I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I normally don’t really request or get dinosaur books any more due to how they look these days. Sorry, I have grown up with a few bird-like dinosaurs (because they were always that), but now more and more of my favourite dinosaurs are changing to overgrown turkeys/chickens. Not a favourite. Maybe if I was a kid I would think it is cool, but yeah, I am an adult, and I prefer my dinosaurs to be scary lizards.

But I couldn’t resist this one, the illustrations looked too gorgeous, and before I knew what happened my hand clicked on the request button.

I can understand them not giving all the dinosaurs an image, but come on, at least give them all a description and a height in comparison with humans part. Now I noticed that I just kind of zoomed in on the ones that did have descriptions and illustrations and just forgot to read the rest (no worries, I read everything in the end).