Kamichama Karin Chu, Vol. 02 - Koge-Donbo*

Oh wow, this volume was packed~! We got new lovely outfits for Karin, a love triangle, boys fighting over her and also new bad things!

I still keep wanting to smack Kazune-kun. He should step up for once, and clearly showing Karin his love. Now, one time he loves her, the next he is shouting and being angry at her. :( They make such a cute couple though, when he is being nice, and I really hope they can stay together.

Jin-kun, ah Jin-kun, our latest hot boy to the group, and one who harbours strong feelings for Karin and can (unlike Kazune) show them clearly. This doesn't make Karin all to happy, and she wavers between the two guys.

Gosh, I really hated that class of girls. Oh my gosh, a girl is only talking to boys, what do you do? You act mean act mean and ignore her. :(

And that cliff hanger! Oh wow, I can't wait to see what will happen in the next volume!