Ruby Hill - Sarah Ballance

Well that was a scary book. I would say this: Don't read it when it is night/dark. :) 

Most of the book is either about the asylum or Ashley/Corbin's relationship and how it ended. Luckily both parts are just equally balanced so you don't feel annoyed (like so many books that say something happens in the blurb and turn out to be something else or only focus on one thing).

The horror was really great, some parts gave me goosebumps or made me almost scream out. I love books about asylums and this one will be on that list.

I also loved the romance, it was cute and fluffy and made me happy. And it provided some light-heartedness in all the horror and scary ghosts.

Sadly, the ending wasn't that good. So all the questions are answered, things have been solved, but what happens now? Did the team get out? What about the ghosts? 

In overall, a good book and I would recommend it to everyone who is seeking a horror book with some romance elements.