That Summer - Sarah Dessen

I absolutely adored this book. 

Haven was just a wonderful character and I could totally see why she did what she did. I think in her place I would have done the same. Your dad remarries, you find out his new wife has been pregnant for a while, your sister is psychotic about her wedding, your best friend changed and then there is several other things happening. I really loved reading her story, seeing how everything started and seeing how everything ended.
There was one thing I didn't like (and one thing I couldn't sympathize with) and that was her constant whining and complaining about her length. I am short myself, but sorry, you don't hear me complain/whine about it.

I disliked Ashley. She was mean, rude and totally a bitch to her sister. Making rude remarks about her height and such. I know your wedding is coming up, but you don't do that. Not to your family.

I really loved how everything took place in one summer, how all these events that make one book is just one (not too big) period. 

The writing is still amazing, I really love Sarah Dessen's style of writing. 

Well I only got a few more books to go before my summer project is over, then I will have read all the Sarah Dessen books. 

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