I received this book from the publisher/tour host in exchange of an honest review.

I was so very excited when I got the confirmation that I was accepted for the tour and was scheduled for a review/excerpt. This book has been on my Eep-2019 for some time, so you may just imagine my delight (yes, I was bookshimmying).

Oh, and then I opened the ecopy and found out that this author also wrote the Al Capone series, I read two in that series and liked them both. So my excitement was upped even further. Now I really couldn't wait to read this book.

And this book was such a fun one! Liam, the big brother, Izzy, his little sister who has Down Syndrome, Cupcake the Dog who has a problem, their divorced parents who try to take care of them. OH yes, Dakota. We don't talk about Dakota. This is a positive area, an area of happiness and joy. Dakota doesn't fit in there. But, yes, she sadly exists and was the reason why this book isn't a 5 stars, but instead a 4.

I just adored Izzy, she was a sweetie and I loved how while she didn't always have the words, she always was there with hugs and love. She was just one big positive bundle of joy. She even hugged the angry neighbour next door, and she did things that other characters wouldn't have done but that were absolutely the sweetest. She even helped out her siblings when they needed help, it was adorable how she tried to explain what she meant, and how eventually they understood.

Liam was just the best, though I did feel sorry for him at times. He didn't have an easy life at times, which was mostly to blame to a certain person we aren't going to name in this positive space. I loved how he allowed Izzy to be part of the club just because she got all sparkly at seeing that beautiful pink bracelet, and how he sat down with her to explain things to her in a soft way so that she wouldn't be too upset. He also helped out with the club of kids like Izzy. Making up a song, including all of them, being so sweet and understanding. He brought a smile to me at so many moments in the book.
I hope he can be a bit more honest about where he lives though. That was also something that was mentioned quite a few times. He has made a new friend, but he is afraid that person would judge him if he saw his house. I did love the friendship between him, his old friend, and his new friend. They made quite the trio.

Then there is Cupcake. An adorable dog with a big problem... She is peeing everywhere. Is there something big happening or is it the medicines she uses? Sadly, our characters don't have the money to go to the vet any more. I found the prices ridiculous. Who the hell can pay 3k for a treatment? I know I never would be able to do that.
So most of this book is Liam, Izzy, and She-who-will-not-be-named, try to make money in various ways to help out their dog. Most of the ideas were just dumb, but there were a few that made me happy. I could have thought of a few more ideas of things they could have done. Like doing groceries for those less-abled/eldery, selling cupcakes/lemonade, making things and selling those.

There are also many many illustrations that warmed up my heart even further. Then again, Églantine Ceulemans is one of my favourite illustrators, she draws so well.

All in all, I loved this book, and I would recommend it. Just ignore the one we shall not name in this positive and happy place.

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