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Sad news for my followers and readers

Hi everyone!



Some sad news. 


I have seen that BL is back again, I saw an update post some time ago. But frankly.... I haven't seen any improvement. Yes, it may be too soon, but really, I had hoped by now that there would be some improvement.


The site is still laggy and slow as hell. Posts don't update. Making a post is just taking 10 minutes (first it has to load, then it is has to load some more, then some more, then when you think it is done and you start typing it eats your post because, hey, it was apparently still loading, and so on). Scrolling downwards to see if there is news? The site either doesn't want to load or it just jumps up and then you can start the whole process again.


I know I should be more patient, but really, the site has been this dreadful for quite a long time. It was the reason why I stopped adding reviews for normal books. It was the reason why I only did the sporadic ARC/Review copy review. 


But with sadness in my heart, I am going to have to leave. Maybe one day I will return, but don't count on it. I will miss BL, I will miss the site. It was an awesome site, especially in the beginning with weekly updates. There were features I hoped to see, but that never came, but at least the site worked fine, and I found some new friends. 


I will still post reviews, just not on here. You can check out my blog (for reviews, memeposts etc.) and my Goodreads (for all my bookish updates).


Thanks for the great time everyone! You are the best. 


3 Stars
Bear with Bear - Hagit R. Oron, Galia Armeland, Sharon Roe

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

When the author mailed me about this book I was quite curious, it was a fiction and non-fiction book in one. One part was about a boy who wants a critter for a pet, while the other part was about the author's childhood with stories about pets and more. It is not often that you see fiction and non-fiction getting combined like this.

However, I have to say that I didn't quite like the fiction part. Sorry! The boy was quite fun at the beginning, but I quickly got annoyed with his attitude, and what he did and said to his little sister. He kept whining and whining about stuff. What he did to his sister's cat was just meh. Why would you train a cat to do all that?

The parents weren't all that good too. Oh, our kid comes into our room because her brother is doing x and y, let's get a cat. Oh that doesn't work out, dump the poor thing back to someone and get a dog. They even wanted to dump the dog when he got ticks...............

But I did love the non-fiction parts. It was quite fun to see where the author got her inspiration for the story from. Plus it was also fun because you got to know the author and her family more. It was quite fun that quite a few things actually did happen, just a bit different from what the fiction story tells.
She also added pictures and it was fun to see her pets.

I also loved how the whole fiction was connected to the non-fiction by way of a little stamp in the fiction parts. Not that it really worked that well in the PDF, but I guess it might work better with an ereader.

I wonder how many kids will email her about their experiences (she asks them (of course with permission from parents) to mail her). I am quite curious to the replies.

So yeah, since I did love the non-fiction parts plus I liked how it all connected, I will give it a 3 stars. 2.5 for the non-fiction, 0.5 for the connection.

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1 Stars
Sarah - Teri Polen

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Lord, this was so boring, I am glad I got through. I could have DNFed it, but I decided to continue in the hopes it would get better. Sadly, it never did. :|

So my expectations were quite high for this one, when I saw it on Netgalley I just clicked the button to read it immediately. The cover was amazing (I love The Ring (original of course) and a lot of other creepy Japanese horror which feature that kind of dead girl behaviour as the girl on the cover), and the blurb sounded amazing.

Sadly the real action didn't start until 20~% in, and the first murder took even longer. Yep. There were some scary scenes, well, scary. I wasn't that scared. More like I was rolling my eyes at all the standard horror clichés. Which sometimes work, but in this book it was just not working for me. It just felt it was put in there to make Sarah creepy or something. Oh my, cold air. Oh my, attic. Oh my, my cat is afraid. Oh my, insert something else cliché.

Sarah? I am sorry, was I supposed to feel sorry for her? Hahaha, or scared? Muahahaha. No. I wasn't scared or sad. The only thing I was.... was annoyed. Very annoyed. Instead of a vengeful ghost she felt like a little kid who didn't what they wanted. Or a mean girl who get wronged by the salesperson (I wanted the red high heeled shoes, not the pink ones, dear Lord can't you see pink isn't my colour?).
And yes, Sarah's situation was terrible, I felt sorry that she had to go through it and that she died because of a group of teenagers.
But really, I wasn't impressed with her as a ghost.
Oh yay, someone wants to help me, oh screw that I want to kill those guys, screw everything, I will just take your body as well. *rolls eyes*
I just wanted to have Sarah gone, exorcised and disappeared to the deeper parts of who knows where. Sadly, she just stuck around. :|
She even just went so far to threaten Cain, yeah girl, that is cool. The only guy who is trying to help you out and you treat him like shit. Yay, good job! And yes, I know, blablabla vengeful ghost, but really, she was pretty sane most of the time, she could even voice her problems, but this, destroying the one means to give you peace? Bad move.

Cain, meh, I am not sure what to think of him. He was a nice fellow, a good guy. But the whole Erin thing just took too long to finish. I just got annoyed with him so much that he wouldn't man up and be honest about it. Also in general the Cain character felt a bit disconnected. I am not sure how to explain, it is just a feeling I have during the book.

Finn was definitely my favourite character out of the book, along with Lindsey.

The ending, or well the part where they dig up the body? It was so melodramatic and silly. Sorry, I know, maybe not right, but it felt like reading out of a script.

Also I laughed quite hard when everything was said and done, and Cain was worrying about a network of evil ghosts. :P

Of course x and y happens. Gee, I have never seen this before in any movie. I knew right away that something like this would happen. It just seemed like the kind of book for it. And I was right. Oh lord, lord, lord. *rolls eyes*

Also that solution. *snort*Yeah, no, that is totally a good idea, and I am sure Cain's mom doesn't mind that happening. :P

I also didn't entirely get why Sarah would pop up now, all of the sudden. I mean, really? People have been living in this house for several months, nothing happened, and all of the sudden BOOO a ghost? Wow. Yeah, that sounds like the bad plot from something like Paranormal Witness (and I quite like PW, but some episodes just have bad plots).

And that ending. Oh my, I just laughed so hard. Sorry, was I supposed to feel afraid, or worried? Nah, I am just pissed that this is yet another cliché, and oh, hey of course she would go that route.

So yeah, not my book. Clichés everywhere. Meh characters. Bad, mean girl ghost. And ending that was just so eyeroll worthy. Boring story. Yeah, wouldn't recommend.

1 star for the cover, and also for the basic idea. If not for both of those it would have gotten even lower.

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4.5 Stars
ARC Review for Rauw by Yvonne Deinert

Ik heb dit boek gekregen van de uitgever in ruil voor een eerlijke review.

Ik had tot dit boek nog niet gehoord van de schrijfster, maar toen ik op Twitter een tweet voorbij zag komen dat de uitgever nog mensen kon gebruiken die willen recenseren was ik wel geïnteresseerd. En die interesse steeg toen ik zag waar het boek over ging. Tja, dat klonk als een boek dat perfect voor mij was.

En dat was het uiteindelijk dus ook. Het heeft even geduurd voordat ik deze begon te lezen (want ook al had ik wat meer leestijd door ziekte, ik wilde toch wat beterder zijn voordat ik begon te lezen, ik moet er met mijn hoofd wel 90-100% bij zijn immers), maar daarna kon ik hem niet meer loslaten. Nou ja, ik moest wel, iets met eten, leven, en ook slapen, maar als die dingen er even niet waren was ik zeker gewoon doorgegaan.

Het boek gaat over Bram. Bram heeft net zijn tweelingsbroer Tim verloren door een heftig ongeluk. Nou is dat al reden voor veel verdriet, maar het is nog een groter verdriet als je leest dat Tim en Bram met elkaar hadden afgesproken dat Tim Bram's plaats in zou nemen bij de date (de date waar dit ongeluk plaats vond), zodat Bram's vriendin Iris niet het uit zou maken. Je kunt je voorstellen hoe immens het verdriet dan is, en niet alleen verdriet, maar ook schuldgevoel. Bram heeft niet alleen te rouwen om zijn broer's dood, maar hij moet ook leren om te gaan met het schuldgevoel. En dat is poepie moeilijk. En dat zien we heel rauw in dit boek.

We zien Bram's spiraal naar beneden. Van een fitte, gezellige, lieve, sterke jongen (in ieder geval mijn impressie van hoe hij was in de eerste pagina's) naar iemand die het allemaal maar niet meer weet. Ik had af en toe best zin om hem even een grote knuffel te geven. Wetende dat hij dat misschien niet meteen wilt, maar volgens mij wel nodig heeft.
Bram doet daarbij nogal wat dingen die hij misschien niet zo snel zou hebben gedaan. Zoals veel drinken (wat weer leidde tot andere dingen), of teveel sporten (nou hoor ik je zeggen, dat is toch niet slecht, maar sport is, net zoals alles in het leven, iets wat je niet TE moet doen, in ieder geval niet zo dat je schouder dood gaat).
Soms wilde ik Bram ook even door elkaar schudden hoor. Dat gedoe met Josje? Ik weet dat het moeilijk is, maar je moet eerlijk zijn, en je niet door lust laten leiden in dit geval. Of het feit dat hij zoveel dronk.

Het was heel interessant (en verdrietig) om te zien hoe Bram door het leven ging in die maanden na de dood van zijn broer. En ook om te zien hoe hij langzaam weer dingen oppikte, dat hij weer een lichtje zag in het duister. Ik denk ook zeker dat Tien daarbij erg goed heeft geholpen. Ze was begripvol, lief, en zag Bram als Bram. En niet zoals heel veel andere mensen als een tweeling, als een broer. Zelfs toen ze de waarheid wist, behandelde ze Bram als Bram, en dat is gewoon zo lief en mooi van haar.

Ik vond de vrienden van Bram zo-zo. De ene keer vond ik ze echt super (hoe ze er voor Bram waren, en hem altijd te hulp schoten (net zoals hij voor hen zou doen), hem advies gaven, en zorgden dat hij toch ook een dagje/avondje iets leuks had om zijn hoofd weg te houden van dood en verdriet), maar de andere keer waren ze afschuwelijk. Wat zij met Josje wilden doen, en ook hoe ze reageerden op het Josje gebeuren? Bah!

De ouders van Bram (en ook Tim) waren echt geweldig. Lieve mensen die echt zo lief waren tegen Bram. Er zullen genoeg ouders zijn die misschien boos waren geworden, mensen die misschien zich door hun verdriet laten opeten en dan vergeten dat ze nog andere kinderen hebben. Maar niet deze ouders. Oh nee, ze hebben 100% begrip voor Bram, en ze proberen samen met hem te rouwen. Ze proberen toch ook wat dingen te doen om te zorgen dat de dood niet overheersend is. Ze zijn ook enorm begripvol, en Bram kon altijd met ze praten als dat nodig was. Echt geweldige ouders, Bram mag wel blij zijn met zulke ouders!

Poe, dit is al best lang geworden. Heb ik nog meer te vertellen? Mm, nee, ik denk dat ik alles wel heb gehad. Ik vond Bram echt geweldig, het verhaal was realistisch geschreven (en ik heb echt wel een paar traantjes gehuild, niet alleen vanwege het verdriet dat door dit boek druipt, maar ook vanwege het einde dat gewoon prachtig was en dat me zo blij maakte).

Zou ik dit boek aanraden? Oh echt wel. Dit is een prachtig, mooi, rauw boek.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Maido: A Gaijin's Guide to Japanese Gestures and Culture

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I just had to have this book when I spotted it on Netgalley, and yay, I got approved for it!

After reading I can say that I knew about 99% of the gestures used in this book. Then again, that is not so strange considering I have been watching anime/jdorama/j-movies, reading manga, playing JRPGs/visual novels for a long time now. A lot of those gestures get used in those I mentioned.

Still it was a lot of fun seeing them in this book. Some I didn’t recognise directly (as it often works better if you see the hand moving), but when reading and trying it out, I recognised them.

I loved the format of the book. First up a photograph of someone doing that gesture. With then a English phrase, the romaji form of the phrase, and then the Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana. That is followed by a description of the gesture, and then followed by a description of what it means. You get all the information, but in a handy bite-sized format.

I also loved how the book doesn’t just take the standard gestures, but also takes a few office related ones, slang, and others that you won’t always see. It was also a definitely plus that the book is so diverse, you will see old, young, dressed up, or just dressed normally people, on the street, or out on a mountain, or in the office, or other places.

I like how they ended with a Sayonara and Tejime.

There was just one thing I didn’t like, and for that I will remove one star. The photographs. If you add photographs, at least make sure they are good quality. Especially in these days of pictures being high definition, it is just a shame if your book features photographs that look like you plucked them of the internet and didn’t care about how they looked.

But all in all, I still really liked this book, and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

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5 Stars
Chillz Hillz #1: The Bad Babysitter - Kerrigan Valentine

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was just a fabulous book, I was looking for something like, I am in the mood for some creepiness, and this seemed perfect. And it was! I will definitely be looking forward to the other books in this series (yes, there will be more, there is a preview for the second book at the end).

Andrew just moved to Chills Hills with his family. He has a brother who is still young, but also highly annoying. I do have to say that I didn’t like the brother at first, but then something happened at the babysitter and I liked the kid. Sure, he was creepy, but at least he wasn’t obnoxious and annoying.

Chills Hills is a strange place, there are pumpkins everywhere, some even carved for Halloween. At school Andrew’s class has an ooze as a pet (It eats cellphones!). And then there is the babysitter across the street, Mrs. Dritch. There are strange things happening at her place, some kids come back from her and they aren’t themselves. They are perfect little robots, at least that is how it seems. It is like they lost something.

Andrew’s brother is one to fall victim, and even though Andrew is happy that his brother is now so calm and sweet, he still misses the old Brad. I loved that even though Andrew knew that his brother would be back as obnoxious and annoying, he still fought for him and went on an investigation to find out what happened, and also on how to fix it.

So yes, Andrew was a fantastic character. He was brave, he was smart, he was mature, and I really liked him a lot. I was cheering for him through the book, and I also loved how he handled his brother (during the time when he was annoying).

The mystery, and what or who Mrs. Dritch was, and what she did. It was exciting, fun, and it was creepy.

Chills Hills seems to have a whole lot stories to tell, considering what Max told Andrew, and I do hope that this series will be a long one. Maybe with different protagonists, though I wouldn’t even mind if it was all Andrew (and of course Max and Casey).

This book also reminded me of Goosebumps, though the endings are better and less open-ended. Sure, there are some left-over questions, but there is no twist at the end, which is a delight.

All in all, I would recommend this book. Fun characters, great and creepy story, interesting world/town.

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3.5 Stars
Ghoul Scouts: Night of the Unliving Undead - Steve Bryant

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

So it is not Halloween any more, but when I spotted this one over at Netgalley I just had to try it out. Scouts + zombies + mystery? Um, yes, where do I sign up for this!

This one is apparently a bundling of 4 volumes. Each part has a separate cover, a bit of information about the series, and also some sketches for the characters and how the characters got to be were they are now.

After reading it, well, I have to say I am filled with many many questions. However, I do have to say, that I don't mind them that much. The story builds up, you start with mystery, scouts, and then zombies. Then some more zombies, you find out some stuff as we get along. However, I do feel that the ending was a bit rushed. So, they suddenly find our mysterious guy, then boom, then people get called and done. I feel like this part could have done with a bit more spreading out. Now it felt disjointed and weird.

The whole scout stuff was really fun, it gave the kids some advantage as they knew how to work the land, and also how to work with tools. Plus it was a bit funny to see how the guys had to be saved by 2 girls. :P Sorry, just think it is always funny. Guys are always acting tough, but then they do something stupid and end up having to be saved. :P

I don't really get how anyone would want to live at this place. Sorry, but apparently people have been going missing for quite some time, yet people just continue living there? Whut? I would move as fast as I could if this was the case.

I also wonder how the zombies work, apparently a bite is not deadly? So what do you have to do to turn into a zombie? Magic? Something else?

I will definitely check out the next volume, hopefully more information is given in that one.

The art was so-so. At times it looked pretty decent, but sometimes it was just not that pretty.

But all in all, I did enjoy this volume. Kick-ass scouts, mystery, and zombies (glow in the dark even).

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3.5 Stars
Dreaming of Mocha - An Swerts, Eline Van Lindenhuizen

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

All kids want pets, but I think Florence is even more dedicated to get one than most kids. Her parents don’t want one, for various good reasons, and so Florence goes to find one of her own, a dog no one wants. And thus she finds Mocha, but Mocha already has an owner.

Florence was a really cute kid, and I was cheering for her to get a pet. Of course, just taking Mocha to her home wasn’t all that right. Especially since Mocha has a collar, thus an owner. Even if Florence is small, she should have known this wasn’t an okay thing to do, and that she could have expected her parents to make posters. I did have a laugh at what she did to the posters. She really is dedicated.

The ending and all that happened there? It was really cute, however it feel like Leon was just doing what he did because he got tired of Florence being so overly attached to Mocha. It didn’t feel like he did it because he wanted to. Maybe that is just me, but it just didn’t feel right.

The art was pretty good, I loved how the dogs were drawn (all those different kinds). And it was kind of fun to see how little Florence was in comparison to the adults and other objects in life.

I would still recommend this one. It was still great fun to read it.

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0 Stars
Combo Review for Bionic Battle Rabbit #1 + Ha! It's Lenny the Lettuce

I received these comics from the author in exchange of an honest review.


This will be a dual review for both the books. I will first shortly discuss the Rabbit one, and then Lenny the Lettuce.


Haha, the Rabbit one was definitely a lot of fun. Next time maybe Chester shouldn't drink coffee so dangerously close to his work/laptop. :P It was funny to see him in this new world, his gameworld even. See him kick ass, because he thought it was just a dream. I am sure that in the end it might even help him with his coding. Seeing the world, seeing the bugs in front of him.


I am guessing those evil dudes, and that guy that Chester meets are bugs? Or did Chester code a bit too much in the wee hours of night and can't remember doing that. (I know it happens to my boyfriend. He would want to press on to get something finished, but then later checks the code and is all like: What? Why did I think this was a good idea.) Or even better, the world is sentient and growing even without Chester knowing it.


The ending was fun, though I have to shake my fist, arghhhh cliffhanger. Now I want to know why that scary guy knows about Chester, and what is going on in the world. Will Chester get back? Will Chester be able to defeat the evil-, and creepy-looking guy?


The art was pretty fun, I do love that style. It is a bit simplistic, but I have to say that simplistic works perfect with this comic.


4 stars for this comic.


Now for Lenny Lettuce.


I didn't really like that one as much as I did with the other comic. Maybe it is because I had no idea what was going on. Maybe if I read the other comic (as the comic does specify that this one is a new adventure) it would make more sense, but now, for 24 pages I was just going along the ride and not getting any idea what was going on.

It also doesn't help that Lenny is an idiot. And not a ha-ha idiot, but an annoying idiot, and it amazes me that people are so friendly towards him.


For me the jokes also fell flat. The whole I-want-a-pizza and then the reply that it isn't there is something that gets used more often. But also other jokes just felt like I missed something.


Then they suddenly teleport to another dimension? Meet a superhero (who smells)? Meet a monster? Get back again? Whut? Sorry, but I am not sure what happened there, and why.


The style of the art is pretty much the same as the other comic, but for some reason it just didn't work for me in this one.


All in all, maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I had know about Lenny before this one.


1 star for this comic.


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5 Stars
Rendez-vous in Phoenix - Tony Sandoval

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I always have been curious about the whole Mexico-border thing, and this one tells it from a personal view. That of Tony who wants to go over the border so he can be with his girlfriend who lives in America. I already knew the journey wouldn’t be easy (I have read enough books about the topic, seen a few movies), but it was just heartbreaking to see Tony go through all the things he went through. All he wants is an honest life with a possibility to grow, to be better. And of course living with his lovely girlfriend.

I also felt sorry for his girlfriend, I can’t imagine how it must feel to worry that your boyfriend will not get over the border, or will get killed while doing so, or will never get out of jail because of the border-crossing. The parts where he called her when something went wrong, or when it eventually does go right (no spoiler, come on guys, you can read everywhere that he is currently living in another country that isn’t Mexico), those parts were just heartbreaking, and I sniffled. At the earlier parts because I just felt so sorry for both of them, and then the last part because I was so happy that they could be together and be happy.

The times he crossed the border, but also the times that he told us about what happened when one crosses the border, the dangers, it just broke my heart.

The author/illustrator did a brilliant job on everything, I loved how the art looked, I loved how the characters looked. It was just all fantastic.

At the end we also have some sketches, and it was just lovely to see his work before it was coloured/finished.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to everyone.

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5 Stars
Wicked Dead: The Dead (A Lot) Trilogy, Book 2 - Howard Odentz

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I had spotted this book not that long ago, it was the main reason why I went out to buy the first book. Of course, after the first book turned out amazing, I just had to request this book at Netgalley so I could read it.

I was actually planning to read it during the day, but I couldn't sleep last night, so instead I went and read this book. After 2 hours, and by then it was just a bit over 3am, I had finished the book, and I wanted more! And sure, I am quite tired now, but it was definitely worth reading it that late and until that time. I just couldn't stop.

The story continues right were it left off. Well, almost. :P Our group of adults, and our Mc and his friends and sister are now all free, but on the run from the government and people who want to test on the perfect immunity of our MC and his sister.

Right from the bat someone dies. No spoiler, it happens on the first few pages of the book. And that person won't be the last one to die.

I must say that while I was quite happy with the adults in the previous book, I was pissed off at most of them in this one. How they treated our little group of teens and kids, it was just bleh. Come on, these are the kids that survived almost a week ALONE in the world of the zombie apocalypse, and you look at them like they psychopaths. :| You treat them as dangerous. While you should be thanking everything that your kids survived, that they picked up skills, that they became so awesome. And you treat them as if the zombies aren't around, as if you need to protect them, but hey, they can handle themselves just right. But then again, this is a recurring theme in zombie books. Kids doing fine on their own, but as soon as the adults pop in they disregard everything the kids have done and treat them like they are nothing. Like they can't even do anything on their own. :| Or they treat them as if they are damaged. Duh, hello, it is a zombie apocalypse, no one is going to be undamaged. Everyone has either marks outside, or marks inside of them.

Phew, I had to get that out of my system. There is a lot more happening in this book, including our testbunny adults getting sick, and then certain things happening. I was terribly sad at all that happening, and I was just hoping that everything would be fine. I won't spoil anything, but it was quite heartbreaking to see them go through this illness. :(

Then we have the whole, you can't trust people any more, you never know what is going on with them. Some are too shell-shocked, some are paranoid, some just broke beyond reason. :( It is sad, but everyone has to be extra careful when helping someone out.

The helicopter people? I just got a bit annoyed at it all, and also the fact that our little band didn't even go that far away from where it all happened. I know that it is hard to go to places, but really, it was just ridiculous that they barely moved around. Of course there was the illness thing, but before that happened they could have gotten a bit further away than just a few villages. :|

The Walmart and all that happened there was interesting and it brought a nice twist to the story.

I loved the ending, even though I do worry what will happen to our twins. I hope they will be fine.

The zombies and them going up in flames, and exploding? I still love that! Of course, bullets would be easier (less flammable), but this is more fun.

Tripp, he is still an idiot, but you see that he is trying his best to understand, his best to be there for his girlfriend. His best to survive. And yes, he still makes a few mistakes, some stupid comments, but he is much much better than in the first book. He makes some great decisions in this book, and he was so sweet and protective.

Trina and Prianka? I loved both of them, they are kick-ass girls, though Trina really needs to learn how to control her anger a bit more. *thinks back to several situations that could have been prevented had our girl done some thinking before going into action*

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and I can't wait for the next one.

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5 Stars
Elphie Goes Trick or Treating (Elphie Books Book 3) - Hagit R. Oron, Or Oron

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review!

Yay, the 3rd book in the Elphie series is here. I love Elphie, and I love the messages in each book. Elphie learns something new in each book, and it is a delight. Sometimes it doesn't work, but I have to say that the author does a great job on showing the message in these books.

This book fits perfectly in the current month, it is almost Halloween, and that is also happening at Elphie's place. He wants to dress up as a tiger-elephant to go trick or treating, but is too afraid in the end to do it. Poor thing, he has such an awesome outfit. Luckily, mom is there to save the day, and even Phante helps out.

I am not sure what to think of Phante, at times I found her a bit mean. So a tiger-elephant is not possible, but a pirate one is? I could kind of understand her jealousy though. She did her best to be dressed, while Elphie just went for an easy option, and even had to explain himself, and got the most attention. If only the parents/adults had given both kids the same amount, that would have been fairer.

The ending was adorable. Elphie shows his sweet and caring side, but also learns a lesson thanks to Phante. He learns to be braver, by the power of hugs! Awwww. <3

There was one little thing I noticed in the illustrations, it is the only thing that really stood out. At the beginning of the book we see Elphie stand in front of a mirror, checking his scary outfit, however his reflection is doing the total opposite of what Elphie is doing. :P

All in all though, this is another great book in the Elphie series. It is cute, it has a nice message, a good character, and the art is getting better with each book. o/

I would recommend this book to everyone.

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4 Stars
Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts: An Awkward Yeti Collection - The Awkward Yeti

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I follow this artist on Twitter, and I just heart his comics. Some are just pure brilliance, others make me laugh aloud.

The comics are about the organs (in what I am guessing is the artist's body), from going to the doctor and fooling the heart, to what happens when you eat something wrong (I laughed so hard about that one). I do have to say that I generally liked the ones without the brain more, or the ones in which the brain wasn't talking in overload. I know the series is Heart and Brain, and I do love heart, he is just so funny and hilarious. A typical heart, never thinking, and often just jumping into things without regard of the brain.

The most gruesome comic? One that I also know from online, the one with with nails and the teeth and the modification. *shivers* That was just a bit too much for me.

We also see the artist (Awkwardyeti) himself and then see how the brain or other organs are tricking him. (Like when you wake up for toilet because your bladder thought 4 am was a perfect time, well then the brain also wakes and it wants to do all sorts of things, have fun sleeping again! Or when you want to impress someone, and your brain just conveniently forgets everything!)

The art is pretty awesome, though I mostly tend to come because of the awesome, spot-on comics.

There are also several new comics, which is great, I do like it when I see something new in a comic bundle. Not only online stuff, but new or unpublished stuff as well.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yes I would!

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4 Stars
Animal Planet Chapter Books: Dinosaurs! - Animal Planet

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was really squealing and flailing when I saw I was accepted for this one. I love anything to do with dinosaurs and so I was delighted that I had a chance to read and review this one.

But I do have to say that after reading this I am a bit disappointed. I expected more illustrations/art (dinosaurs/other critters from that era) or photographs (from skeletons/dig sites), but instead it was mostly a wall of text. Then there was the fact that some stuff got rehashed (for instance on one page you would have a small image with a subtext under it, and that would get rehashed in the wall of text that followed 1 or more pages later.

Luckily there are some illustrations/photographs, so there was a bit of a break in all the text. I definitely liked how those things were styled, it looked really nice.

I also love the colourful border around the text (with in the corner a lizard and plants).

I still have to laugh about the fact that quite a few of the dinosaurs these days look like freaking chickens. I kind of miss the old dinosaurs without all the feathers and wings stuff.

The text is easily read, with quite a few explanations here and there for some of the words.

I loved how it began with the beginning and then ended with the destruction of the dinosaurs.

I do have to say it was a shame there was no mention of international museums.

But all in all, I enjoyed this book a lot, and I would recommend it.

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5 Stars
The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold - Maureen Fergus, Cale Atkinson
I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

It isn’t Christmas by far (still 8 months to go), but when I saw this book on Netgalley I just wanted to have it so much. I love Christmas and while I never celebrated it for Santa (because I already did that during Sinterklaas), I know the feeling when you grow up and suddenly realize he might not be real. Well, that is what happens in this book, just the other way around. Santa is the one who has stopped believing. I just laughed because of the cover (the silliness!) and also because of the title (so creative and fun and interesting!).

Not in all children, oh no, but just in one little kid. Harold. Santa is all pouty and grumbly about it, he tries to talk to everyone about it, but no one is really helping (either they just think he is crazy for thinking this, or they agree with him). He has got all kind of silly ideas that are all easily disproved because kids do grow up, their parents first do Santa stuff for them, but later they do it themselves. But he won’t have anything of it.

But then we find out something else as well. About Harold this time! I won’t say what, but I did love that it was added, and it made me think, maybe if that happens is it also happening for Santa? Is Harold the first kid? Or have there been more kids like this? It is an interesting thing.

I also loved how it all ended, it made me really happy and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. How delightful!

The illustrations are just gorgeous. Really gorgeous, lots of details, I love the style of drawing (it really made me feel super-Christmassy even though it is spring now, and I don’t even want to think of winter yet. The colours are warm and will make you warm inside as well.

All in all, this was a fantastical, magical, entertaining book and I would highly recommend it.

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2 Stars
Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems - Carey Sookocheff

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, it seems I am having no luck with picture books ARCs this time. Not only this one, but the previous one wasn’t that good, and/or didn’t meet my expectations. Both books were books that really looked fun and interesting.

This one was boring, bland, and I also had expected a bit differently. The solutions were silly, the problems even sillier. I was annoyed with the little girl, especially at first, with how she treated her dog. Sure, he is a bit playful, yes, he will eat stuff, yes, you can’t stay inside while it rains when he is outside, but do you really need to look at him like that?
Later I saw a different side, one in which she treats her dog as her friend, and they look really sweet together. Still I would like to see more of that side, and less of the annoyed one.

The solutions/problems follow semi-story. You first have a problem, and each solution is part of a story, in the end you will see a whole day, or part of a day of the girl. I liked that this was done, but, yeah, it did get a bit boring in the end. I wished for a bit more excitement than just daily dilly-dallying.

The art was pretty decent, it is a style I kind of like seeing. However it felt a bit empty at times, I am not sure how to explain this one though. It is just a feeling I had.

Would I recommend this one? I am not sure. The art is nice, as I said, and I did like that the solutions form a story, but there is also enough I didn’t like.

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