see their favourite characters in the greatest outfits!

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