Lair of Dreams - Libba Bray

Another great book in the Diviners series! 4.5 stars.


It took me quite some time to really get into this book, but when I did? I flew right through it. Why did it take me so long to get into it? And, I have to confess, I even wanted to drop it. Well, that has to do with the same problem I had with the previous book. Too many POV. At times even switching mid-chapter/with the next sentence. We even have some new characters in this one, and boy, was I confused and I just couldn't like them. But then later I got more and more used to it (though I never did truly like it). My favourite girl (Evie) barely got time, and she also seemed more a party girl than she did before. It was quite amazing. She was already a big lover of parties, but it seemed the fame had gone to her head (though later we do find out why she parties like this, and while I can understand why, I still don't think this is the best way).

I was also frustrated with the love triangle between Evie, Sam, Jericho. Come on, just decide already. It got quite annoying and I was just shaking my head. Jericho is such a knucklehead, and Sam, while he is nice, he also has some stuff I didn't like.

I hated Blind Bill. Bah, I already was disgusted by what he did in the previous book, but I can tell you this, his parts made me want to just burn the book. Sadly I am guessing he will be getting bigger parts as the books continue, and I am bothered by that. :|

Instead of one mass-murderer on the loose, we now have a sleeping disease which causes people to stay stuck in their dreams and dream forever. I must say it was done really effectively, though I kept wondering why it took our characters so long to finally get the hint and understand what was wrong. I mean, as soon as I saw that girl in the dreams? I knew what was up.
I liked the chapters that talked about the victims, it was interesting to see what happened to them and how the disease worked.

The whole Lois/Louis business? I knew for the get-go what happened and why he was finally able to meet him like that. I was like DUH! why don't you know this? Why did it take AGES for both dreamwalkers to finally get the hint? *sighs*

We also find out quite a bit about Sam's past, how Will is involved in it all, and several other things, it really made the book great.

Mm, what more, I think I got all of it. I really liked the book, and I will be eagerly waiting for the next one.

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