Ever After High: Duchess Swan and the Next Top Bird:  A Little Pirouette Story (Digital Original) - Suzanne Selfors

After I read the Dexter Charming’s story about his pet (well it was mostly about him x Raven, but oh details), I wanted to read more. I quickly found this one and started it, and sadly I have to say this was just not as good. Not at all.


Where the other book was a clean 4 stars, I can’t rate this one more than 2.5 stars. Maybe it had to do with the pet, maybe to do with the owner. But I guess it had to do mostly with the pet. Unlike the previous story the swan (the pet) plays the biggest role, and sorry, she was just so obnoxious and annoying. Her thoughts, her ideas on how stuff worked, her needs, anything, it just frustrated me enormously and in the end I just wanted to pluck her and have her fried. Not that I would eat her, oh no. Would make a good Christmas dinner though.

And not only the bird was annoying, oh no. Daring… one of the characters that is often a miss for me. He is just so egocentric, thinking that he is so great, dazzling everyone, making harmful remarks. He is just a pretentious dick. Bleh.

The competition was fun though, I loved what happened at the end.

But yeah, in most this was just not a good book, I was glad it was so short, so I could finish it quickly and be done with it. I will be seeing if I can find the other stories as I do want to read them and see if they are better.

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