I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So after the success of John McNamee’s other book: Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears: A Pie Comics Collection, I was highly excited to try out this collection.

However… it was a disappointment. Whereas last time I had so many comics I loved, that made me laugh or snicker, this one was more miss than hit. Especially the first half of the book was just mostly boring and not that funny. The latter half though brought more and more comics that I loved and that made me laugh. Still not as much as the previous book which was an all around laugh-a-ton.

Like the previous time I Whatsapped my fiance with comics I loved and I knew he would love as well. And he was very happy with them, and he had quite a laugh.

The book is divided into various themes, which I quite liked. It was fun to see the comics that fit in that theme.

I had a laugh at the “And now, a brief summary” which summed up how the Earth started, animals started living, how wars were fought, and ending with a microwave taking wayyyyy tooo long. :P

That certificate at the ending? Fantastic. I would so print that out and use it.

So a weak beginning/first half, a stronger second half, and a funny ending with a great certificate. 2.5 stars it is. :) Will I read the next comic collection? Yes. Despite this one being a disappointment, the comics that I did enjoy were hilarious and funny and I want more of them.

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