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1.5 Stars
ARC Review for Yurikuma Arashi Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, while I didn’t like the anime that much, or I should say it was graphically pleasing and very gorgeous, the story just didn’t make sense. But, I read that the manga would have a different plot, so I thought maybe I would get that one. Sadly, no. Not really. I have been utterly confused from the start.

I am not even sure how write a review about this manga. So I will try my best, but I am just not sure.

Kureha and Ginko’s love? On the one hand I was shipping them, on the other hand… not so much. Sorry, but Ginko? You cannot trap or imprison someone so no one will get to them. That is just abusive, that is creepy, that is wrong. I get that you love Kureha, I get you want to protect her, I get that you want her love. But locking her up, stalking her, and even going so far to do things with the school’s president is just eww. So yeah, conflicting feelings.

Then there is the whole bear thing that is going on. Ginko who talks to some bear and calls her mom, Kureha dreams of bears and also sees Ginko as some kind of bear princess, and then there is the very annoying love rival named Lulu who dresses in barely anything and wears bear ears. Then Lulu also has a little bear who she calls her little brother. Whut?
And apparently Ginko has it in her head that everyone is a bear? And she is the only one who can see that. I guess that has something to do with her craycray mom who put that idea (and the wounds on her heart) in her mind. Then again, she is 15/16, why is everyone still pretending, can’t they find help for the girl?

I am just not going to continue this one. I am sure I am too tired for this one, or not smart enough, or something else. But even though it has different plotlines, I still don’t have a clue what this anime/manga is about. Bears? Yuri? I guess. Other than that, no clue.

The art is gorgeous though. Very gorgeous, and the bears are adorable.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for One-Third Nerd

I received this book from the publisher/tour host in exchange of an honest review.

I was so very excited when I got the confirmation that I was accepted for the tour and was scheduled for a review/excerpt. This book has been on my Eep-2019 for some time, so you may just imagine my delight (yes, I was bookshimmying).

Oh, and then I opened the ecopy and found out that this author also wrote the Al Capone series, I read two in that series and liked them both. So my excitement was upped even further. Now I really couldn't wait to read this book.

And this book was such a fun one! Liam, the big brother, Izzy, his little sister who has Down Syndrome, Cupcake the Dog who has a problem, their divorced parents who try to take care of them. OH yes, Dakota. We don't talk about Dakota. This is a positive area, an area of happiness and joy. Dakota doesn't fit in there. But, yes, she sadly exists and was the reason why this book isn't a 5 stars, but instead a 4.

I just adored Izzy, she was a sweetie and I loved how while she didn't always have the words, she always was there with hugs and love. She was just one big positive bundle of joy. She even hugged the angry neighbour next door, and she did things that other characters wouldn't have done but that were absolutely the sweetest. She even helped out her siblings when they needed help, it was adorable how she tried to explain what she meant, and how eventually they understood.

Liam was just the best, though I did feel sorry for him at times. He didn't have an easy life at times, which was mostly to blame to a certain person we aren't going to name in this positive space. I loved how he allowed Izzy to be part of the club just because she got all sparkly at seeing that beautiful pink bracelet, and how he sat down with her to explain things to her in a soft way so that she wouldn't be too upset. He also helped out with the club of kids like Izzy. Making up a song, including all of them, being so sweet and understanding. He brought a smile to me at so many moments in the book.
I hope he can be a bit more honest about where he lives though. That was also something that was mentioned quite a few times. He has made a new friend, but he is afraid that person would judge him if he saw his house. I did love the friendship between him, his old friend, and his new friend. They made quite the trio.

Then there is Cupcake. An adorable dog with a big problem... She is peeing everywhere. Is there something big happening or is it the medicines she uses? Sadly, our characters don't have the money to go to the vet any more. I found the prices ridiculous. Who the hell can pay 3k for a treatment? I know I never would be able to do that.
So most of this book is Liam, Izzy, and She-who-will-not-be-named, try to make money in various ways to help out their dog. Most of the ideas were just dumb, but there were a few that made me happy. I could have thought of a few more ideas of things they could have done. Like doing groceries for those less-abled/eldery, selling cupcakes/lemonade, making things and selling those.

There are also many many illustrations that warmed up my heart even further. Then again, Églantine Ceulemans is one of my favourite illustrators, she draws so well.

All in all, I loved this book, and I would recommend it. Just ignore the one we shall not name in this positive and happy place.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for The Boss and the Beauty: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh my, I just adored this cover! The guy who looks quite troubled, and I can see why. That girl is definitely having some kick-ass vibes. I am a bit worried about the blurb, as it seems he only fell in love with her due to her new looks. I so hope that this turns out a bit differently, and that he falls in love with the full package (in and out).

It all starts with her birthday and how her boss forgot all about it, oopsie. I did think those friends of her were nice to celebrate + give a make-over, though at times I did think it was a bit harsh. Yes, she looks quite plain, yes, she would rather flatter a guy with her wits and soul, but to laugh at her? No. But holy hell, that make-over. I cannot even recognise her any more. Man. That is one make-over. Magics. 

Urggggggh, his reaction was at first funny, but when he held her longer than normal, and even kissed her. Eww. Yes, she changed. From the outside. No need to immediately turn into a horny guy. I so dislike guys who just judge people based on their looks. I so so hope that the story will evolve in him also liking her for who she actually is. 

Her friends of course don't listen to her and set her up with a date with her boss. Well, at least the dinner and the dance at home wasn't a disaster, and they found out a bit more about each other. Like that Cindy travelled around quite a bit due to her parents. We also learn why Cindy may be a bit against the whole pretty on the outside stuff, namely her mom. I am curious if there is more story to it. We still got 60-ish pages to go, so who knows. At first I was a bit pissed at Kyle's reaction, but I am glad he corrected himself. Now the question remains, is it true what he said, or is he just trying to get Cindy in bed?

Ah, and now we are trying to make Kyle jealous. *grins* And he is falling for it hook, line, sinker. 

So? I am kind of confused. So he always had an interest in Cindy, but because of something happening in the past he never went for it? But why now? Because now she is extra pretty? It just doesn't make sense that now he is suddenly interested. :| And yes, on the one hand I am happy that he is confessing, and yay they can be in love, but it still feels so superficial. :( 
Ah, I am going to be correcting myself, a few pages we get more talk, and he didn't go for her just because she was extra pretty. He was jealous. Worried that the love of his life would find another guy. OK, OK, that is pretty sweet. I am happy with that. Now I will definitely root for these two. 

There we go, more truth about Cindy's mom. Apparently mommy dearest was a prostitute... I can imagine our girl having a big aversion to beauty and all that with a mom that thrived on that and dragged her kid around like an accessory. But we find out some more, and yes, I was crying. OK, I can't help it. These Harlequin Manga are terrible for my tearducts. I cry so often while reading these manga. 

The ending was a bit abrupt, so eh. I wished to have a few more pages. 

The art was fabulous though. A bit wonky at times, but in general it was done very gorgeously. 

All in all, this was a good story about love, about looks, about family. And I was happy for our couple. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for At His Majesty's Request: Harlequin Manga
I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just have to say I am loving that cover. I love the roses and the details on the clothes. Then there is the blurb, and oh my. A prince who needs a bride, but then falls in love with the matchmaker (and she with him). Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep. 

Um... "Prince Stavros... why are you cutting it off at age twenty-eight?" "Because I want kids. Three, ideally." Um, women 28+ can still get kids you know. :P 

Oh, and hilariously, on the cover our girl has green eyes, yet on the colour pages she has blue eyes. Mmmmmmm. Curious. 

I had a laugh at the idea of the prince. He wasn't that happy with the matchmaking, sure, he wanted the girls, but he just wanted to go on dates and not just a few minutes here and there of conversations. And I totally agree. I loved his idea though: "What if we just put up posters around the country? A castle, tiara, title and a small island! All this can be yours if you marry the prince."

Aww, he wants to get to know her! Ship ship shippppp! Can I say I much like this Jessica more than her stiff and business-like matchmaker self. Of course, she has to be professional, but what is wearing here is still pretty fancy. Also she keeps wearing some gorgeous dresses throughout the manga, I just wanted to step in and ask her wear she bought them so I could get them as well!

*sniffles*Aww, that part made me sad. So she can't have children due to what happened to her in the past. Poor girl. :( I can imagine that the prince may not like that if he does fall in love, but I am also optimistic he can get over it. There is always the option to adopt a tiny human.

*snickers* Haha, he now has no interest in the girls Jessica picked because she is so sexy to him (he likes her legs). And they are getting closer and closer, I just wonder who will make the first move. They are so adorable together and I am rooting for them to get together. They would make quite the pair. Whoooooooop, he makes the first move! Yes! As I was already hoping. *swoons* 

I am sorry, but her face during the reveal of what was going on with her. I laughed. Because it looked so out of place. More like a horror instead of a confession in a romance manga.

OMG, he researched. For her! Awwww. *swoons some more* And he is so sweet with his thoughts. He is pissed at Jessica's ex husband, and he wants to make her happy without hurting her. OMG. *sniffs*

Oh my! Drama and more sadness. Run after her boy! Do it! 

I am not crying, I have something in my eye. That was a beautiful and heartbreakingly gorgeous ending. Wow. 

"Oh, Stavros... I always thought there was something wrong with me."
"There is nothing wrong with you. You were made for me. That's why we found each other." *cries* 

Well, this was just perfect. I loved EVERY bit of it. The art was fabulous (OK, maybe a bit awkward at points). OMG, this was just amazing. Highly recommended. 

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3 Stars
ARC review for Claimed for Makarov's Baby: Harlequin Manga
I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OH MY GOSH that cover is just adorable. Though I am curious why the girl is looking behind her with such a worried face, I guess we will find out soon. 

Oh dear, oh dear, another hidden child story. A woman who has gotten pregnant, and now the guy finally finds out about his child. This can go two ways. He is understanding, or he is a dick. Which one will our guy be? OK, first impressions aren't well. Objection is one thing (especially when the wedding is fake anyway), but just grabbing her and kissing her? No. Nope. Not romantic. Just creepy. 

He: "Why didn't you come to me? I'm much richer than that Brazilian." 
She: That would have been a loveless marriage, too!" <- Ladies and gentlemen the fatal burn has been applied. :P

How magical, the one time they had sex she gets pregnant. Gee, I know that contraception isn't always safe, but come on, this was too much of a coincidence and I couldn't help but laugh at it all. 

*snorts* She never felt attracted to him until she saw him practically naked. Wow. That is kind of bad. :P
Also this conversation: "Are you really my secretary, Erin? How are you making me so excited? Erin!" I am sorry, maybe this was meant to be romantic, but it just made me laugh. 

Dang, the rest of their conversation is just one big NOPE I don't like this guy. Playboy types are not my types. Plus, he is so contradictory. No I want her. Oh yes, I want her. No, I am not interested in my kid, oh yes I am take this money. Urghhh. And now he is just going to whisk her away because all of the sudden he wants to be with her. Oh, and instead of it being romantic... he is also blackmailing her. If she isn't coming he is going to tell his son who he is. 

But I did like how these two got closer and became more honest with each other. Yes, I could see that there was love blooming between these two, and it was very nicely done. Eventually I was rooting for these two to get together. To share kisses, to share love. 

Oh, dramatic past story for Dimitri. I can imagine his childhood wasn't a happy one. :( 

When Erin leaves with Leo, and Dimitri is wondering this: "Did I make a mistake somewhere? Where did I make a mistake?" Um the one where you propose to her? Right after sex? And then told her that you and she don't love each other so it would be OK, no breaking hearts or whatever. *sighs* Dude, really...

Urgh, I had magical things happening. Suddenly something is found and oh hey, turns out certain things weren't as bad.. *sighs* And of course that spurs a dramatic speech and yet another proposal, because this is Harlequin and we just have a few pages left and so need to end this one in a happy ending. 

As you can read, this was hit and miss, so a 3 star is what I will give. The art was very pretty and I quite loved it. 

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5 Stars
ARC Review for The Italian's Deal for I Do: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

#3 in my Harlequin Manga party 2019 (part 1 I am guessing as the year just started). I was in love with this cover, and while the blurb worried me, I had read enough Harlequin to know that even that blurb could turn into something amazing. So here I go!

I had a laugh that the guy seriously thought the girl was his mistress. That is the first thing that hits your head? Not that she may be someone he just cares about? Someone who is family? Does she need to be a prostitute or a temptress? 
I guess I am happy that, unlike so many of the Harlequin Manga, this one starts with the POV of the male character. They don't often get much attention in the stories, only occasionally here and there, so it is quite refreshing to see the story start with his. 

And then we switch to a combined Olivia/Rocco POV. And the drama starts. He first seduces her, practically strips her of her clothes, and then confronts her. Um, something tells me this isn't the right kind of way to go about things. But hey, it is Harlequin. My suspicions on Giovanni and Olivia's relationship was correct! She was someone he cares about, the daughter of a woman he loved but both couldn't have a relationship (which made me tear up). 

Wow, Rocco. Dick much? Jealous that your grandpappie had someone else he likes? Pissed that you cannot have all your shares in the company? I felt so sorry for Olivia, no one should be forced to do that. You know she ran away from it all because it was too much. You are really doing this all because you are a sad sad man who apparently can't do things on his own but needs to drag down others. :( Bleh. 

*snorts* Oh hey, he has 4 friends and they have some fancysmancy name. Gee, what does this remind me off. *thinks back to the Billionaire series she read a few months ago* Ah yes, that one. 

*giggles*OH that girl. Naughty, naughty, but I had quite a laugh that she dared to do that in public just to see his reactions to it. 

"It's alright. You're not alone. You have me." Awww, and that is what I come for. She is having panic attacks and he is there to help her. Awwww. *swoons* He also helps her out with other things. I am melting. See, this is what I was hoping for. And yes, I am now crying. That ending was just perfect!!!! I loved that secret episode that was added. 

The art was just absolutely gorgeous. I love the style, and I do need more of this artist's art in my life. 

All in all, a bit of a bumpy ride, but dang it was worth it. The second half was just amazing, and yes, I cried many times. Definitely would recommend this one!

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3 Stars
ARC review for Junior High Drama

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

So, I hadn't expected this one to feature multiple characters. I just thought it would be the girl on the cover. Yes, I didn't really read the blurb, I just saw the cover. :P I was a bit confused when the next story popped up with a new character, but in the end I am definitely delighted with more characters. I didn't see that this was featured in the same school. It isn't until the end that you see everything truly connect. I wish that this had been done better.

First girl up is Kamilla, a sweet girl with a killer voice, but she has a problem. She is very insecure about her weight. She thinks she is fat and big, and just wishes to hide or get smaller. I did like Kamilla, though I did want to shake her a bit at times. How she fell out against her friend who just wanted to comfort her and then got the whole: You are thin, you don't understand. Gee, girl... chill. Your friend is just worried about you, and you aren't making it easier by being grumpy and not saying much about it.
I did like that the teacher didn't give up on her, made her alternate, and then later also did that. The teacher is truly wonderful. Thanks to that teacher Kamilla finally realised that maybe she should just go for it. It also helps that she found someone special in her life who supported her, not only with her singing, but also when she was trying to do more exercise. I would give Kamilla's story 4 stars.

Next up is Lily, a girl who wants to be popular and with the in-crowd. I was quite interested to see what she would do to get into the crowd, but it seems she only had to have one thing, a hot older brother. :P
I liked how she tried to still be friends with her other best friend (and even tried protecting her) even when she got closer to the in-crowd. However, of course, nothing ever goes right, it is the mean girl crowd after all, and Lily finds her on the bullied end when certain things happen. I felt oh so sorry for her, and was rooting for her to stand up, or at least find someone to talk to about it. Because bullying is a big no-no.
I don't really understand why these girls called Lily fat, given the art, especially given that in the art they all seem a bit more chubby. Oh well, I guess they were just desperately looking for something to call Lily.
Lily's best friend was just perfect. I love how she is not afraid to give her opinion, how she is happy in her own skin, and I love that she is in the anime club! The ending was pretty OK. I would give Lily's story a 3 stars.

Allie, the girl who can run fast like lightning. After a meet goes wrong (so very wrong) she discovers she has diabetes. You can imagine her life goes topsyturvy and she isn't the happiest about things. She has to check her sugar levels, she can't eat too much sugary stuff, she has to go healthy, she has to give herself a shot if things go wrong. Throughout the book we see her come to terms with her illness. I have to say I did wanted to shake her and tell her she should just confide in her friends. Instead she hides, is grumpy to hell. Again, I get that it is hard for her, I understand that, for a teen, it is not something you want to tell the world. But a lot of things in this book could have been prevented if our girl had just been honest. If she just had sought out some support.
I also wasn't too happy how she treated her parents. Girl, they are just trying to make sure you don't land in the hospital again. They are just trying to care for you. You should be happy you have such wonderful parents. I would give Lily's story 3 stars.

And the last girl is: Lucia. A girl who is a bit like me at that age. I just wasn't too interested in boys. Didn't get the fuss. What was so special about them? But I did get annoyed with her. Her story was definitely the least favourite because for most of the book she is whining and complaining and just being eh about the party. If you don't want to go, just don't go. I didn't get why she was making such a big deal out of it. But of course, like so many cliche stories, she meets a guy she likes (yep, suddenly she doesn't think boys are that bad and hey that party is also cool).
While I did like the two of them together, they did make a cute match, it just felt a bit too cliche. Instead of her just coming to terms with her feelings and tell people no I don't want to go to the party, she falls in love.
I would rate Lucia's story a 2 star.

I liked how everything got connected at the end, how we saw the various clubs, teams, and more.

One thing I didn't like was how often the ending just came out of nowhere. They felt rushed. Like with Lily's story, how she goes from afraid of the bullies and sad to standing up against them and being very strong in just a few pages.

The art however was just fabulous, I really love the style, the way the characters were drawn (and the amount of attention to the clothes, hair, and faces).

All in all, I am still happy I read this book. It was quite fun, but yeah, some things could have been better.

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1.5 Stars
ARC Review for The Andreou Marriage Arrangement: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The second of my batch of Harlequin Manga. I loved the cover of this one, though I was a bit worried about certain things in the blurb, namely the sex that felt like rape (and sorry, going by the first page it was pretty much rape) and the abuse the girl suffered. I was hoping that Loukas was kinder, and would understand her. Then again, since he kind of bought her... maybe not. But we will see.

So, uncomfortable first page. Yay.... And then there is the forced marriage. Wow, dad, classy. I can slightly understand that he may have been worried, but to just put it in the will, and even put the groom in it? A bit too far for my tastes. 

Their first conversation, or well, first conversation regarding this whole marriage business. I felt sorry for our girl. I mean the guy has some intel on her, knows all the deets on her love life, and is also telling her that if she isn't married she will pretty much be poorer than poor. :| Though I have to say, I did like the guy. From what I could see he tried to bring it as gently as possible, and also told her that she wasn't the only one whose parents were pushing to marriage. 
Good for our girl to immediately set some ground rules, I guess our guy didn't expect that as so many girls just flock to him (Gee, that seems to become a pretty standard Harlequin trope). 
"Even if we rush into this, it's only a matter of time. Alesha, even you.. will worship me soon." Creepy, but sadly true. This is Harlequin. I can already predict they will fall madly in love and then marry for real. Terrible, I know. And is it bad that I am looking forward to that? Eh. 

Dang, that house of his is awesome. It even has a pool, inside the house! OMG. And there is pool outside! OMG. Sorry, I love pools, and wish I could have one.

Ohhh, my like for this guy is upping. He notices that his bride is acting afraid when he comes near her, notices bruises/scars, and he decides to find out all he can about it. *nods* I approve. Sure, he could talk to her, but I am sure he is going to do that. Soon. Hopefully. 
Oh, and it is down again. Dude, you have seen her react to you, all frightened, all scared, she is bruised and battered. She is feeling sick. And what do you do? Force yourself on her? Until she just hits you and screams? Wow. Dick. And wow, he does it several times after that. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Though I have to say that it just feels like the author felt the need to add this, as we can clearly see that our guy is trying so hard to be there for Alesha, taking care of her, talking to her, hugging her when she needs it. It feels like the author had to add this stupid drama to make sure Alesha would break down. :| Later on again, he forces himself on her. And also sorry, but that Ilea stuff? That was hugging? I am sorry, but maybe you need to know what HUGGING means.. :| Seriously author, what the hell? And then they have sex, and everything is OK? What the hell? So unrealistic, so weird, so added for the heck of it because the ending is nearing. 

I am crying at the scenes were we see Alesha completely break down due to her remembering the things Seth did. She dreams of them. I was horrified. Seth did things to her that are just disgusting. Forcing her to have sex, hitting her, pulling her hair, throwing things at her. Dang.... :( 

Um, what they did to Seth? Dang. Don't mess with Loukas. o.0

The ending was OK, I guess? This story was a mess, a terrible terrible mess. What a shame, it had so much potential. I was curious to see how Alesha would trust Loukas, but it was done way too fast for me, and it felt rushed and hurried. Loukas was written as a dick for the sake of it, because we can all see he is very kind and friendly for most of the book.

The art was pretty OK. Loukas was very sexy. Though what is up with Alesha's eyes?

So sadly, I cannot rate this one very high. I was happy with the realistic parts, but how it was written was just not OK. 

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1.5 Stars
ARC Review for Her Forbidden Bridegroom: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Welcome everyone, welcome to the new Harlequin Party! Yep, I did it again. I saw around 19 new Harlequin Manga and couldn't resist. Yes, I am kind of wondering why I did it, because it is a ton of books to review. But then I remember that I just adore reading these, and that I love the different art styles from each mangaka. So, expect TONS of Harlequin Manga over the coming few weeks. :P

This one looked adorable (though what is up with their faces/hands), and it also sounded quite fun. Dramatic, sure, because what can go wrong when your boss's fiance is your half-sister though she doesn't know it herself. But I could also see the promises of lots of romance on the horizon. And you all know I can't resist some good romance. 

Wow, we start off with drama right from the bat. I am glad that the author told us how Mitch has gotten the idea though, sometimes these stories like to keep that secret for much longer, which is very aggravating. Why not just do a blood test? I mean, she is the daughter. Why immediately assume she is a con artist? And later on we see it from his POV and I just wanted to hit that dude. Also it was weird, he went on how she looked and then called her a con artist and then went back to swooning. Guy, please.

I am still so very confused. Why can't she tell Kendra? Why is Mitch such a dungbag? And now, to make her life worse, he is kind of forcing her to be his fake girlfriend. And then have her dump him so Kendra will hate her? What the hell is going on with this story. Anyone? Anyone have clue? Hello? 

Wow, and now she is all in love with him. Good grief, woman, get a hold of yourself. This is the guy who wants to kick you out (and also have sex with you, but hey). 

Oh dear, more drama, more sobstories. Whoooop. Sorry, it just didn't make sense that Doris would just magically spill the beans. One moment she is acting like a bitch, the next she is running after Lorna and telling her about her dramatic youth and how she couldn't have Lorna to stay with her. And yes, it was sad, but I was also kind of eh about how it all was so convenient and how it was out of the blue. Oh, and Kendra dear also has a confession. Ohhhhhhh, and it is a juicy one. OMG, I didn't think that would happen. Whoop. Oh, but it is Lorna's fault. *snorts* Sure, sure. 

I would have loved to see more of Marnie, Lorna's best friend. The times we saw her she was such a fun and sweet character. 

*rolls eyes*Oh no, of course that is the reason why he was such a bully. Sure, sure. But OK, credit were credit is due, it was a sweet confession and my inner fangirl was definitely squeeing. 

The ending was sweet, I have to admit I am happy with how it all ended and that everyone is now happy. Yep, your typical Harlequin ending so I don't consider it a spoiler.

The art? Ehhhhh, on the one hand it was pretty, but on the other hand... perspectives didn't match, characters had the CLAMP noodle syndrome, faces looked off. 

All in all, I am not sure how I felt about this one. I am giving it a 1.5 stars.

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3 Stars
ARC Review for Seven Places Without You

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this sounded better than it was. There were just a few things I didn't particularly like. 

This is the story of a woman whose partner is withdrawing from her. She decides to leave the place they are staying together (apparently with his parents???) and find a spot of her own. We see her talk to her friends, family, acquaintances about the situation. About Jorge, about what her plans are now. 

However, it isn't until the last story we finally hear something from Jorge. We finally meet the illusive guy who we only heard about from everyone and our MC. I was pretty pissed at that dude by then. I mean, really? It has been at least months (given that one cannot find an apartment in just one poof) and he hasn't contacted her ONCE??? Hello? What kind of relationship did you guys have? And oh yes, when she finally meets him up, they are all cosy and lovely and it didn't even feel awkward. Well, OK, right up until the moment they had sex. Then it got awkward. At least for me. I just couldn't understand why she had sex with the dude who hurt her this badly that she had to leave him. 

Elena's friends/acquaintances were so sweet. They offered help, a home, items, a party. 

I did love that the comic had many silent moments, relying on the images instead to the tell the story. And I also loved those more than the ones with conversation.

I have to say that I expected more off those Seven Places thing in the title. I had expected her to visit Seven Places that were significant to her and her boyfriend. 

The art was pretty OK. It fitted with the theme quite well, though I am not a very big fan of the style. 

All in all, it had good moments and not so good moments. I am glad I had the chance to try it out. 

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1 Stars
ARC Review for Cellies, Vol. 1

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, given the cover, I had thought this was some kind of zombie book, but no. I guess I should have read the blurb more carefully, but with how Netgalley is set up I generally just look at covers/what genre the book falls in. Instead it is all about the employees of Jog Mobile, some kind of mobile phone shop. So I braced myself and hoped for the best. I have to say I hated this book. Around 30 pages in I wanted to drop it, but I wanted to give another shot, at around 50% I just wanted to bang my head against the wall, and now I am finally finished.

Most of the book takes place in the store, duh, though we also see some other places which I found refreshing.

I liked that this was about retail and that we also actually saw some retailing happening, including some very annoying customers (like the guy who expects our guys to know everything about every phone they have, yeah, no).

I just couldn't give a shit about any of the characters. Not Rey, not Devin, not any of them. They were all pretty much terrible, and not only because of the Jerry thing. I wonder even why a smart girl like Elena is working there. Does she need money that badly she will take any poop job? Girl...

Did they just take/steal the Jerry thing from Parks and Rec? You know, older employee who nobody seemingly likes and everyone is always shooing and shushing him and being rude to him? I was not amused by that. I hated it in P&R and I am not happy that someone is doing the same thing here. How can someone be so mean towards someone? Just because he isn't always doing the right things doesn't mean you should chew him out like this. And really, it is stolen from Parks & Rec. He does the same stuff that Jerry there would do. Stumble around, bump into things, etc.

Plus who the hell does that to someone who is in a tanning booth? I don't like that guy, but that is just dangerous.

What did I like? Well, those small stories in between about retail. Those were fun to read.

Oh, and the art was good. I liked that.

But yeah, too many things that I disliked so I won't be reading this one any further than this volume.

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4 Stars
ARC Review for Partner in Love: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. 

Who is right in this manga, Darcy whose great-uncle left a property in his will to her, or Cooper who claims he is the owner? The art (going by the cover) wasn't that attracting, but I did love the title and the description.

We quickly finds out what is going on (though of course I was prepared for it all to be a lie), apparently Bill only owned 50% of the property. Welp, that sure is a surprise. Wish he had told our girl about it sooner. She may still want to go then, but at least she would know what to expect. Now she was just angry at someone who was really the owner.

But our girl will have to do some adjusting as she does have to do some work at the property. But thankfully this girl has spice and she is ready for a challenge. I loved how she didn't let anything stop her.

Though I was getting tired of both of them arguing about things. Especially the guy seems to think she was just not worthy and that pissed me off.

And brilliant, getting lost in Australia, the place that wants to kill you. :P

I did love that he was worried for her and even went on a trip with her to show her around. And that they finally realised they are in love. Ah, sweet romance under the starry sky. *swoons*

Haha, she gets proposed to and what does she want? Not a ring, no she wants a new stove. I love this girl. She is good.

But of course, all the goodness can't stay. We have to have drama. After all, still 44 pages left. So add drama. Ha, and we were doing so well. I was loving this romance, seeing the girl get used to live in the outback, see the proposal. Why, why did we have to add drama? And why are girls (exes or family) so mean. We have yet another woman who feels the need to add oil to the fire. Urgh.

Thankfully, the ending all made it up for the terrible drama. I loved it and I just smiled so so much at all that happened there.

The art? In the end I didn't even dislike it that much. Based on the cover I thought I wouldn't be a fan, but after reading... I am a fan. I love how the characters are drawn, and the way the backgrounds are drawn is very lovely.

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0.5 Stars
ARC Review for One Wedding Required!: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Only 2 more Harlequin manga to go, this one and a Christmas one. I still have a few lined up to be posted with reviews, so the Harlequin December party continues.

This one promised enough drama with a girl who is a secretary to a hot CEO, but also his fiancee. Instead of trusting him, she doubts him when he spends less time with her (due to his work I assume). Then she seems him in the embrace of a model (because guys can't hug other girls if they are engaged or in a relationship, at least so it seems from many a book).

The first panel, didn't really make me eager to read. See here: Twitter. I am sorry, what happened to her face? Is this how the manga is going to be all the time? Oh, please, no.

Oh, admirable that she decided to live on her own at 16, and immediately decided to go for a top job. Yes, it was quite rude of Finn to say that to her, but he did offer her a job. Not the one she wanted, but instead a job much better fitted with her. So far the story sounds really good, but sadly... very sadly, I just didn't see the click after that. As soon as mister CEO comes home he is rude, mean, but he makes it all up with sex. Yeah, that is one way to a woman's heart *snorts*.

I don't get why she did that interview, she could have at least consulted with someone (and no, that doesn't need to be with her fiancee, that can also be done with a friend). And that she didn't tell her fiancee about it. It was quite an important interview and she knows how he feels about those interviews (I can imagine that he knows that interviews can be fun but also very eh and that journalists will twist your words if that means a better story).

Oh no, heaven's forbid a girl hugs your man. Oh no. Oh no. If one of them tries to seduce him they must all be doing it. *rolls her eyes*

Wow, I get that the plane crash is quite a shock, but you should really have gotten some presents way before that. You know your fiance is already feeling unhappy and insecure about your relationship, and then you don't even do this for her? Dang bro, no. Just no. Aww, but but, awww. I correct my words. Yes, he was dumb, but man that was so sweet of him what he did. He did notice she was feeling down. Yay! Um, maybe not yay, good. He noticed. *sighs* Again, never mind, correcting again. What a dick move. :|

*sighs* I am sorry, yes, Finn is a dick. But I am getting REEEEEEAAAAL tired of our MC and her constant behaviour. I get that this all sucks, but does she have to go on and on and on and on and on about it. Just grab him, talk to him, make him talk, but don't walk around with this all the time. I don't want this anymore. My sympathy for her case is over.

And really, this ending is just so dumb, what a pile of shit. I don't even have words right now for it. *throws a table*

Sorry for my language, but fuck this book. Fuck it so much. What a pile of drivel. Bah. I had expected some good explanation, instead we get some whiny sob story. Bro, you are 30 or 40, why did you act like a freaking 10-year old. Sjeesh. :|

And sorry, but the art (see my twitter for a few examples) bordered on OK to OMG no.

So I am out. Not recommended by me. Nope.

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3.5 Stars
ARC Review for The Prince's Mistress: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh ho ho ho, this was just glorious. Our girl, the princess of Calista, falls in love with the prince of Aristo. Yep. OH, and these two don’t know (for most of the book) about those facts. Chloe thinks Nic is just a rich playboy, and Nick thinks Chloe is just a model. :P I was so eager to have them both find out the truth, or at least be honest with each other. But then again, this is Harlequin, so the drama needs to be top notch of course. Talking is overrated. Plus, I was kind of hoping that the boy Chloe was to marry would turn out to be Nic. Given that this is a Harlequin manga there was a high chance of it.

sighs Dramaaaaaaa. And kids, this is why you talk to people. Especially those you have sex with and potentially want more of. I am probably supposed to find it all OH NO, but instead I was more OH Dear Lord. rolls eyes

I wanted to kick Nic in his nuts. Boy… instead of jumping to conclusions why not listen to this girl? I thought you were in love? But as soon as some dicey prime minister pops up and tells you things you believe him over you love? Wow, classy dude, classy.

Thankfully, very thankfully, Nick’s father had brains. Thank you dad! Thank you.

That ending. tears up again Dang it, I am out of tears by the end of the day if this continues.

The art was just terrific. I especially loved Nicolas’ design (though I have to say he looked better in normal clothes than his royal garb).

All in all, even with the drama, I couldn’t stop reading. The romance was really good, and I just wanted these two to be together. Forever. swoons

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3 Stars
ARC Review for Newborn on Her Doorstep: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

What would you do if you find a little baby on your doorstep? A baby that is from your half-sister? That is the decision Lily faces in this manga.

Sorry, but this guy he runs up to you, he is wearing running clothing, and he has music in his ears + he is muscular. Yet, when at the hospital to have check for the baby, you ask him if he runs. Um…. No, he was just doing this for the very first time ever.

Haha, of course her home is under renovation, so guess what, you are now living together with Nic, Katie’s brother. But it should be fine, he isn’t home. Or is he? Oh dear. Of course dear Kate hasn’t told her brother this little tidbit. Why would you? This is way more fun.

It seems that no one has a clean past in here. We find out why Nick is having such trouble with the baby (and the sounds the little one makes). I am glad that Lily was there for him to talk to him and to comfort him. Poor guy.

It was pretty boring though. Two characters falling love, caring for the cute baby, and of course drama. Maybe I shouldn’t have read so many harlequin manga in a row.


I did think the ending was cute, but was that one thing really necessary? sigh

The art was not entirely to my liking, I am not sure, it felt off at times. Close-ups were nicely done though.


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4 Stars
ARC Review for Lifelong Affair: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

When our MC loses her sister and brother-in-law due to a plane crash she suddenly is the guardian of their child (apparently and magically her sister still lived after that crash and managed to give birth to a very adorable baby boy). However she isn’t the only one. Alex, her brother-in-law, is also guardian. And well, these two really don’t mesh. But hey, it is harlequin, we all know how this will end.

Man, I hated that mom. Constantly being a bitch about everything, smearing our MC’s family name through mud and worse. Not even giving the girl a chance. All she wants is to see her nephew, the son of her late sister. All she wants is to care for him.

I also got a bit tired of their battle on who could get custody. Did you both forget that your sister wanted it to be both of you? Hello? I guess respecting someone’s dying wishes is very very hard. 

Ugh, I just wanted to drop this book after a bit because everyone was bitching about our MC’s family, especially Glenna. Good grief. Just because someone is an actress doesn’t mean she is all that. Urgh.

sighs Really, that is your solution to this problem? Oh good grief. Typical, so typical.

I did love that she had saved herself for her wedding night. Most of these Harlequin manga feature woman just diving into beds with the hot guys, but this girl actually waited.

And again, talk people, talk! Open your mouth and actually say what you want to say. Don’t just turn away from each other when someone tells you stuff (that could easily be lies, one never knows).

But yeah, dramaramaramarama. So much of it. But again, I still can’t hate the endings of these manga. This one is again so adorable and cute.

The art… mm, hit and miss. It was quite pretty in scenes, but sometimes body proportions seemed a bit weird, faces seemed off.

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