Guinea Pigs Online: Furry Towers - Jennifer Gray, Amanda Swift, Sarah Horne

Yay, this one finally arrived. I had read all the other books that were out so far already, but this one took a while to arrive. Not that it matters that much in this book. Other characters do make cameos, and some older events are remembered, but it isn't that needed to read them all in order.


This time it is time for vacation! Vacation for the owners, and also for the guinea pigs. Of course they got a plan, to spend a vacation at a luxurious rodent hotel. But as you can read from the blurb, not everything is going fine. Instead of fancy, luxurious days, it is the hutch, a stinky old one.
Of course Coco doesn't let it slide, and she and Fuzzy make plans. They meet a new guinea pig, one that I didn't entirely like because of her attitude. Seriously, being dedicated is one thing, but being a bitch is another one. :|
Eduardo also makes an appearance, which of course caused Coco to go into flirt/jealous mode.

Even after so many books I still get annoyed a bit at Coco. At times she is so selfish, so annoying, so OMG look at me, that I just want to erase her from the story. But at other times she is quite kind and she often does do her best when it is needed. It is as if she has two sides to herself. One cute, nice, selfless, and one that is bitchy, mean, selfish, jealous. I just wish we would see more of the first side.

We also have guinea pigs kidnappings going on, it was interesting to see what the conclusion to that one was.

I loved the plan the guinea pigs made, and the ending was just fantastic and hilarious. Also from what I could see from the ending, it seems we have another human like that? I thought the Queen was the only one, but it seems there are other humans.

I also just keep laughing at Ben and Henrietta. Dear Lord, those two, how they survive daily life is amazing.

The illustrations are really good, and fit the book perfectly. :)

All in all, I am sad that I now will have to wait for new books to be released, hopefully we will get a new book soon. I can't wait!

I would recommend this book (and also this series) to everyone.

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