Poo in the Zoo! - Steve Smallman, Ada Grey

I am normally not one to read books about poo, or boogers, I also have my limits. But this book really sparked my interest, it seemed fun. Even though it caused my boyfriend to stare at me like I am weird. :D


This book is about a man working at a zoo, he is the one who cleans up all the poos, the doo-doos and the icky bleh things that animals drop around. And man, do those animals drop their poo around. At times I wondered if this was a zoo, or just a place for animals to run around freely, because there was poo EVERYWHERE. Really, EVERYWHERE. In the enclosures, out of the enclosures, everywhere! I wouldn't even want to go to that zoo, it was that disgusting.

I did love what happened to the lizard, and what happened after that part. I cannot imagine though riding around in that kind of cart, or even having to do tours through it. ICK. But to each their own. :) But it gave our zoo keeper a great option, and the ending was, as expected, cute and sweet.

All in all, I must say I enjoyed this book a lot. It was disgusting at times, but it was also great fun. The illustrations also really helped, as I loved how stuff was drawn (not the poo though, but the animals and the characters). The colours are just perfect and matched the whole story. (A few times I have seen books use bright colours when that totally didn't fit, so yay, for books doing the right thing.)

I would recommend this book, I am sure kids will love it.

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