Dreaming of Mocha - An Swerts, Eline Van Lindenhuizen

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

All kids want pets, but I think Florence is even more dedicated to get one than most kids. Her parents don’t want one, for various good reasons, and so Florence goes to find one of her own, a dog no one wants. And thus she finds Mocha, but Mocha already has an owner.

Florence was a really cute kid, and I was cheering for her to get a pet. Of course, just taking Mocha to her home wasn’t all that right. Especially since Mocha has a collar, thus an owner. Even if Florence is small, she should have known this wasn’t an okay thing to do, and that she could have expected her parents to make posters. I did have a laugh at what she did to the posters. She really is dedicated.

The ending and all that happened there? It was really cute, however it feel like Leon was just doing what he did because he got tired of Florence being so overly attached to Mocha. It didn’t feel like he did it because he wanted to. Maybe that is just me, but it just didn’t feel right.

The art was pretty good, I loved how the dogs were drawn (all those different kinds). And it was kind of fun to see how little Florence was in comparison to the adults and other objects in life.

I would still recommend this one. It was still great fun to read it.

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