I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

First up, thank you to the publisher for fulfilling my wish on Wish. Yes, this sounds as funny as it was when I got the mail. I had to read it a few time before I figured out that one Wish was the book. :P

But I just couldn’t resist this book, just LOOK at this adorable and beautifully drawn cover, how can you say no to that?

In the land that Rabbit lives wishes take flight and if you are lucky you may do a wish if you are chosen by one. But Rabbit is extraordinary lucky as he gets three wishes!

I loved that he went to consult his friends, and that he tried to imagine if those wishes were also for him. Or if they just weren’t for him. With each new friend I wondered if Rabbit would find his wish with his friends, or if he would eventually find a wish (or three wishes since he has three) for himself.

I loved reading the wishes of Rabbit’s friends. From a Fox who wanted to be a writer (I just ADORED the illustrations for this wish) to a Bear who has done much exploring but hasn’t explored the waves and the sea yet.

Then he makes his wishes, and I just loved that. It was so beautiful, so sweet, so inspirational that he would chose to have his wishes to be that, however I could already see what would happen after.

But the ending was just so sweet, and yes, due to stress of so many things I am very emotional, but I think I would have cried regardless of that. It was just so sweet, so pure. I am sure everyone will love this ending.

So, I would highly recommend this beautiful picture book about friendship and wishes. It will warm your heart.

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