I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was pretty excited to read this book because of two reasons, Zidrou and Aimée de Jongh. The subject of the book wasn’t that interesting to me, though I did like the finding new romance aspect. Maybe I will, when I am as old as this couple, also appreciate the other things. :)

This book is about Ulysses and Mediterranea, two people in the autumn of their lives (they are old, but not that old yet) both of them had their share of things happening. Medi lost her mother, Ulysses lost his job due to forced retirement. They meet at, of really all the places to find someone, Ulysses’s son’s OB/GYN office. I loved that you immediately saw a spark between the two of them. Sure, it was a bit of a hesitant spark because both of them didn’t expect to find someone at their age and at this spot, but that spark soon grew to much more. I was so rooting for these two to truly get together, because people weren’t always that accepting of them.

We read about their lives, their youth, their family, about Ulysses and how he feels now that he is out of a job, and how they feel now that they have older bodies. I really loved that this was added, it gave so much more to this book. It made me love the characters more, and root for them further. These two souls needed to be together. To walk hand in hand through the autumn and winter of their lives.

There was at least one thing that had me going eh, and that was the scene in which Ulysses pays for sex and gets a blowjob. Not something I needed to see. I did feel kind of sorry for the woman later, I have a feeling she wasn’t doing it that much for the money, but maybe also had feelings for Ulysses in a way or another.

The ending? I am kind of on the fence on how I felt about it. On the one hand very sweet and romantic, on the other hand… no. I won’t spoil anything, so I will stop here, but it was a very conflicting ending for me.

The art was pretty great, I am always amazed at how fabulous Aimée can draw. I have seen many of her works, read many of them, but I never stop being amazed. What a talent.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this graphic novel!

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