I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Wow, I am so happy I have a chance to read this book. I just had to read this book, for personal reasons. I was steeling myself for the inevitable tears that would be falling from my eyes. Yes, this would have a happy ending as the title says, but I knew I would cry when she would receive the happy news.

I agree fully with her on hospitals and their colour schemes. Indeed, they are done to make people calm, but if I am sick at a hospital I would rather see happy colours. Colours that warm me. Colours that make me smile and maybe forget being sick for just a tiny bit of time.

We see how our MC was diagnosed for leukemia after being very tired and having headaches. We see her stuck to machines as she is being tested.

We read about how she felt throughout treatment, how people looked at her with sad eyes, how they tried to encourage her and tell her happy words, while all she wanted was to be treated normally. Yes, she is sick but she is still herself. It was quite nice how they illustrated this scene. You saw dark text bubbles coming out of people, and scribblies land on our MC’s body. I do wonder why she thought that people would be disappointed in her if she didn’t get better. Why do you think that? That is not how that works. Sorry. At least not for me, so I was kind of shocked that she thought that. :(

We read about the parents, how her mom tried to make her room so much more homely, how her dad tried to ward away the sadness by bad humour (and loved how she eventually understood her dad’s bad humour was just a way to protect himself).

Wow, she didn’t even recognise that she was in love with Victor, instead thinking she was just getting new symptoms. Oh my goodness. Well, that is a nice surprise for her. No you are not getting new symptoms, congrats this is your first love (at least I am guessing it is as otherwise she would have recognised the symptoms). I loved reading on how Victor and see got closer and closer, and then had a laugh that when he visited her in the hospital he saw her bum through the nightgown and is now bragging about it. :P

I did think the story was a bit all over the place. I am sure people will be angry I said this, but we jump so much around. Like how we went from hey meet Maxine to Maxine is dead to Maxine is still alive to oh now we are burying her and back to finding out what is going on with our MC (will she get better or not). Same goes for Victor, he was suddenly introduced and then we head over to other things and then back to Victor. At times it really threw me out of the story, and that is a shame.

The waiting, oh boy, I was almost chewing my nails, would she get good news or not? I know the title of this book features a happy ending, but still I was just nervous! And then they are called and my nerves intensified. And yes, I cried at the moment she walked to the door with her parents, her family, Victor, Maxine behind her. How she said she would miss all those things and ended on Victor. :( Oh, man I was for sure she was sick due to how everything was said, but then that ending came, and yes, I was fully crying. OMG, congrats! That is fantastic news.

The art was really pretty, and I love the style, it captures everything, the emotions, perfectly.

All in all, even with the story kind of jumbled, I still loved reading it, and as I predicted, it made me cry. I would recommend this one.

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