You Can't Come in Here! - P.J. Night, Michael Teitelbaum
Note: I read this book in Dutch (since I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it in English), so I will be using the Dutch names in this review.

Femke was a really interesting character, I loved that she loved horror stories, that she loved creepy things.

Daan and Iris, I already had my suspicions about them, even before everything spiralled into doom and despair and creepiness. And I was right about them all. :) They were 2 really creepy kids(?) and their methods were just evil (though very effective).

I really had goosebumps through quite a few parts of the books (yeah, goosebumps!), and I really enjoyed the story.

The ending was the best part, I didn't expect it like that, it makes you wonder about quite a few things too.

While I enjoyed this one, I am not going to buy it for my collection. I just feel this one doesn't fit with the others.

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