I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Ahhh, another one of those amazing Harlequin Manga. Again, I am still not the girl who will read normal Harlequin, but if it is manga? I need them all! *grabby hands*

And this one was once again filled with all the cliche (and cheesy) stuff, but also tons of romance and ahh, it was magnificent and hilarious. 

Meet Samantha, or Sam, she is Guy's secretary and doing everything for him. But she has a problem. She loves Guy in a romantic way, sadly, Guy isn't one to notice it. He has flings left and right, wooing women everywhere, but to him Sam is his secretary. Poor thing, and I can imagine that she is sick and tired of it. Then again, maybe, just maybe, she should have told him. Yes, he is an idiot that he doesn't notice her, but still, just tell him. But yeah, otherwise we wouldn't have had this story I guess. :P 

The date was oh so awkward, just like their first sex was. Yep, there is a sex scene, nothing too graphic. I wonder if Sam was doing fine, holding back her needs and wants. 

Guy, please, what kind of moron are you. He is all jealous because he thinks Sam is using him as a rebound. If only he knew. I did like that at one point he seemed to think that maybe Sam liked him, but he dismissed that one pretty fast, which made laugh. If only he knew, really, if only. 

Sam really took the advice of her aunt to heart, and I just snorted so hard with Guy's reaction to it. 

Of course, more drama in sight when a guy from Sam's past makes an appearance. Oh, yeah, more drama! Whoop! *grabs popcorn*

I am happy that we also get a bit of backstory on how these two started working, how they build from the ground up to where they are now. They make quite a team. 

*snorts and laughs*Oh, dear, why not. That is so typical! No, I don't want to tell you, but I am sure, if you know how Harlequin stories go, that you can guess! 

*tears up at the ending* No, I am not crying, I have something in my eye, that is all. 

This was so much fun to read, I flew through it, before I knew it I was at the ending, and no I didn't cry there. Maybe! The art was also pretty nicely done, though at times Sam's designs was a bit weird to me (especially facial expressions). 

All in all, I would recommend this one! If you want a fun, drama and romance-filled story with two interesting characters, be sure to read this one.

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