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4 Stars
Our Dark Stars - Audrey Grey, Krystal Wade

I received a review copy for the blog tour.

So I was really excited about this book. Been meaning to read it for some time so imagine my delight when I spotted the blog tour and the chance to review it before it came out! I just had to take it! And in the end I quite loved this book, I flew through it. There were some parts that I didn’t quite like, but for most the good parts won.

We have two characters; Will and Talia. Will’s parts take place in the now, a world ruled by mocks. Talia’s parts first take place in the past, a world that was at war, a world where mocks were servants or looked at with distrust. Later on it merges with Will’s timeline. And that is when the true fun and excitement starts.

I was a bit confused by Talia’s behaviour. In the past parts we can clearly see that she is a princess, but she isn’t treating anyone wrongly (like so many others do). She is actually pretty fun, kick-ass, and I loved her there. I loved how she was kind towards mocks, Ailat especially. How she actually didn’t feel like being a princess that much, how she just wants to hug or talk to her dad normally. She was just a teenage girl with a crown. Plus I loved the fact that she could fly a figher plane with ease. My heart broke when she had to do that to her best friend. I wish that she could have whispered something to her friend, told her it wasn’t meant to be like this. That she was doing it to save Ailat.
However, the Talia in the now was just a totally different girl. I get that what happened traumatised her, but for some reason she started to also act like your stereotypical princess girl. Asking the mocks (Will and his crew) for all sorts of things (sandwiches and such), being disgusted that she had to help out, being a total bitch towards the crew. And also making so many stupid mistakes that almost cost them all their lives. It was like during that time she was frozen she also lost a few of her precious kick-ass braincells. I just found it such a shame as I really loved Talia of the before. :(
Thankfully, around the middle/near the end she slowly started to show more of those kick-assness again, and I saw that she was caring for the crew, for Will especially. The ending it was just the old Talia again, and I was so happy, so delighted. Welcome back, don’t leave us again!

Will was just a delightful character. He also didn’t have a good past, so where Talia is distrustful of mocks, he is distrustful of humans. I loved Will from the start, he was interesting, plus I was curious to see how he would grow. Would he be able to stand up for himself? Would he tell his brother and father to stuff it? And what about his growing attraction to Talia? Would something bloom between them? Sure, he made some stupid mistakes, but I can forgive him. There is so much manipulation, so many lies, it is hard to see what is good and what is the truth. Plus he just wanted something better for him and his crew.

Then there is the crew. At first I didn’t like Lux, but that girl just grew on me until she was one of my favourite characters. Followed by Tandy (I get that she was a holo, but dang that girl is just too awesome and feisty, I wish we could get a book about her), and then Leo and Jane.

Who the Queen was? Gee, I knew from the start who that was. Though I was also secretly hoping there would be a twist, something different from all the other books with the same idea. But no, so in the end I probably startled my neighbours when I shouted: “I KNEWWWWWWWW ITTTTTTT!!” when the “revelation” was there.

I did like the mocks and the fact they could jump out of their bodies into a new one. That must be pretty awesome, though I am not too sure if I am into living forever.

Big plus points to the cover, I just adore it to bits, it is so gorgeous.

There is tons of action, and the book is really fast-paced. You won’t be bored one moment while reading.

I would definitely recommend this book to all.

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Perfect World, Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Ahhhhhhhhh, this was just fabulous, sweet, heartbreaking, beautiful. Really, I would warn everyone to bring tissues when you are reading this one. You will need those. Tears were just streaming down my cheeks while reading. I am still all teary from this beautiful volume.

Tsugumi reunites with her crush from high school, Itsuki, during a get-together from her firm (interior design) and his firm (architecture). She is happy to see him and her love is immediately rekindled, but then finds out that her crush isn't having such a good life as she thought he was having. He is in a wheel chair.

And from that moment the manga truly begins as Tsugumi wonders about if a relationship with a wheelchair-bound guy would work. Can you be with someone who can't do everything you can? Can you handle the care, the worries, the fact he can get sick at any moment, even die in a few years? It is a very loaded subject, and we see how Tsugumi tries to find an answer while falling deeper and deeper in love with Itsuki. She tries to help him out whenever she can, she is there for him when he is in the hospital a few times, she tries to show him that she really cares, that she really wants him as he is. That she knows that it may not last long, that it won't be easy, but that she just loves him.

Of course it isn't an easy road. Itsuki is not doing well, despite just continuing with everything. While I was impressed that he never gave up and I could also understand that he wanted to continue as he is getting great chances at the firm... at times I wanted to shake him a bit to tell him that it is OK to take a break at times, you don't need to go until your body collapses, until everything shuts down.

Haruto's story was heartbreaking. The poor guy, I hope that with what Itsuki has done for him, showed him, that he can pave a new road to something awesome. Plus I hope he can accept his girlfriend again, she has waited for him. She has been visiting for a year now, waiting, waiting. I think you don't need to be worried she may run away from you (like Itsuki's girlfriend in college did after the accident).

I am also happy, well if you want to call it that, that we not only see Tsugumi's perspective, but also Itsuki's. We see him not being able to sleep due to the pain in his legs (phantom limb), we see him hurting. But we also see him fall in love with Tsugumi.

The ending was just perfection, I am so happy for both of them, and I hope that their romance will continue for a long time to come. Though... given several things, and I have read enough other manga, I fear that we may be going for a bad ending. I already cried tons while reading, I am not sure if I can handle a bad ending should one appear in the next volumes.

We also see how people react to a guy in a wheelchair and I frankly wanted to shake up some people. :|

The art is pretty decent, at times I felt the style didn't exactly fit with the story and the heaviness of it all.

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Moteki Vol.1: Love Strikes

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welp, this was just the worst. I am sorry, but I didn't enjoy it. I kept reading in hopes that it would get better, but instead it didn't. It also didn't help that this book isn't volume one only... it is also volume 2. If I had known that I would probably not have requested it. 

What the problem was with this manga? The MC. My word, he was just terrible, depressing, at times he didn't seem to understand the word no (sure, just keep kissing and putting your hand up her shirt while she clearly stated no and wants to be your friend), and he was also creepy (really, taking a picture of a sleeping girl?), and I could go on. I didn't like him at all. He just kept whining about not having a girlfriend, about his virginity (which he did lose), about his sex life, about woman.

What did I expect? A cute romance story with a guy getting into his Moteki (some magical period in which guys/girls get very popular) and him deciding which girl he wants to go for from the whole batch of girls interested in him. I expected lots of hilarity as girls would try to meet him at every opportunity. I had hoped for lots of sexy and swoony scenes.
Instead the only thing that happens is that girls are vaguely interested in him, he gets a ton of mails/calls (at first), and well... that is it.

It was a really depressing read, and I just wanted to kick the MC between his legs for being such a dick about stuff. 

Sure, the girls aren't always better, I also wanted to shake some of them. 

The only thing that I did like was the art. That was pretty gorgeous. 

But yeah, I am not going to be reading this one any further, and I am happy I had the chance to read this one before it released as I now know I will not be buying this one for my collection.

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4.5 Stars
Amazing Origami Boxes - Tomoko Fuse

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adore it when new Origami books hit Netgalley. My boyfriend and I are big lovers of origami (my boyfriend especially is pretty dang awesome with it). So yesterday I decided to open the book, get the origami papers and grab my boyfriend and get to folding.

We tried out various different models, from cute to practical. We wanted to do more, but it was already quite late so we will have to get back to the book and try a few others later. 

The book's instructions are quite clear for most of the time, though some of them had us scratching our heads and checking how the final product looks. Some reactions while folding: "Whut?" "Um, wait, how?" "WTH?" "What kind of magics is this?" 
But again, most are really good to follow and it was quite fun to see the box become real, and some looked even prettier in real life than in the pictures. 

There is a wide variety of boxes, from tiny open boxes to boxes that can close to flowers and cats. I definitely love that there were so many varieties to pick from. Though it was also quite hard as we couldn't try out all of them and had to select the prettiest ones. And then it was another hard choice as so many were pretty. :P

The photographs are very well made, often showing various sides to a project. Which really helped when we couldn't figure out the instructions. 

All in all, we really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to all who like origami. 

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2 Stars
ARC Review for CITY Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The newest manga by Keiichi Arawi, and sadly I am not impressed. :( I was really looking forward to getting this manga, but I am now putting it off my list. 

The idea is pretty neat, this story follows the weird/bizarre lives of people living in a city. No clue which city, it is just a city. We see a boy working at his parent's restaurant, an old granny, a police officer, a girl who probably will be rich if her friend finally paid off her debts to her (plus this girl loves making weird photographs), then we have our so-called MC who is frankly highly annoying and dumb and needs to grow up. These are just a few characters, there are more! Making it more confusing, though I am already happy that the manga isn't only about our annoying MC, Nagumo. 

I had a laugh at the beginning when we first met her, but then I noticed that the way she is acting is something she always has done. And it just pissed me off how she treated her friend. How she kept going to her to have her do all sorts of things or just to beg for money.

The stories are also not really funny, just like the jokes just fell flat. I also had that problem with Nichijou, some jokes just didn't work with me, but whereas Nichijou was still mostly hilarious, this one was not. There was actually one scene that had me in stitches and that was the grandma parts. Dang, that lady is awesome. You should definitely not mess with that woman. 
Oh, and the editorial trio chapter also was funny, well at least how they made those horoscopes. :P Just turn the wheel and shoot a dart. Yup. Perfect way to bullpoop your way through a horoscope.

The art, well it was typical of Keiichi Arawi. Silly art, silly faces. It did fit with Nichijou, and it also fits with the weirdness that is City.

Plus I do quite like the city everyone lives in. It seems like an exciting place with never a boring day. Manholes opening up, strange statues, weird policemen, crazy people running around. Yup, I wouldn't mind living there. 

But will I be continuing this series? Sadly, no. It just wasn't for me. Which is a shame as I was looking forward to something new when I finished Nichijou.

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2 Stars
ARC Review for Say Cheese!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I adore and love cheese, so when I spotted this book over on Netgalley I just had to try it out. A book about cheese, about making cheese, about recipes with cheese, what more could I want?

Sadly, it just wasn't that fun. I struggled a lot to get through this book. Tried it twice, before finally finishing it on September 22nd. I am not sure if it is me (headache/not feeling all too well), or if it is the book. It may just be a combo for both. I do know that I was quite bored. I kept looking over at the page numbers to see how far I was and how many more pages I would have to read.

The recipes were quite fun, but I had expected some normal cheeses as well. (Not feta or mozzarella, but instead a normal cheese, a hard one. How to make a big round cheese for example. I would have loved to see those.) There were also a lot of cheese-related recipes, and while it was fun, I had rather seen more how-to-make-cheeses.

I did like the facts and non-fiction parts about cheese, it was quite an interesting addition.

Plus like a few other ARC books I read that were cook books or craft books... it just misses things. Facts or parts not filled in. Missing connections to page numbers (Go to page 00 instead of the actual page number). I laughed quite a bit at the iStock photograph used in the chapter of Other Easy-Peasy (but not cheesy) things you make with milk. I do hope they don't forget to remove all that watermark, or else it will be hilarious.

And something I also noticed in other books, the way they think everything is easily findable. I am sorry, but I have never in my life seen cheese cloth being sold in the supermarkets. And a few other things I would have to go to a (specialist) cooking store to make sure I get all the stuff I would need to make cheese, if they have such things (I have been disappointed before). So yeah, it would be nice if there were some easier to find alternatives listed.

And I found an error in the Saying Cheese Around the World. In Dutch it is Kaas, not Kass. Hope that gets fixed in the published version. Would be a shame if kids learned the wrong words. :(

All in all, I had hoped for more, but sadly it just wasn't meant to be.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Me and My Cars

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Kevin is back with another book about cars/vehicles. And it was oh so fun to see him tell us about his cars, to show us what they did. From normal cars to excavators and ambulances.

I loved seeing the little guy get all excited about the various vehicles he encounters in his life. From the garbage truck crushing the trash, to the excavator loading dirt into a truck!

The book is split up in sections, and I like that. Like in the Want to help?-section we have ambulances and firetrucks.

I am a big fan of Liesbet Slegers work, she always has a way with making books fun no matter what topic. From stuff that would normally be boring (like dentists) to stuff that is fun (cars), she can do them all. Plus the illustrations she makes really compliment the book. I love how bright and colourful they always are. And even if they are simple, they are cute and nice.

There was one thing I found weird. That moving van? It doesn't look at all like one. I never have seen a moving van look like that.

All in all, another book by Liesbet Slegers that I really liked. I would recommend it to everyone, toddlers especially will love this book.

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5 Stars
Herding Cats - Sarah Andersen

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The third book by Sarah Andersen, collecting all her newest works + more! I was delighted when I spotted this book over on Netgalley. The covers and titles are getting better (and sillier) with each and every book. I can’t wait to see what the next title/cover will be.:P

Like with each book so far I haven’t found a comic I haven’t read, well, maybe one or two, as I sometimes don’t see her new comic on my timeline on Twitter. But do I mind? Nah, I don’t. I just adore that I can re-read them without having to go through her Twitter.

This time not so much menstrual cycles and more anxiety and sadness. They all hit quite close home for me. :( One that also stood out was the stove comic. When I saw it on her Twitter, I had the same reaction. I was both sad and happy. Sad, because it sucks that there are more people who have this problem and it is not a fun one. Happy, because I know now that there are more people like me. That I am not alone with this behaviour.

After the normal comics we get an extra part. She tells us with text and comics about art, about drawing, about criticism on the internet, anxiety over drawing/posting something, and more. I definitely love that this was added. I am not adding art to the internet, but some of the parts (internet and harassment/criticism) hit quite close to me.

All in all, definitely recommended. Be warned this may hit close home. You may experience a ton of feelings and nod along with the comics. Of course you will also laugh as there are enough moments were the comics are more comedy (like the ones with her cat).

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Baby Bird

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was delighted when I found out about this book, it looked quite adorable, but given the blurb I knew it would also be a sad book.

And it was. As our tiny little baby bird? He has one wing that can never do anything, it is very tiny. But our baby bird doesn't give up, he keeps on trying to get to flying, and joining his brothers and sisters in their fun. But as the book continues we see that it is very very hard for our tiny guy to do anything. 

He does meet a friend who is more than willing to help him out, and also shows him that maybe flying isn't something all birds (can) do, and that it isn't bad for him to not be able to fly. Instead there are things that he can do, that may be even more fun than flying. 

Yep, it goes from pretty sad (though I was very delighted to see how motivated he stayed) to very happy and I was just delighted for our tiny bird. Not only does he have a new friend who doesn't mind him not being able to fly, but he also found something else, a new purpose in his life. 

The art is pretty OK. I do love how the birds were drawn.

All in all, I quite liked this book + its theme. I would recommend it!

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Pearls for Pearl by Amber Heaton

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

This cute, sparkly book just shouted at me to be read, so of course I clicked on the Read Now at Netgalley. And boy, this book was adorable, cute, sparkly.

Pearl is a tiny mermaid and she is in luck, today she gets to come to a new home. Pearl is totally happy as she was quite bored at her aquarium in the pet store. Not only does she have a new owner, but she also quickly makes friends with another inhabitant in the fish bowl at her new home. 

Then her eyes fall upon a treasure trove. Namely her new owner's jewellery case overflowing with shiny items! Pearl then shows us all that dreams can be made true. If you just try hard enough and never give up. You can also reach those shiny things you may want!

Also where can I buy myself a tiny mermaid? I would love to have one, especially if she can talk and we can have endless fun chats about shiny stuff. :P Defnite plus points for creativity (as I can't remember a book featuring mermaids sold at a pet store). 

Oh, I do hope that Pearl and her new friend will get a bigger bowl, it just seems that it is quite tiny for two inhabitants, especially as big as Pearl and her friend are. 

The art? ADORABLE! Cute! Sweet! And I just adore the colours (all soft and shiny). 

Yep, this is one book I would recommend, be warned it is very cute and sparkly!

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Big Nate: Silent But Deadly

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

My second Big Nate comic, I don’t know why I didn’t request the others when they were on Netgalley, since this comic is just too much fun!

The biggest focus in this one is Gina (and her silent, but oh so deadly farts). She pops in a lot of the comics + is also found on the cover (and the title is a reference to her farts). I have to say that I didn’t like Gina. Yes, when she was infatuated with that guy in her class, she showed something else than terrible attitude, but for most? I don’t want her around that much. Know-it-alls get on my nerves. Thinking they are way more superior than others. Bleh! I did love the Fact Town Smackdown and what happened there (though I sure didn’t see that Wacky Plot Twist coming).

I had a laugh at Nate and his amazing nose. Boy, that is one skill he could use later in life. Given his school-record, I think he will need something amazing, like his nose, to save him. :P It was quite fun how people doubted him and then he could just pick out everything + more.

I liked that Nate tried to go for that trophy. Of course, those who read these comics know that Nate is never going to get a trophy, well, maybe if there was a terrible student trophy (sorry, Nate) or guy with the most detentions.

Other topics include finding a new comic (and is it betrayal if you like that MC more than your favourite comic?), basketball, monopoly (no, Nate, that is not how it works), Christmas presents, School Picture Day, and many many more.

The only thing I didn’t quite like was that at times it got a bit confusing as we were in the midst of a topic (for instant the Fact Town Smackdown) only to have another comic pop up in between things. It would have been better had the topics stuck together.

The art was so-so. At times Nate didn’t look like a kid, but more like an old man, mostly when he turned around his head or tried to look sideways.

But I definitely liked this book, and I hope to read more Big Nate books in the future.

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4.5 Stars
Review for Have You Seen The Sleep Fairy?

I received this book courtesy of the publisher/Authoright for an honest review.


I just knew this one would be a book I love, and I did. It was very adorable. About a pair of parents whose children (especially their little son) seem to have trouble sleeping in one go through the night (often waking up the parents). You can imagine that after many nights the parents are just pooped, knackered, maybe even a bit grumpy from loss of sleep.

But then the parents tell the kids about a shy (so very shy) sleep fairy who wants to visit the kids but doesn't dare to because she is oh so shy. Of course, kids being kids, they immediately are interesting in this fairy, wanting to know all about her, and then are especially interested when they hear about the one special thing she does before she will trust the kids. 

Plus points to the parents, definitely. I just loved that instead of probably getting angry that their kids (and then especially their son) wouldn't sleep, they just made a wonderful story up, helped it grow by doing certain things. I don't have kids myself, but if I had them and they had trouble sleeping? I would so use this idea and see if it would work just as well for my kids as for the kids in this book.

The ending had me grinning happily. Good job parents, good job fairies, and sleep well everyone! 

The art was the only thing that was a bit miss to me. There were parts that I love (the backgrounds/the scenery), but the characters often looked odd. 

So I would recommend this book to everyone, this was such a fun and sweet book, and I am sure that many others will embrace it and love it just like I did.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Coral Kingdom

 I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just fell in love with the cover when I spotted it over at Netgalley. It was just so pretty, those rainbow colours, the font. I just wanted to read the book. Thankfully I was accepted to read the book!

And this turned out to be a pretty book inside as well. Rhyming text which made the story more lyrical and pretty, though I have to say that I was mostly focusing on the gorgeous illustrations (so many details, so colourful, even when we got to the sadder part of the book, with the dead coral/reef). Eventually even having to re-read a page as I forgot about the text. :P Hehe. Oopsie!

Yep, this book also brings a message with it. One that I see almost everywhere when books are about reef. What I am talking about? The fact that reefs/coral is dying. And that we, humans, should do something to help prevent that. From being less polluting to being more conservative with what we use to spreading the message. I liked that the last pages were dedicated to that (and were also accompanied by gorgeous illustrations).

Well, I think I have said what I wanted to say about the illustrations, if you haven't gotten the idea yet, I found them beautiful!

All in all, a pretty good book, but again, you may lose track of the rhymes and instead focus on the illustrations!

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2.5 Stars
ARC Review for Limited Edition

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So this isn't going to be a very nice review at times. I just need to rant a bit.

This book began good, I would have given it a 4 stars at the beginning. The middle was 3 stars, but with the ending and how I felt overall after reading the whole book... 2.5 stars. 

This mostly had to do with how I just got tired of all the bitching about men and how terrible they were/are. And then probably calls it feminism. :| 

What I liked:
*The art, it was pretty cute and sweet! Plus I liked that the author/artist used limited colours (you just have pink/blue/yellow).
-The MC's job. I have read tons of books, but I don't think I have read one where someone has a job working with preemies. 
-Some of those preemie part just brought tears to my eyes. That one scene were the tiny little baby touched her dad's hand just had me in tears. 
-That the author/artist didn't shy away from sex scenes (yep, we got quite a few of those).
-I could understand Claire (well... minus the man hating parts) and her quest to find someone perfect for her. I also had my share of bad experiences with men and at times I also wondered if I would ever find someone to spend my life with. I was definitely rooting for her. 
-Her dreams about her future kid and future husband. It was just so lovely and I like that it was added to the story.

What I didn't like:
*I did think Jo was a bit overkill on her hubby when they had that baby (those 3/4 pages). The guy is doing his effing best, but all you do is bitch bitch and bitch. Oh no, he forgot things, oh no he bought the wrong things. Heaven, woman, we all make mistakes no need to burn someone to the ground. Be happy he tries! Good grief woman. Plus I am sure the guy is working (given that guys generally don't get a lot of parental leave), do you want him to stop working and do everything, thus meaning that you get less money? I am sure you will bitch about that then. Girl, please. Plus she kept being dismissive about him throughout the book. :|
*Also, if you can't get an orgasm and then just expect boys just have to magically know what they should do or that you have problem? I am sorry, ever heard of opening that mouth of yours and talk to him? I get so unhappy that woman are all boohooing about guys this and that, while never ever really talking to guy in question for about 2 or 3 years of a relationship. *sighs* And sure, eventually she did talk, but it took motivation from someone else to do so (yes, we finally had a woman who understood that men are not (unlike apparent popular opinion) mind readers). 
*If your hubby just got home from work, and just wants to sit down for a bit, LET HIM. Instead of constantly getting on his case every time he got home for a busy day of work. Just let him sit for a bit, eat some dinner, and then talk about stuff (and no shouting or cursing or grunting or whatever, just normal talking). 
*All the complaining about men throughout the book, I just got so tired about it. Sure, you had some shitty experiences, and yes, sometimes men can be a bit eh, but I am sure we women also make them crazy at times. But oh no, it is all the fault of the men, obviously. *rolls her eyes*
*The part with the store and them buying clothes. Really, is it that OFFENDING when someone asks you girl or boy or tells that something is for girls? Geez Louis, people. Just buy whatever you want, do you need to make rude remarks to someone just doing her job? :|

Sometimes I don't get my own gender (aka women). 

The handwriting was a really nice touch to the book, made it more personal, but it was hard to read at times. :(

So yeah, a decent book, but it could be better without all the menbashing. 

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I am back!

Hiya everyone!


I am back, for now, posting ARC reviews starting today! 


Hopefully one day Booklikes will add an import function without stuff getting added duplicated (as happened the one time I used that function. :P)

Sad news for my followers and readers

Hi everyone!



Some sad news. 


I have seen that BL is back again, I saw an update post some time ago. But frankly.... I haven't seen any improvement. Yes, it may be too soon, but really, I had hoped by now that there would be some improvement.


The site is still laggy and slow as hell. Posts don't update. Making a post is just taking 10 minutes (first it has to load, then it is has to load some more, then some more, then when you think it is done and you start typing it eats your post because, hey, it was apparently still loading, and so on). Scrolling downwards to see if there is news? The site either doesn't want to load or it just jumps up and then you can start the whole process again.


I know I should be more patient, but really, the site has been this dreadful for quite a long time. It was the reason why I stopped adding reviews for normal books. It was the reason why I only did the sporadic ARC/Review copy review. 


But with sadness in my heart, I am going to have to leave. Maybe one day I will return, but don't count on it. I will miss BL, I will miss the site. It was an awesome site, especially in the beginning with weekly updates. There were features I hoped to see, but that never came, but at least the site worked fine, and I found some new friends. 


I will still post reviews, just not on here. You can check out my blog (for reviews, memeposts etc.) and my Goodreads (for all my bookish updates).


Thanks for the great time everyone! You are the best.