I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this sounded better than it was. There were just a few things I didn't particularly like. 

This is the story of a woman whose partner is withdrawing from her. She decides to leave the place they are staying together (apparently with his parents???) and find a spot of her own. We see her talk to her friends, family, acquaintances about the situation. About Jorge, about what her plans are now. 

However, it isn't until the last story we finally hear something from Jorge. We finally meet the illusive guy who we only heard about from everyone and our MC. I was pretty pissed at that dude by then. I mean, really? It has been at least months (given that one cannot find an apartment in just one poof) and he hasn't contacted her ONCE??? Hello? What kind of relationship did you guys have? And oh yes, when she finally meets him up, they are all cosy and lovely and it didn't even feel awkward. Well, OK, right up until the moment they had sex. Then it got awkward. At least for me. I just couldn't understand why she had sex with the dude who hurt her this badly that she had to leave him. 

Elena's friends/acquaintances were so sweet. They offered help, a home, items, a party. 

I did love that the comic had many silent moments, relying on the images instead to the tell the story. And I also loved those more than the ones with conversation.

I have to say that I expected more off those Seven Places thing in the title. I had expected her to visit Seven Places that were significant to her and her boyfriend. 

The art was pretty OK. It fitted with the theme quite well, though I am not a very big fan of the style. 

All in all, it had good moments and not so good moments. I am glad I had the chance to try it out. 

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