How to Love - Katie Cotugno

I will keep it short, but this book was pretty great.

I loved Reena, she was quite awesome, despite everything that happens to her she keeps going, doing her best and do everything for her baby. I am a bit sad that when Sawyer came back she reverted to swoony status and quite soon forgave Sawyer of all the things he did, even going so far to kiss him while she was still in a relationship with a wonderful guy. (God I really wanted to slap her then)

I truly disliked Sawyer throughout the book. I found him cocky, and a bit too much of a bad boy.

Then we have Reena's dad and his new wife. Especially the dad. I can imagine it is a shock that your 16 year old daughter gets a child, but seriously, 2 years after and you still ignore her or act like he acted. She needs a parent so much during those months, and she got nothing. No babyshower and nothing else. 

The book and how it was written was really awesome, you had the after(with the baby) and the before (before the whole baby business), and I really enjoyed reading both situations.

In overall a decent book, but it could have been better. :) Still I would recommend it to everyone who likes a book about a girl struggling with her baby, and to those who don't mind if you also find out her past.