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5 Stars
ARC Review for Sticky, Stinky, Science Book

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE books about science experiments, especially those aimed at kids. I have found some very fun experiments while reading books like this, so of course I couldn’t resist this one. Plus, just look at that cover! It is just so much fun. Two kids having the best of times with an exploding experiment (warning kids, don’t do this at home :P).

And the introduction immediately sets a fun tone for the book with: “In this book, scence gets down and dirty. You’re about to dive into a world where things are STICKY; where they’re STINKY; where they are just plain messy, yucky, and disgusting. IN other words, where science is much more fun that you’d think. But guess what? Here’s the really cool part: IT’S STILL SCIENCE.”

Of course, like many other books, this one starts with slime (two times even). I was rolling my eyes at that, but slime has been a trend for a year or so now. Just like it was a trend when I was a kid. You just can’t flee from slime. But I guess I still liked it as it was going further on how slime, and later oobleck, works.

And that is how it is with each experiment. We get told what to do, and what to do in case it doesn’t work, in simple steps, and then it explains the science behind it and gives us some examples (like the bendy bone one that gave us some sharks because of their bendy skeletons).

My favourite experiment? Let’s see: Lemon Volcano! I really have to try that one myself soon.

I only skipped one, the Mould Farm. My stomach just isn’t the happiest already, and mould is just a big no no for me now.

At the end there are links to websites and a science lingo page. Definitely like that these two are added.

The book is also wonderfully illustrated with illustrations that fit the hilarious (and icky, sticky, stinky) science experiments that this book contains.

All in all, tons of fun, and I am sure kids will love this book.

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3 Stars
ARC Review for Abbott & Barley

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A father and a son (both donkeys) are on a holiday (from fishing to visiting deserts), but will they find the one spot that is special to them both where nobody has been to yet?

I have to say I was wondering a bit if this was all imagination/fantasy, as it was all very very magical. Oh you want to go swimming with whales? Sure, hold on to this jumps into the water. Oh you want to go to the moon? Sure, here let’s just convert the caravan into a rocket. It was still wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I kept waiting for a twist that this was just all storytelling.

The art was gorgeous though, and I loved that not all the pictures have text, instead relying on the images (and the comic style a few pages had) to tell the story.

The ending made me aww, it was just superduperadorable. I am happy for both of them, and I hope that they will have many more adventures in the future.

All in all, even with the magical (and a bit over the top) story, I still loved it. It was very sweet, and I liked that the father did all those things for his son.

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0 Stars
DNF ARC Review for The Meadows
I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welp, I was really curious about this book. It is almost Halloween so I was eager to read a book with horror and haunting and all that stuff. Plus I was curious about the MC and her trying to pick up her life. 

Sadly, at 46% (though I should say I read 50% of the book as I skipped to the ending) I just had to drop it. Urgh, the horror was great, it was creepy, it amazing. Sadly, I am dropping this book as the MC was just worthless. 

She is just terrible. I was all excited to see such a strong character who has big plans (and tons of money apparently) and who is working hard to get her life on the tracks. And at first she does all that, and I just loved her plans for that old (and falling apart) place. She was definitely dedicated to making it a place worth visiting. Hiring all sorts of people to help her out, making sure to rise and shine early. From that point, it was fabulous, and I was eager to read more. But then, another person appears. Scarlett's best friend, Stella. And from that point all the things went wrong. Really, her friend just got there and already they went out, and drinking. Yep. Drinking. The one thing she cannot do. The one thing she is forbidden. Yet she thinks she can just drink without a care. And you may guess what is happening now. Yep, this girl goes loose. And she keeps telling herself it is not bad, and oh hey, at least I am not using drugs. Right? But sadly, from this moment on she keeps drinking, and drinking, and drinking, and more drinking. And instead of calling for help, or having her friends help her. Her friends just enable her. Oh hey, I have some ouzo. Oh, hey we can drink a bit? Right? Oh you're such a bad influence (says the one enabling her friend to drink while they all know she shouldn't). I just got so frustrated at this. Yes, I get that it is hard to stay clean and sober and all that, but this was just ridiculous. She has been clean for months, and now she is with her friends again she is drinking left and right, even during the day.
Plus, I just got a bit tired of her attitude of not doing a thing and leaving it all to other people. I get that a ton of the work cannot be done by a newbie, but I would have loved to see her do a bit more of helping around the house. 
And, she is supposedly a writer/singer, yet we only see her do something with it once or twice, the rest of the time we are just supposed to believe she is fantastic. 
I could also probably go on about it, but I just want to forget this girl.

I had a few laughs at some of the things happening. Like the almost same conversation in just mere pages. Or the fact that Ryan apparently doesn't know about microphones/hearing stuff in helmets, which are a very normal thing, my fiance and I have this when we ride. This way we can chat normally. Or that Scarlett just blindly believes that Ryan would have brought her to a stinky, dead pool to have sex with her or whatever, and then is confused and offended when, the next day, he doesn't tell her anything. Or how Mia and Ryan are OK with the chaos but then are confused when their room is truly basic. 

Not to mention all the horror stupidity. Yup. There is tons and tons of it. It oozes out of the book. 

All in all, if the MC was better, I may even have finished the book. Because, as I said, the horror was definitely well written and I was very curious about the who's and the what's. There were tons of creepy moments that had me shivering or looking around when I heard something in my house. 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Loading Penguin Comics: Heartwarming Comics from Chibird

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

I never seen these comics before, or I should say, I have seen them before, but only as GIFs. :P So it was quite a surprise to see this one on Netgalley, and I was curious what would be in this bundle. 

Well, I certainly felt warm and fluffy and happy when I read it. This was just the book I needed in these days full of stress and worries. Which causes my self esteem to take a nosedive for the worst. This book just oozes positivity and encouragement. Of course with all the cuteness and sweetness. From penguins to ghosts to some comics featuring, what I at least assume, the artist herself. 

At times it was a bit too much, I think that this is more of a book you want to open up at random pages whenever you feel bleh and need motivation.
I really noticed that I did get a bit tired of all the: You can do it's, you are amazing after 30 pages of it. 
It is like with many things, you need the right amount of things, if it is too much you will start to dislike it.

The art is very adorable, the style fits well with the positivity and encouragement this book oozes. 

All in all, definitely a book I would recommend. Again, maybe not to read in one go, but definitely something to add to your collection to open on those hard and bleak days. 

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!!! spoiler alert !!! Review
4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Dead End (Dead (A Lot) Series)

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.


OMG, I was absolutely fangirling when I spotted this book on Netgalley. Was this the third, and final, book? Would it be finally there? What kind of ending to this series would it bring? What about the immunity thing? Would they find more people with it, what about those who didn't have immunity, is there a cure for them?


Plus, it has been 2 years, would I be able to read it without a hitch? I tried the other books, but found I could remember quite a few things, so I decided to just take the step and head into the third book. Very quickly, just after a few pages, it was as if I had never left. The world totally took me back, back to Necropoxy, to Tripp and Trina. To Diana's plans.


The book starts were we left our group, at the Walmart, just after all the crap happened in the previous book. Tripp and his friends are on for a new mission, one I definitely wasn't approving of, but I could imagine they would go for it. They want to find Diana and tell her to stop hunting them, she has found the cure. But as the kids go on a trip to find Diana, and to keep the adults safe, they find out more than they may ever want to know.


Something we also saw in the previous book, and is even more highlighted in this book, I would say it is one of the main themes. Diana wants to make a perfect world. If you are fat? Asian/African/anything not white? Gay? Handicapped (Mentally or physically)? Old? You are out, you are nothing to her. It was quite saddening to see our characters find that out, to see that while Tripp and Trina would be good for that world, all their friends wouldn't. All the people they love wouldn't. It is just so painful. And it must have hurt so much when those not-good-for-Diana found out. That they were just left for dead. Which made me dislike Diana even more than I already did. She was already a horrible person, a villain, but with this? That woman has no conscience.


SPOILER ALERT >>> Dorcas is still alive! Yippee! I was so so worried when that happened in the previous book, and so I am happy that all they did was hit a pot of jam (mm!). Of course Dorcas gave those soldiers hell, go go her! <<<END OF SPOILER


There is also tons of romance, between Jimmy and Trina, between Prianka and Tripp. I have to say my favourite coupling is still Prianka and Tripp. Mostly because I still can't totally stand Jimmy all the time. I just loved how these two got closer, and during one moment Tripp realised something very important, which made me so happy.


I also loved seeing Tripp grow to be more mature. He was watching his words, he is being kinder, knowing when to say something and when to just shut his trap.

I loved all the things that happened in this book. The plans to make sure Diana wouldn't be able to do anything any more (in a very surprising way even), Felicia who turns out to be OK in a way (though we could do without the cawing), new characters appear, temples filled with zombies.


The ending? Mm, It is why I didn't give this book a 5 star. It was the plan all along to do it, but then the ending came along and I was just so disappointed. SPOILER ALERT >>> Yes, I could understand that they may not want to have killed her, it would make them as bad as she is, but to just do nothing? To just leave her there? And then there is the whole, what happened to the people in those camps? What about the soldiers? What if Diana makes it out all right and will get back to doing crap? Give us an epilogue! Give us more conclusion! <<<END OF SPOILER


I am sad this series is over, but I am dang happy I read them all. Even with a slight disappointing ending, I still loved the series. I would recommend it if you love character growth, some romance, humour, and zombies. Tons of zombies.


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3 Stars
ARC Review for Kawaii Doodle Cuties: Sketching Super-Cute Stuff from around the World

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Another fun and cute Kawaii Doodle book, how could I resist it when I saw it on Netgalley?

As the book says this one is all about cute stuff from around the world!

The first chapter is all about adorable (really, how could you eat them) food from all over the world. Pretzels from Germany, Tamales from Mexico, and Dumplings from China. And that is just a few of them! They look all delicious and adorable. And then there are chapters about architecture, clothes, daily cute stuff. There is something for everyone.

I have to say at times I found the doodles a bit well.. boring, and weird. Like a skirt? With eyes? Or the Eifel Tower with eyes? Eh? Why? It wasn’t even cute, nor do I think it was that fun. Plus I found it weird that some clothes didn’t get an extra character (human or beast) to it, but others did.

The doodles looked quite complicated at times, though the author did their best to explain everything as best as they could.

Just like the other Kawaii Doodle book I read this one has coloring pages that also double as puzzle pages. Can you find all the cuties?

So cute, adorable, and sweet, though at times also far fetched and a bit weird (again, a skirt with eyes, or a windmill).

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Crush by Svetlana Chmakova

I received this book from publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

As I said in my review for the previous book, I was hoping this one would be about Jorge, and look! Look! It is! Yay!!! fangirls

Jorge is so adorable, how he is trying to be all like: Oh nobody got time for all that dating stuff and blabla. We are on a mission to stop bullying and the like. Then he spots Jazmine and gets totally flustered! Adorable!!!!!! And that is how it goes every time he sees her, or if she talks to him. He just goes into the zone (which reminded me of scenes of manga/anime with swoony romance), and I just loved it. Of course, I was quickly (very quickly, like after one scene of that) rooting for Jorge and her to get together, or at least give Jorge the chance to confess. Go Jorge! Sadly, we find out that Jazmine has a boyfriend! SHOCK! Poor Jorge, he finally had worked up the courage to talk to Jazmine, and then finds out she is taken!

Haha: “Do I… like Jazmine?” Yes, sir, you do. And quite a lot given the way your acting. Face the music, and welcome to love!

And so, the story continues, we see Jorge navigate the treacherous ways of school, and still falling madly in love with Jazmine (he is noticing her everywhere).

Ahhhhhhh, adorable! He just asked her! YAYYYYYYY! Well, OK, to the ball, but it is a start! YAYYYYYY! Finally dating! I don’t consider that a spoiler, come on, it was obvious. Even with the whole boyfriend at first, I just knew that they would end up together. Eep! I just love how well they fitted together, and I was delighted to see the little things they did to spend time together.

Plus, good job Jorge, for acting normal when your girlfriend cuts her hair. Given how tons of other people reacted, which I found really stupid, but then again, I know from personal experience how people act when girls have short hair. :|

Of course, he is not alone in this book. We also have Garrett and Liv. I do have to be honest and say that I didn’t like how they bickered quite a few times during the book. But thankfully they also show enough times that they are the best of friends. They were quite fun together, bantering.

Liv was a pretty OK character, she has her heart in the right place, though she should be a bit tactful about things (like eating lunch with your current boyfriend while your ex is at the same table… is not what you want to do). But she does have an amazing superpower of getting people to join or do things, which is pretty nice!

We also see that she has some troubles with her current boyfriend. Of course, we only see her side of the story, so who knows what Marcus’ story is, but still I wanted, just like Jorge, to destroy Liv. Hello, a relationship works from two sides. You can’t just expect her to go with you to stuff, but then find her needy when she wants you and her to go the ball.

Garrett, a new addition to the school, in his previous school he was quarterback, but here? He can’t even play much as there is already a star player who gets all the play time. I didn’t get why he was so hot about James, I just thought that dude was a skeezeball. But I guess he wanted to be in the group, and people do silly things to be in a group.

Zeke? Jazmine’s boyfriend? Sorry, but what? I liked him at times, but it is true what Jorge said, he does seem to have 2 sides to himself. We see one of that in the corridor (when Jorge saves him), and then later at the party (what a crappy move, you don’t do that to your girlfriend). Thankfully, Jazmine isn’t happy either, and it seems that some stuff happened before. I was glad to see him out of the picture.

James? Please just fall off a cliff and disappear. What a disgusting piece of insert lots of expletives Especially nearing the ending when he did that to Jorge.

I hated that everyone just believed that Jorge would do those things. Really? Guys? Like, you know this dude, you know how hard he tries to make sure everyone is happy and not being bullied. You saw him with Jazmine, you saw him with other girls. And then you just believe that? Not thinking about how technology isn’t always to be trusted. Anyone can pretend to be someone. Anyone can hack if they really want it. But I guess, kids are just dumb in that way. :{

The whodunnit? Aka the one who was posting as Jorge, well, I was quite shocked. What a dick move.

The ending made me smile so so much! It was just the best way to end this book. A bit of drama, but also happiness and love.

I loved the extra info at the ending, especially how the cover was picked. I am happy that they picked the cover that is now in use. That one just fits the best with this story. How Jorge only sees her, even though his friends are there, even though there is chaos. So sweet!

All in all, I am hoping we get a new graphic novel, featuring another character. Maybe Brooke? Or Nic? And I would highly, very highly, recommend this one!

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3.5 Stars
ARC Review for Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey Vol.1

I received this comic (or maybe half-manga) from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas and so I was very much excited when I spotted this one on Netgalley.

This one chronicles the adventures of Zero, the adorable ghost dog of Jack Skellington (eeeeee!). We see how Jack is once again struggling to come up with something for Halloween (I say again, though at that time I didn't know this one was a brand-new story, but later on we get confirmation through a story told by someone in Winter/Christmas town, that this one takes place after the movie), Zero is trying all he can to cheer up his owner, which I found adorable! Pets really feel that their owners need some love and care (my hamsters also do the same). Sadly, things go from awww to OMG as Zero get outside and gets lost! 

I just loved seeing Christmas/Winter Town again, and also loved that they had forgiven all that Jack (and the monsters) did (though they do seem to have some leftover resentment). I am happy that Zero was able to find someone who took him in and that they could help him out. 

Of course, Zero isn't the only character we see, we also get to see how Jack is faring now that Zero has left, how the town is doing (eeeeee, seeing all my favourite characters again and of course that awesome town). Poor Jack though, he is seeing that he did neglect Zero with all his busy Halloween planning. 

I was a bit confused, Zero seemed such a nice pup, but as soon as the story told by the lady who took him in is over, he gets to all sorts of naughty things. Eating food, creating mischief, and other things. 

I thought this one would be a single volume, but given the ending I am guessing there is going to be more of Zero's journey. On the one hand I am sad, on the other hand, this means I will have much more NBC to read! Yay! 

The Cover Gallery and Concept Gallery were such nice additions! 

The art was pretty nicely done, I really love the style, it fits so well with the NBC world that I know and love from Tim Burton. 

All in all, I hope that the second volume will come out soon, I need to know if that trio can get Zero back (without too much naughtiness), if Zero can escape, and if everyone can find their way home again. I can't wait for Jack and Zero to reunite again. 

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Undercover Man: Harlequin Manga by Hibiki Sakuraya, Merline Lovelace

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The 4th out of 5 Harlequin Manga, and by far the most boring. Really, I practically fell asleep reading this one. For many reasons. Characters were bland, the story was weird and boring, the romance, what romance? I guess the art was good, though I wasn’t a big fan of Paige’s design.

In this one Paige discovers that her fiance/boyfriend is hiding something, and it is something big, he is working for a secret agency directly under the president. I can imagine that the girl is pissed about it, not that he does this work, but that he is keeping it a secret. Yes, I understand why he is hiding it, but then again, this isn’t good for your relationship. Maybe, just maybe, he could have at least let her know he was indeed doing something special on the side, but can’t tell her. Yet. So throughout the book we not only have the mission, but also David and Paige trying to figure out where they stand. Paige doesn’t want to be engaged to him due to him keeping secrets and being distant, David is finding out that Paige may look frail but can also be something totally different.

Paige wants to show David that she can be awesome and she isn’t as frail as she looks. She agrees to help him out on a mission. Now this all sounds pretty dang good, but sadly it is all boring as hell.

The villain, and how the mission progresses, ughhhh. It was just one big James Bond movie thing, all the cliches included.

David, honey, please, just don’t wear your glasses. :P

The ending, with the wedding and what happened before that, I quite liked it. Happy that our pair is happy again, and I hope they learned to talk about their differences/take time to talk. I did think it was kind of nice what they did for Henri, though I do wonder if it was the best idea.

All in all, not sure if I would recommend this one. Now, one Harlequin Manga left, hoping it is better than this one.

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3.5 Stars
ARC Review for Playing the Dutiful Wife by Takako Hashimoto, Carol Marinelli

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The 5th and final Harlequin Manga I requested at Netgalley, I have tried stretching out reading them, but I still devoured them. Hopefully a new batch will make its way to Netgalley. crosses fingers

Meet Meg, a simplistic girl who, after having a hot dude next to her in the airplane, get married to him so they can have sex (because he is sooooo good with his hands and makes her come while they are flying). Yuuuupppp coughs, isn’t it brilliant? Oh, you make me feel so good, but, no we cannot have sex until marriage. OK, let’s get married. Instantly. Oh, and the next day? Screwed over (but no worries, he has got an excuse, though it will take a year for him to tell it). I knew that was coming as soon as they dived into the idea and into bed. I have nothing against waiting until marriage, but this was just ridiculous. That is not how no sex before marriage works. :| Also, who doesn’t use a condom. Hello? Think of all the things you can get, too many.

So now, Meg is a completely grumpy girl who hates planes and guys. Oh, but I need to mention that she didn’t even divorce the guy. Yep, she is carrying her ring and certificate around (as I can’t imagine she just keeps it in her desk all the time).

And then it got even sillier, and I was just laughing so much! OMG. That plot, really, how can you take this serious? Even later, and I am sure I should be shocked, but I just saw that twist coming for miles. I was even thinking it took quite long!

Even though the plot was ridiculous, I was shipping Meg and Niklas like crazy. I knew that even though Niklas was a grumpy insert some mean words he was also a good guy, we just had to dive deeper in the story to see that.

The art… well, it wasn’t my favourite. Some characters looked wonderful (Niklas), but some just looked terrible (Meg). The romance scenes were done pretty dang nicely though.

All in all, this was much better than the previous Harlequin Manga I read, it was still silly, but it was good silly. And there was romance that I liked.

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1.5 Stars
ARC Review for Timothy Top #1 by Gud

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Frankly, I have no freaking idea what just happened. Before I knew it the book was over and I was left with questions. Like where did the hog come from? How did Timothy get his powers? What are his powers (as it seems they don’t do much except shiny pretty light and maybe grow a few plants)? What was up with the villain and why was it necessary to add a small backstory? Why did the parents speak in dingbats (I really thought my copy was wrong, and then I noticed it was only the parents when they argued who had the dingbats)? Why aren’t the parents seeking help? Don’t they see they are hurting their kids? What is up with that teacher at school? Why is everyone so mean towards Timothy? And yes, I could go on.

The idea is fun, a boy who is normally very average gets superpowers and has to save the local park from being destroyed by some weird looking guy (and we can clearly see that love makes blind). In the mean time he also has to deal with bullying at school (both from the teacher and the students) and his home situation is also not the best (his parents constantly fight/are tired).

I flew through this book, also because there wasn’t always text, or when there was text there wasn’t much. This book heavily relies on its illustrations to tell the tale.

But as I said I just couldn’t make sense of anything. I could see what happened, but for some reason it just didn’t click together. It just seemed like a big dream-like/rambling rant.

The illustrations were pretty OK-ish. They did fit the weirdness and wth is going on of the book.

I probably won’t be reading the second book when it comes out.

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5 Stars
ARC Review for The Nightmare Before Dinner by Zach Neil

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Eeeeeeeeeeeep! That is my reaction when I spotted this book on Netgalley. I am an absolutely fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I just love Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, and also some other Tim Burton movies. I just had to have this one and read it. See what kind of recipes there would be!

I didn’t even know there was a Tim Burton/Salvador Dali-inspired restaurant. Too bad I am not in the US, or I would have gone and visit, all these foods do sound delicious! And yes, I could make them myself, now at least, but I would also like to taste how a real chef makes these.

We start off with sauces (as expected, that is the one thing most cookbooks start with), and then slowly build up to the main course. If I wasn’t hungry already, well, those main courses would have made me hungry. Dang, they all sound so delightfully delicious.

I loved the introductions to each recipe, especially those with references to movies or horror stuff.

Nice that they added a Go Vegan! option. I am not vegan myself, but I still love it when cooking books go the extra mile to add something like this.

I am delighted that most of the recipes don’t use nuts. I have read many cookbooks and so many have nuts in them, this one just has a couple of them, and mostly it means almond milk, which I will be replacing with normal milk.

The recipes are all clear and easy to follow. Sometimes even with tips to make things easier or to change certain ingredients.

I was already wondering what the last chapter would be about, and but it is all about themed parties! With what recipes go well with the party, what kind of items would be best to decorate everything with. I loved it!

All in all, this was a delight! I am quite hungry now.

3 Stars
ARC Review for Dictionary of Dinosaurs Dieter Braun, Matthew G Baron

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I normally don’t really request or get dinosaur books any more due to how they look these days. Sorry, I have grown up with a few bird-like dinosaurs (because they were always that), but now more and more of my favourite dinosaurs are changing to overgrown turkeys/chickens. Not a favourite. Maybe if I was a kid I would think it is cool, but yeah, I am an adult, and I prefer my dinosaurs to be scary lizards.

But I couldn’t resist this one, the illustrations looked too gorgeous, and before I knew what happened my hand clicked on the request button.

I can understand them not giving all the dinosaurs an image, but come on, at least give them all a description and a height in comparison with humans part. Now I noticed that I just kind of zoomed in on the ones that did have descriptions and illustrations and just forgot to read the rest (no worries, I read everything in the end).

3 Stars
ARC Review for Craving Jamie by Emma Darcy, Keiko Okamoto

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The second of 5 new Harlequin manga that were up on Netgalley. I had a bit of a laugh at the title, but still couldn’t resist clicking the request button when I saw this one.

Beth and Jamie, two people who had grown inseparable when they were younger (kids and later teens), Beth had to leave and they promised that they would meet again. Jamie promised he would be successful and make Beth a happy woman. Cue back to 15 years later, and it seems that only one of the two has remembered the promise to meet up, the promise to be together.

I felt sorry for Beth, it seems she has been looking for Jamie all over, finally meeting him, and the dickwad doesn’t remember her. I so didn’t like Jamie. He was cocky, icky, and come on, not every woman interested in you is going to be your sexual conquest. Sadly, and I really didn’t like that Beth did it, though I guess I can understand why, she goes with him and just proves once again that Jamie can do anything he wants and will get whatever he wants.

Unlike the other book the sex scene is a bit more graphic, plus I liked it even less than the previous manga’s sex scene. It was just not something of love.

Throughout the story we see flashbacks to how Jamie and Beth met each other, how Jamie got to live in the same village as Beth, and how they grew closer and closer. I am glad the author added this, as really, if we would only see the now parts, I would probably just want to kick Jamie in the nuts.

I am sure that it was meant dramatically, but sorry, I just laughed so much about that morning after they had sex. Dramarama, so much drama. snorts Eat that Jamie, and really, maybe you should just have asked her name instead of being a drama queen (which also continues later on)?

Of course it doesn’t end there, oh heavens no, we still got 60 pages left. :P The drama will intensify and let’s not forget to add another sex scene (which I at first didn’t like).

And really, all that dumb shit could have been prevented, but heaven forbid if people for once talked about things. Oh no, let’s assume, let’s fucking assume. rolls her eyes Dear Lord.

But the ending was sure sweet, and I am very happy for everyone in this story.

The art was just wonderful, it really fitted the story well, and I just adore how well drawn Jamie and Beth were.

So all in all, I did enjoy this book, even though it was silly and dramarama, it still had some good moments, and a sweet ending.

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3 Stars
ARC Review for Mistaken for a Mistress by Jacqueline Baird, Marito Ai
I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

And the third Harlequin manga! I am devouring my way through the 5 that were just added to Netgalley! Sure, they are filled with drama, but there is also romance, and I just adore that each one has a different mangaka drawing the story!

So, in this one we have a girl, who is mistaken for someone’s mistress. Yep. Doing research? Why would you? Because if you did we wouldn’t have this hilarious story. If they had done research they would have instantly known that the little kid was her brother, and it was her mother who was the mistress. :P Plus, come on, she is like 30? Maybe younger? How do they even think she is her mom? I had quite a laugh that she just went along with it. GO girl! I was kind of curious to see how far she would take it, and how long it would take them to find out who she actually was. Ah, I couldn’t wait. grabs popcorn for that inevitable drama that is going to happen

Can I say that I was disgusted with how everyone treated the girl, or I should say their thoughts about her mother and her position as mistress. :|

Yes~ Yes~ The drama can start now that FINALLY someone noticed it. Haha, I just loved everyone’s reactions to it.

After that I kind of tuned out. There was just too much blablabla and too little romance for my liking. Thankfully around page 100 there is a change, and boy, I loved it!

The Contessa, what an absolute insert some mean words person she is. Bah. Disgusting.

The story definitely picked up, and that ending swoons that was just so sweet and gorgeous.

The art was pretty decent, I say that, because the adults look all perfectly fine, but Paul, the little kid, looked more like a chibi, and at times his proportions were a bit weird.

All in all, it was a bit bland/boring at times, but there were times that I really enjoyed myself. In comparison with the other two I read this one was pretty tame. :)

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Super Chill by Adam Ellis

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, I laughed so so much. And not just me, I also whatsapped my fiance with some of the comics and I dare to bet people have looked at him funnily given his reaction back to me. :P

I have read a few Adam Ellis comics, but only a few. So I was pretty dang excited to see a whole book of them. And boy, they are so good.

The comics are about a variety of things, from student loans (Nobody cares!), going to Japan (Gudetama and relating to that little egg dude), moms and their obsession with keeping gift paper intact, anxiety (really, don't eat that xanax bar), to cats (so many cats) and self-esteem. But there are tons more. Most are hilarious, but some made me feel a bit sad (even if I also laughed a few times, which made me unsure if I should laugh). One of my favourites, and maybe I should bring that to my dentist the next time, was the dentist comic. Yes, if you hack and saw so much in my mouth of course I will bleed! Dang it!

I just loved seeing Dami Lee in them as well. She is another artist that I follow and read comics of, and it was so fun to go: OMG, is that Dami? It must be! The pink shirt, the egg, the hair! Nice!

The art? Well, I already knew his art, but it was fabulous to see it again. I just adore how he does backgrounds (so many details).

All in all, I hope Adam Ellis will make more art/comics. I would definitely recommend this book if you want to laugh your butt off.

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