Again! - Emily Gravett

Normally I love Emily Gravett's books, but sadly this wasn't one of them. :(

It started off quite fun though, even before the book truly started you had a part that let up to it (though I did have a big of laugh that someone ripped the cardindex card so they could see under it (because it hid part of the book), normally I don't like vandalism, but come on Library, you know there is something under there, then just make the card the way you sometimes do, flippable (still stuck to the book, but now you can look under the card)), now back to the book. I wouldn't mind if more books would do it like this. :)

But then the story really starts, and at first I liked the dragon, but then I just wanted him to shut up because he became so annoying. :| Yes, storytime is fun, but do you have to do a tantrum when someone thinks you should just go to bed already, and no, we are not going to read the story again. I guess I could have seen it coming given the name of the book, but even then, I still hoped for a bit of a better ending. What the dragon did to the book? Just because he wanted to keep going? Nah, bad bad move there. No adults to tell him off for doing that, or being such a whiny little brat? Too bad. It would have made the story better.

I do have to say I loved the art and how the dragons were drawn. I also did like that the backcover had a burn hole in it (Though it seem that my library still has a thing or two to learn about taping the cover images on the right spot. :D).

All in all, I had expected more of this book. It was a nice idea, but it could have been better executed.

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