Hi everyone!



Some sad news. 


I have seen that BL is back again, I saw an update post some time ago. But frankly.... I haven't seen any improvement. Yes, it may be too soon, but really, I had hoped by now that there would be some improvement.


The site is still laggy and slow as hell. Posts don't update. Making a post is just taking 10 minutes (first it has to load, then it is has to load some more, then some more, then when you think it is done and you start typing it eats your post because, hey, it was apparently still loading, and so on). Scrolling downwards to see if there is news? The site either doesn't want to load or it just jumps up and then you can start the whole process again.


I know I should be more patient, but really, the site has been this dreadful for quite a long time. It was the reason why I stopped adding reviews for normal books. It was the reason why I only did the sporadic ARC/Review copy review. 


But with sadness in my heart, I am going to have to leave. Maybe one day I will return, but don't count on it. I will miss BL, I will miss the site. It was an awesome site, especially in the beginning with weekly updates. There were features I hoped to see, but that never came, but at least the site worked fine, and I found some new friends. 


I will still post reviews, just not on here. You can check out my blog (for reviews, memeposts etc.) and my Goodreads (for all my bookish updates).


Thanks for the great time everyone! You are the best.