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2.5 Stars
ARC Review for Mason Jar Science

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was really interested in this one, I wanted to see what cool things they were going to do with mason jars, and the first part (with slimes and all that) was great, but after that?

I just lost my interest. Not only because the experiments were kind of boring, but because I have already read about experiments like this. Tornado in a jar? Check. Ecosystem? Check. Caterpillars? Check. Making a Stalactite? Check. Making candy? Check. And I could go on. I just wished they would pick some new experiments, I am sure there are tons of them out there and it is just a shame that they picked those that are featured heavily already in so many books. I am sure there are tons of new (and more interesting) experiments they could have featured, especially with so many Youtube videos doing a lot of awesome stuff.

But the slimes were fun, though I still think it is funny that it is coming back again, slimes were also popular when I was a kid, though we generally didn’t use the ingredients the kids use these days. :P

Plus I did think it was a bit of a shame that some ingredients, but also one or so experiments are just impossible if you live in the EU. Hummingbirds? Sorry, I have only seen them in documentaries or in books, and maybe in the zoo (not sure about that though). Several ingredients are probably found here, but it is hard and would require a lot of asking around, and I have no clue what alternatives would fit. Same goes for measurements or temperatures, I would have to calculate those as well as I am living in a country that uses Metric and Celsius (oh wait, almost everyone uses Celsius :P). There is a chart at the end of the book, but I do think it is easier to just grab my phone or computer instead of flipping back and forth between that page. But it is nice that they at least added a chart, so props to that.

I did like that the information was clear, the steps (along with photos) were nice and easy to follow along, I also liked that we got some extra information that explains the experiments some more. Plus there were also some fun facts that fit with the experiments.

And kudos to the fact that almost all these experiments can be done without adult supervision. I know that, as a kid, I also much more preferred to do my own thing, and not have an adult hang around to help/do stuff. Kids can just try these on their own.

But yeah, I had higher expectations. I am not too sure if I would recommend it. It was fun, but again, I would like to see some newer experiments instead of so many of the same ones.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Luna The Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid
I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I was delighted that I had the chance to read this book, because it was oh so adorable! It is about a little pig named Luna (named because she was born under the moon) and how she is about to go to a brand-new family. 

The book shows us two sides, mostly it is about Luna, about how she feels when she is taken away from her mother, how she tries to adapt to her new situation with her new family, and how eventually she escapes and goes on a wonderful, but confusing journey to find her mom again. But we also see Maria's side, the little girl who got Luna as her new pet. She just adores pigs, and I loved that. Most kids just love cats and dogs, the standard kind of pet, but Maria? Maria loves pigs and she won't have anyone tell her that having a pig as a pet is weird (go girl!). I loved how she selected Luna, and how much she loved and cared for her. 

Luna's journey was pretty heartbreaking. She gets lost, she feels lonely, but on her journey she finds new friends, and they help her figure out things, guide her along the way, talk with her. And yes, I have to say at times I just was sniffling as it was quite sad. Especially later when Luna realises a few new things about her new family. 

I felt sorry for Maria, she was just so so worried when Luna disappeared. 

Of course, you can guess the ending, and I am sure that everyone, just like me, will love it. Happy for Luna, happy for Maria, and cheering for Maria when she unveiled her project about her little pig.

The art was actually the only thing that wasn't entirely my cup of tea. It just felt a bit too much like someone had cut up some photographs and traced lines over it. :( It just isn't my style. Sorry. Though there was one exception, and that was how Luna was done at times, she was just so cute with those big eyes of hers. 

All in all, this was one adorable, sweet, beautiful book, and I liked it oh so much. I would recommend it. 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Fed-Up Cow

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. 

Hilda is fed-up at being a cow, and what does one do then? Try something new! I just had to try out this book when I got the offer from the author. I could always use more cow books in my life, especially ones where the cows try something totally new and different. Like De Koe die in een boom klom, another cow who decided to just do something totally different. :)

Say hello to Hilda. A pretty cow, but she is not happy with anything about her body. Not her spots, not the fact she is only there for milking. So she spots a different animal, at first sheeps, and decides that life as a sheep must be fun. After all they have white curly hair, get a haircut, and more! You can imagine the chaos that happens as Hilda tries to be a sheep instead of a cow. 

But that isn't the only animal she tries out, oh no, she tries all sorts of animals, and with each one I was laughing harder, but also feeling sad that Hilda felt so bad about her body. That she couldn't accept it. 

I am very much happy with the ending and how everything ended for Hilda. And no, I won't spoil what happened, you will just have to read the book!

A beautiful, funny, with a bit of repetition book about acceptation and every body is good as it is. :)

The art? I definitely liked it, I especially loved seeing all the things that Hilda did to change into a certain animal. 

I would recommend this book to everyone. 

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Little Moments of Love

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

This just looked too adorable, too cute, and I just had to read it. Plus I always love reading about cute couples doing cute things.

I believe I may have read a few of these comics before, her artstyle seems familiar as are a few of the comics I read! No clue where I found them, maybe Twitter.

This comic tells us of the daily life of Catana and her boyfriend and how much they love each other. It was really way too adorable and cute, but at times I couldn't help but laugh at a few scenes. They really are so sweet together.

Not only that, there were also quite a few things that were relatable/recognisable to me. Like the buttsense (a very very important sense to have), but also stealing his clothes, having to ask him to bend down so I can kiss him (we have a 32/33cm difference). And also things like when we first started dating and how it is now after years are things I also do/wonder about/makes me happy. I just love it while reading books/comics that I can say: OMG we do the same thing! OMG that is the same for me!. :) It definitely makes me love something even more.

The art is the only thing I am not sure about. Not saying it is bad! Not at all, but, arghh, I am not sure how to say this the right way. I think it may have to do with the giant round eyes. :P

All in all this is one cute as heck comic book and I would definitely recommend it to everyone in need for some love, romance, and cuteness!

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Melowy Vol.1: The Test of Magic
I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

Well… sadly I can’t be very positive about this book. I am very disappointed. It seemed like such a fun book and I was happy that it was a Read Now on Netgalley. I was looking forward to reading it, but now I wish I hadn’t. :(

For one this is volume 1, but it felt more like a volume 5 or 6 in a series to me. We jump right in the story, get a very short introduction on the characters and that is it. We hear them talk like they are best friends forever, we hear about other adventures. I just couldn’t click with any character because of this. It felt like I was peeking a day in the adventures of a group of very close friends.

Next up is the weirdness/was it really meant to be drawn like this? These girls are unicorns/pegasus. They dance/walk on two legs, but also move on four legs, or on 3 of them. They sit in chairs like humans do, but then in other parts of the story they are being very much horsey. In the end I was just laughing when they suddenly got up on two legs from walking/flying on 4 legs. I guess I have to go for a serious case of it is all magic, and let’s not ask any questions as to why these girls are walking around on four legs mostly, but then dance and do other things on two legs…
I guess the same could be said about clothes. Why are some of them wearing tops and others are just wearing skirts… And some are just wearing everything. 

The test they had to do? It was frankly boring, and maybe I would have been more interested if I had a proper introduction to the characters. If I had the chance to actually get to know them more than just casual “these are their names and kingdoms”.

As for the art. I can see it has potential (well with the exception of how the unicorns/pegasus look they just look a bit like play-do creations), but sadly due to Netgalley stuff the art is also blurry/grainy.

And of course there is also a mean girl and a villain. No fantasy story or school story could be without one it seems. 

So yeah, not for me, sadly. I was definitely hoping I would find a new series to enjoy, but this just isn’t it.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Today I'll be a Unicorn

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I am normally not a big fan of the Unicorn/Heavenly Nostrils comics, but I just couldn't resist this one. It looked just too cute to ignore, plus I wanted to see the girl get to be a unicorn!

The book tells us all about the little girl, how she dons a tail and a magic horn (tail stuck to her middle, horn is a headband with some cute ears and flowers) and then goes to prance around the fields, just like a unicorn. There are rainbows, sparkles, and more! But is being a unicorn really that fun? Haha, I am not going to tell you, but I do know that I was totally agreeing with the girl at the end.

The book is quite short, just 12/14 pages, but it is packed with cuteness, glitter, colours and more! The art really shines in this one.

It was definitely a very fun and cute read that I would recommend to everyone. Unicorn lovers unite!

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for The Doughnut Fix
I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I have eaten my nommy dougnut I am ready to write my review! After a bumpy start, I fell in love with this book and I had a lot of fun reading it. Though I definitely got hungry because of it. :P 

Tris/Jax was a fun character, and I was delighted how sweet he was (well, mostly, but then again, siblings don't always go well together) to his sisters. Even later when he had to babysit Zoe on an important day he did it with love (and some threats that she didn't get any doughnuts or fairy dust). Plus he was such a fun character, I loved his project and how dedicated he was to making it work. How he made a plan, found suppliers, bribed the lady to give the recipe (with chocolate cake), talked with her, and more. Often a character may give up, but this guy? He just kept going even when it wasn't easy or when he got angry at his plan having faults. 
I felt sorry for him and how his friendship with Charlie went and ended. I saw it from the beginning that their friendship was breaking, but it still broke my heart. It mustn't be easy for him, and at first he seemed to be denying that it was happening, but thankfully he later saw that he should just give up. Sometimes that is the best one can do. 
It was very fun to see him get used to the tiny village and his new home. 

I was a bit worried about Jeanine. I am generally not a fan of overly smart girls. Not because they are smart, oh no, not at all, I am delighted with smart characters. But sadly, most smart characters are also obnoxious, will keep on proving their point, will correct people even when they don't want to be corrected, and do I need to go on? While Jeanine had a few moments that had me frown, I mostly really liked her, and she did some really nice things for her brother. I just adored it when she started climbing trees following some sort of formula. :P 

Zoe, the little sister, again, like Jeanine I was wondering if I would like the girl. Sometimes little sisters can be annoying, but in fact I was mostly laughing at Zoe and her antics. She is a headstrong little girl. 

I am not too sure how I felt about the parents not really giving the kids a choice in moving. They just told them they have a new home, and good luck with that. I get that the parents have the final say in these matters, but I did feel it was a bit weird they didn't tell the kids anything and just bought the house. And then later that they didn't let the kids go to school. I get that they have reasons for it, but I found it a bit silly. Especially for someone like Jeanine, she is already missing the special classes, and then you tell her no school, but she can do a project? Why not have some special program for her so she can keep on studying without going bonkers about it. 
Plus that they didn't see that their kids weren't happy. Sorry, if my kids are walking around like zombies, and my littlest one is biting people or doing all sorts of other stuff? I would definitely not ignore it and talk with them, or try to help them out. 
Plus what was up with the dad? He was kind of weird at times. 

I was a bit confused why Tris kept switching between Jax and Tris. Later I got that he had two names, but why does he go between them? I have 3 first names myself and sorry, I only use the one that is first. 

I would have loved to see what recipes would be included at the end, chocolate cream doughnut? Please? Or something else delicious? Like those lava cakes? Please? 

The ending was fabulous, yay for Tris and Josh! 

All in all, this book was oh so much fun, and I was so happy for Tris, that he found a place to belong, and not only that, but he also found a good friend (and not a crappy one like Charlie), and he now has a business with all sorts of yummy treats (and thanks to his sister he can sell other things as well). I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! Though be warned, you may get hungry because of all the doughnut and food talk (Tris is not the only one making food, his mom is also cooking for her new restaurant). 

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for This is a Taco

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 


"Kids, remember: If you want tacos in your story, then YOU make sure there are tacos in your story."

I just LOVE tacos (though I am not sure if I love them as much as Taco the squirrel in this book) and so I had to try out this book. Boy, I am hungry for tacos now. Too bad I can't just get/make a taco at this moment. Argh. So warning to all, be sure to have tacos with you when reading because you will want some after reading. 

So I first thought that this book would just be a simple picture book about squirrel named Taco who loves Tacos with all sorts of facts about squirrels, instead it is MUCH more. It is a fun fourth wall breaking kind of book where the squirrel takes over the story when he realises that there are a) no tacos in the near future (even though he signed up because tacos were promised) and b) when a hawk swoops down to nomnom on our squirrel. I totally agreed with the little dude, I would have done the same. I didn't sign up to be abused (and eaten) like this! I came for tacos (and squirrels). 

I loved how Taco took over the story and how he made it a story that fitted him so much better (and yummier). I loved seeing him cross out words and write new ones, or jumping in between the pages to fix/stop stuff. 

The art was pretty decent, I quite like the style. I love the expressions on Taco's face (from his face when he flew through the air, to when he found his tacos). Pluspoints to the deliciously drawn tacos. *stomach rumbles*

All in all, this is one tacotastic book I would recommend. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Super Late Bloomer: My Early Days in Transition

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I have been following Julia Kaye for quite some time now, first on Webtoons around 2015 and later on Twitter when she stopped her Webtoon (which I still think is sad, but I can totally understand the whys).

So most of the comic is not new to me as she has been posting them on Twitter regularly, but I still very much wanted to read them all again. See how it all began. See the process of transitioning, changing her name and getting assigned the right gender, make-up, shaving woes, moments of doubt, misgendering (please people… it is not that hard), and much more. At times I was just tearing up, not only during the sadder moments, but also tears of happiness for her.

I still love her art, it is also very fun to see how much they improved. Not saying they were bad, but these days they are even prettier.

I am happy that I had the opportunity to read these comics bundled as an ARC, I will be buying the book when it comes out in May, I need to have this comic on my bookshelves.

I would like to talk more about the book, but I am still worried that I may say something wrong/make a mistake, so I will just keep it to what I have written so far. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just ADORE Ancient Egypt and so I was really eager to read this one when I spotted it on Netgalley. And after reading it? I want more of the Binkertons, I want more travels, I want to go to that bookstore myself and experience such a journey.

The story begins with our siblings being bored during the vacation, but that all changes when their youngest sibling runs into a bookstore. A weird bookstore with all sorts of travel information, and a suspicious old man. As chaos erupts the brother opens up a book about Egypt, and that is how the journey begins.

The book shows us the adventures of the siblings (though mostly the sisters as the brother is quickly shipped off to help with pyramid building) in Egypt. Almost each page of comic is accompanied a page of the the book they have to read so the adventure can end. Yep, they have to read the book in order for their adventure to be over. Watch our siblings search for their brother while experiencing all there is about Egypt. From food (beer as drinks) to hairstyles and crocodiles. And let's not forget about the pyramids and other cultural things. All this while they read the book (which causes some hilarious scenes as we see them run around with the book in their hands).

At times the book parts were a bit distracting, and at times it felt like one had to read the book pages before the comic pages, but in overall I quite liked them. Especially the way they were written. It mixes seriousness + comedy in a great way.

I didn't like the youngest sister, Libby. Dear heavens, that kid was annoying. Running off everywhere, bringing her siblings into trouble. Not only with the bookstore (though I have to think in the end they did quite like the journey even if it was one full of spears and heat), but also many times in the story.

The art for the comics was pretty decent. Not entirely a style I like, but it fitted pretty well with the story.

All in all, I want more adventures for the Binkertons. I would recommend this one.

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4 Stars
Wolf Sanctuary: The Wolves of Speedwell Forge - Chuck Rineer

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just adore wolves, we don’t have them here (though I believe they are slowly returning though), so the only chances to see wolves are at the zoo and in books/on tv. So when I spotted this book, promising lots of wolves and photographs, I just had to request it. And yay, for getting accepted!

When I first started I was a bit worried this would contain tons of text. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading (duh), and I love learning about wolves, but I mostly wanted this book for the photographs of wolves. :P Sometimes there are days when you just want visual instead of words.
But thankfully the texts soon got less and less, instead it became more and more photography, and I was delighted.

Of course the text parts were also interested to read, I especially took a liking to the caption under the photographs (when they were there).

The wolves were beautiful, gorgeous, though I have to say seeing them snarling and fangs out made me terrified. Yes, I know that wolves aren’t to be messed with (doesn’t everyone?), but most photographs focus on the cuteness, the fluffiness, the playfulness and then there was a whole chapter featuring them with fangs bared and lots of scariness radiating from the photographs.

I definitely enjoyed this book, it was lovely. The quality of the photographs is high (though I have to say some looked photoshopped).
All in all, if you are a fan of wolves I would recommend you read this book!

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5 Stars
ARC Review for Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, OMG, OMG, this was even better than I had hoped/dreamed it would be. I had heard about this one through twitter earlier, and I was already hyped. And then I spotted it on Netgalley.

Meet Jesse, Noah, Tony, and Kate. 4 teenagers stuck in fat camp. Yep, fat camp. But this year will be a whole lot more than losing weight, there is a murderer walking around, what is their plan, who is going to die next? These kids are going to solve it and find out who the murderer is!

I just love how the story was written. How directly from the start I had the feeling something was up. There are all sorts of hints thrown around even before the murder actually happens! I just adore that, sometimes books just go happy go lucky and then BOOM, murder. But now it was even more exciting as I was already trying to figure out the whodunnit from the start. :P

The four characters? I have to say Jesse was my absolute favourite (fashion girl, plus I just had a laugh how she had both her phone and candy hidden), followed by Noah (so shy and cute), Kate (what is up with this girl, she is hiding something and I love her strong attitude), Tony (addicted to the net + I just adore how hard he is trying to lose weight). I loved how these 4 got together and became very close very fast. How, even though they were scared as hell, they still went on to solve the mystery and who is doing all these things, and why!

I also liked that we find out more about the background of these characters. We find out something about each character, about how they got to be at the camp, how they got fat and how they feel about it.

Plus there is something else happening between two characters that just made me squeal in happiness.

The murders? The whodunnit? The mystery of why and how? It was terrific, and I did have some suspects, but in the end it wasn't until x scene that I knew who it should be, who the murderer was. So when another scene happened I was pretty much whispershouting (due to me being sick/throat hurting/lung infection) for our group to tackle that person and not fall for their tricks! Though I hadn't expected it to be because of that reason (or well, I hadn't expected those people to do x and y (and given the reaction of everyone, they also didn't expect it)). I could kind of understand the reasoning of the murder, it must have hurt that person a lot to find that out. :( Then again, that doesn't make murder OK to do. Murder is never OK. But I can imagine why that person spiralled out of control.

As you can see I am dodging expertly around all the topics, I just don't want to spoil anything, I want people to go into this one fresh without much information about everything. This book is just too awesome and I want people to experience the same feelings I had while I was reading.

The art is just perfect! I just adore how the artist(s) drew the characters, who, instead of so many other comics, don't look at all alike in their weight problems. You have chubby, fat, very much overweight, and everything in between. Plus I just love the designs of the characters, it fits so well with their personalities. And I love seeing the camp and the surrounding area.

The ending was both sad but also a happy one, and it also had me laughing when we found out that about Kate. :P

All in all, I could rave for a bit longer about this one, probably for hours. :P But I will just keep it at this and will recommend this book to everyone. Read this!

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4.5 Stars
Ride: Competing for the Cup - Bobbi Jg Weiss

It is time to work even harder, the cup is coming and every house wants it!

The second book, and I quite enjoyed it. Sure, I had quite a few issues with several things that happened in this book. From Lady Covington to Anya to Will. But there were also a lot of good things and plus I just flew through this book.

The book starts off pretty exciting and I was quite worried for Rudy. You know the prank the guys pulled with the Guys? Well, they hid them all in the stable, however the stable couldn't hold it and thus things went to hell. Yup. Horses scared, people hurt. The consequences will definitely come to the guys who did it. Though I have to say I had expected more dire consequences, something like suspension. And yes, the punishment that the boys and Will, especially Will, got were pretty dire, it still felt small compared to the event that happened. 

Kit is such a spirited girl, and I really like her and how she never gives up. Even with TK now in total scaredy mode due to what happened at the beginning, she keeps going and is helped out by her friends and a mysterious (well, I knew right away who it was) note writer. She tries her best to figure out TK and his fears. And she even tries her hardest during training, even if it is with Elaine, the mean girl of the school. I also loved her alternative tea time, with bbq, burgers, and more. I am happy that this girl at least tried, even if the response wasn't so good. 
I loved seeing her together with her dad, and I could also understand her sadness/confusion when she saw him have dinner with Sally.

I am also delighted that we finally saw something of a class in this one! That is what I missed in the previous book. This takes place in a boarding school, yet we generally see the kids outside of classes, with the horses, at breakfast/dinner/lunch/tea/etc.. Yes, I don't need full classes explained, but I would like to see glimpses of them so that the place feels more like a school and less like a fun place with horses. 

I still love that the book features such a big cast and that everyone gets to talk. We see Nav, Will, Josh, Anya, Elaine (urggghhhh), Kit, and also Rudy.

I definitely loved how Rudy tried to be there for his daughter, how he even tried talking to Lady Covington, how the tried to protect her.

Will? A bit hit and miss for me. He was quite whiny and grumbly, and I get that he has to do all sorts of things in the barn, but maybe he should also focus on schoolwork? Since that is also important? And I also don't get his jealousy with Nav and Kit. It is not as if Kit has an interest in Nav. :P

Lady Covington? Well, let's say I already hated the woman and her idiocy, but in this one? I just wanted to get rid of the woman. She was terrible, heartless, and a bitch. I am sorry, but it is the truth. I get that she is the headmistress and she has to be a bit strict, but she is completely heartless. Ice cold queen. :| Frankly, I don't get if we get a sobbing back story in the next one, I will never like this woman. 

Anya? Well, I normally love that girl, she is one of my favourites, but the crap she pulled in this one? Her total lack of common sense or knowledge on how to communicate? It just frustrated me to no end. Kit doesn't care that you may be a princess, you should know this by now, and you should also understand that OF COURSE she is hurt. Friends tell each other stuff, and she also gave away her whole past to you in the beginning. She trusted you, and instead of trusting her, you lied. 
And then when Elaine starts to like you for the princess stuff, you just don't get it in your head she is doing this for certain reasons. Dear Lord, I would think that anyone would find it suspicious if the meanest girl in the entire school acts all cuddly all the sudden.

Also how the adults reacted to their seating plan? Dear heavens. *snorts* Like they were 10 year old again. :P

The competition? Well, I knew from the moment that horse shoe disappeared what would happen. Duh, I have seen it happen in other books as well. And we could also see what happens when you push a girl and a horse to a competition when they are not ready. :| The rest of the competition was quite interesting.

The ending? Lord in all heavens, I already HATED Lady Covington but the crap she pulled now? Sorry, but lady you have gone too far. I totally agree with the dad, how could she do that. And why is she so pissed at Kit for not being able to do it. Hello, everyone told you they weren't ready. They weren't going to be ready for some time. You can't force someone to just ride a horse. Especially when that horse is TK. And you can't just go all (after the competition); "It was dangerous." Um, no shit, but hello, you were the one enforcing that rigid schedule. So yeah, Lady C. can just drown in a giant puddle of tea. :|

All in all, I am very much curious about the next book and how it will continue. Just a few months to go, I can wait, right? 
And while this book had some issues, I still would recommend it as it was still a fun read! You will definitely not be bored. 

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1.5 Stars
ARC Review for Goldfisch Vol.2

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

*yawns* That is mostly my reaction while reading this manga-styled comic. I was really looking forward to it as I quite liked the first volume. But sadly, I noticed quite early on that I was continually checking how far I was, I was yawning, and I was doing ten other things instead of reading. 

The battle at the beginning, aka the cliffhanger from the previous time, that part was pretty dang exciting to watch. To see that our group of friends is getting better with their skills and powers. Though they have still a lot to learn if they want to win and not caught/almost die. 

We also get backstory on Morrey and how he lost his dad, and how he found his twin brother. I had thought they had been together forever, but apparently they didn't met until an event caused Morrey away from his home. Plus we found out a bit more about the mayor and his life and how he found that Midas potion.

I was happy that Morrey can now do more with his hands. Thanks to Shelly. That is really sweet of her to make something this awesome. I am sure Morrey's life will get a bit easier now.

I really didn't like how Morrey touched Shelly's boobs when he had the chance to do so thanks to the gloves. Really man? The first thing you do when you have the option to hold things without goldifying them and you go for your friend's boobs? Classy. Very classy. Really, this happens enough in manga, no need to also add it in manga-styled comics. :| 

The dialogues at times also got too much. I just wanted them to shut up and get to doing instead of talking talking and talking. 

The art? Hit and miss in this one. At times it looked quite pretty and I saw improvement. But other times... Especially the hands were weird at times. Sometimes they were tiny, then normal-sized, then giant-sized. 

And of course, yay, another effing cliffhanger. *groans* Really? Was that necessary. *sighs* 

So yeah, not happy, and I am not going to continue this series. 

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3.5 Stars
ARC Review for Disney Manga: Fairies - The Great Fairy Rescue

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

I am still not a fan of Tinkerhell, but I have to say that I am liking her quite a bit in this Disney Fairies series. That is also why, after a bit of hesitation, I decided to just go for it and request this book. And after reading it? I am very happy that I did. Tinkerbell is totally different in this Disney Fairies series. She is sweet, kind, fun, and sure, at times she is a bit obnoxious, but not overly so. 

In this one our fairies are at a camp on the mainland, and it is there that Tink goes out and meets a tiny little girl. Though the meeting isn't really in a good way. Tink gets trapped (thanks to Vidia) and taken inside the house. From that point the story splits in two parts. The biggest part goes to Tink (as it should it is her book/story after all) and the other part goes to Vidia and the other fairies who go for a rescue mission to save Tink from the humans. 

Tink was planning to leave, but due to the weather (fairies can't get wet wings) and also some other reasons, Tink decides to stay and help out the little girl and also fix up their house (she is still Tinkerbell). I really loved that Tink stayed, that she started caring for the little kid and even tried to make her life more fun.

I hated the dad in the story. He was just so terrible towards his kid. I get that he may want her to get more scientific, but really to dismiss her fantasies and daytime fun like this? To act like a total wart towards her when she tries to show him the truth? He even rips of her drawings, and then when he finally does see the truth he does THAT. Man, really, you need a kick between the balls. Sorry, I am normally not so violent, but I was just pissed off at his attitude. This is not how you make your kid happy. 

The ending was pretty nice, and yes, I did tear up a bit. 

I have to say I am a bit sad, 91 pages of this volume are about the fairies, but the rest is just sneak-previews to other manga (that I either already tried out or am not interested in). I thought that, after the main story, we would get another short story, so I kept scrolling through my e-copy only to find that there was nothing anymore. :( 

The art was not really a favourite of mine. At times it looked quite nice, but I still prefer Jun Asuka or Haruhi Kato's art. 

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Birding Is My Favorite Video Game

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Yay, one of the books I am reading for review is good again! I was already worried after 2 misses that this would also not turn out to be fun, but thankfully this was just as a fun as I hoped!

Sure, it had some parts that were a bit boring, or felt a bit too much like a teacher telling the kids to DO something (sorry, my mind is not really up to thinking what the right English word would be). But I still read those parts as they had fun illustrations. :P

The other parts were just terrific. The book is separated in 5 parts, starting with Feathers (birds), Scales, Fins & Others (you can guess), Seasons (fun!), So You Want to be a Biologist (of course, doesn’t everyone with such pretty nature outside?), Tips & Tricks (some more information and tips). I quite liked that it was done this way, though I am a bit sad the book ends short as the index takes quite a few pages.

I laughed so hard at several of the comics/parts. Like the dating profiles (that one bird that just kept on walking on the beach), the turkey vulture, the turtle one (have to show it to my boyfriend, he loves turtles and I am sure he will laugh when reading it), and many others. It was a feast to read this one.

The illustrations were brilliant, I just adore the style. How to say it, I just love how life-like the critters are but also can look comically and hilarious. Plus the use of colours is just fab!

So all in all, a fun book with lots of facts about animals, lots of humour, and great art. Definitely recommended!

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