[(Brown Rabbit in the City )] [Author: Natalie Russell] [May-2010] - Natalie Russell

Aww, this was the perfect read to read on Valentines Day.


This story is about a Brown Rabbit who is just dying to see his friend Little Rabbit who lives in the city. He is off to visit her, but then is dragged all over the place by her (though logical, she just wants to share her city with him, to show him all the awesome things that are in this city, I know the feeling of wanting to do that to someone I love/like. You just want to share it with them, and you just forget to ask if they really would like this). You can imagine what the Brown Rabbit's reaction is, yep, that is right, he wanders off.
But then something truly sweet happens, and well... you will have to see for yourself what happens. I know I was going awwww, and oohhh, and squeee all the time during those moments. They are so sweet.

I loved both rabbits, and I loved meeting them in this book. I hope there are other books about these characters, I would love to see if I can find them and read them.

The art is nice, and cute, and fits the style of the story perfectly. There are colours, but they aren't popping out, which also fits the story (calm and a bit romantic and sweet). I think if the author/illustrator would have gone with bright, popping-out colours it just wouldn't have fitted the story.

I would really recommend this book. If you are looking for a cute book with sweet illustrations, then try this one out.

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